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  1. docj

    Winegard Acquires WiFiRanger

    An exciting event in the RV world was announced this morning. Two world-class companies in electronics are now one! Winegard Company of Iowa has acquired WiFiRanger of Idaho. Both companies will continue to provide superior products and services to their customers and the synergy between their...
  2. docj

    WiFiRanger provides a way to share your internet connection with those in need

    (I hope this post is permitted in this time of crisis) As a result of the current COVID-19 crisis there are lots of school children throughout the country whose schools have been closed but who lack high speed internet at home which they will need for the next several months to access their...
  3. docj

    Information about a clearance sale

    If this post violates community rules, feel free to delete it.  I'm not making a pitch for anyone to buy anything.  I'm just trying to make people aware of a good opportunity if they've been considering making a purchase but have delayed because of price. Recently the Mobile Internet Resource...
  4. docj

    Winnebago purchases Newmar

    The consolidation of the RV industry continues:
  5. docj

    Email from WiFiRanger

    WiFiRanger customers should have received the attached email last night. I have posted it here in case it went to your SPAM folders or to an email that is no longer in use. If you can't read the attachment you can use this link to take you to the appropriate Technical Service Bulletin...
  6. docj

    Embezzlement scandal rocks Hymer/Roadtrek North America

    For those who aren't aware, Erwin Hymer is Europe's largest motorhome manufacturer.  In 2016 Hymer purchased Roadtrek of Kitchner Ontario.  Last fall Thor announced an intent to purchase Hymer in a multi-billion euro deal. Today, Hymer North America was rocked by a scandal which is said to...
  7. docj

    WIFIRanger Black Friday Sale!!

    This is not a sales pitch to try to get people to buy WiFiRanger hardware, but if anyone is considering buying a new system or upgrading an existing one, there's a 20% sale going on from now through 11/30.  Just use the coupon code BFRIDAY20 at checkout.
  8. docj

    Looking to upgrade your old WiFiRanger router?

    If you're an owner of a WiFiRanger product and are looking to upgrade to one of the new "WiFiRanger AC" routers, there is a customer appreciation sale going on through the end of January.  You can get 25% off your purchase using the coupon code WFRAC25.  You will also need to enter the 6-digit...
  9. docj

    Maximum Signal cellular amp update

    I've been using a MaximumSignal cellular amplifier for ~six months. However, my "winter home site" happens to be in an area with exceptionally good Verizon coverage so it's been difficult for me to test the effects of the MaxSignal amplifier. The unamplified signal is so strong that it has been...
  10. docj

    New WiFiRanger dual band routers 802.11ac

    For anyone looking for a Christmas present for their special geek, WiFiRanger is introducing its new line of 802.11ac dual band routers. Pre-sales begin tomorrow evening (11/23) and will continue through 12/5 when shipments will begin. Sales through 12/5 are eligible for a 10% discount using the...
  11. docj

    Even recalled Norcold fridges can catch on fire

    Several weeks ago we had a bit of excitement in our RV park when the fridge in a neighboring 5th wheel caught on fire.  Since this is an ownership park, the RV was unattended because its owners were at their home several hundred miles away.  If one of my neighbors hadn't seen the smoke, the...
  12. docj

    WiFiRanger firmware update available

    WiFiRanger has just released a firmware update which is available to all users.  The update, labeled as 7.0.3 is primarily a bug update and stability improvement and all users are urged to update their Rangers.  Technomadia has a detailed article about the update here...
  13. docj

    WiFi Ranger owners--new software update available

    The purpose of this post is to inform existing WiFiRanger owners that a major software (firmware) update has just been released to the public.  This new software is applicable to all existing products and it: --Improves overall stability --Reduces bootup times --Decreases time required to make...
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