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  1. Phil

    Phil's Solar Project

    I am back at Happy Trails for a few days working on my solar project.  28 panels generating 6440 watts.
  2. Phil

    Verizon Motorola Xoom

    My Xoom finally arrived and I am very impressed with it.  It is much faster than my iPad and acts more like a real computer.  It has a built in Wifi Hotspot so, the Verizon Air Card can be eliminated. It does map routing so, the Garmin GPS can be eliminated. Best of all, the iPad can be...
  3. Phil

    Yellowstone Elk

    We found a traffic jam along the Madison River where a herd of elk were feeding.  There was a bull elk up the hill in the trees but no place to stop.  Doris got this shot from the passenger seat shooting through the driver side window.  The elk turned his head at just the right time.  :)
  4. Phil

    Happy Trails Construction

    The first nail was driven July 17, 2009. Final inspection October 23, 2009. Phil
  5. Phil

    Wal-Mart Camping It would be interesting to know what the owner of the Prevost said when he returned to the parking lot.
  6. Phil

    Phil's Happy Trails Project

    Those who have visited Happy Trails over the last few years may notice a few changes to my lot. I hope it will look better in a few weeks.  :) PhilB
  7. Phil

    Jeep Tale of Woe

    Sunday: Start Jeep and notice air conditioner is sending out warm air.  Try to roll down windows to cool the car but, none of them work.  The automatic headlights are no longer automatic.  The trip computer does not work.  No big deal, I have had a Body Control Module replaced before.  >:(...
  8. Phil

    Fire in Moab

    The Portal RV Park and some homes in the area had to be evacuated today because of a wildfire.  The fire is burning in the wetland area west of the RV Park.  The first row of the campground the the Blond Lady from the office were shown on TV. PhilB
  9. Phil

    Happy Trails Potluck

    Saturday March 29, 2008 The Brats should be ready around 3:30 pm. There will hamburgers for those who don't like brats. Happy Trails Lot 1162 17200 West Bell Road Surprise, AZ
  10. Phil

    Lunar Eclipse

    According to the local TV weatherman, our full moon tonight will be enhanced by a full lunar eclipse - it begins about 1:51AM PDT Tue and will be full at 2:52AM PDT, ending at about 5:52AM PDT.  See the NASA web site for more information. It will be visible as a full eclipse only along the west...
  11. Phil

    Wal-Mart Story Another scary story.
  12. Phil

    FMCA Casa Grande

    The FMCA  Rocky Mountain Ramble will be October 11, 12, 13, & 14, 2006 at the Pinal County Fair Grounds in Casa Grande, AZ. Is anyone from the forum planning to attend?  :)  Maybe we could arrange a mini-rally. PhilB
  13. Phil

    Hacker Gains Root Access to Mac OS X in 30 Minutes
  14. Phil

    Moab 2007

    The annual RV Forum Moab Rally for 2007 will be at the Portal RV Park 4/27/07 through 5/6/07.  ;D If you have a camp site for the 2006 rally you have three weeks to tell Portal that you want the same site next year.  If you don't want to use the site in 2007 please let us know so other forum...
  15. Phil

    RV Service ads

    Your multiple posting has earned you a spot in my "don't let your friends use that outfit" book. Phil
  16. Phil

    MAC Security Warning

    Apple has released Security Update 2005-007 to correct several vulnerabilities affecting Mac OS X and the Safari web browser. These vulnerabilities have a wide range of impacts, the most severe of which could allow an attacker to gain access to your computer. Phil
  17. Phil

    George Mullen

    I have not seen George Mullen post for quite a while.  Anyone know if he is OK? Phil
  18. Phil

    Where is Chet?

    Annie at Portal needs to talk to Chet and she does not have his phone number.  If someone has Chet's phone number please tell him to call Annie. Phil
  19. Phil

    Jerry's Shoes

    It is very important to have the correct shoes for each activity. Jerry Fitzgerald demonstrates the proper method of wearing boots.
  20. Phil

    Moab 2006

    Yes friends, 2006.  There are a few diehards that want to visit Moab again next year.  8) The Moab 2006 RV Forum Rally will be Friday, April 28, through Sunday, May 7, 2006 at the Portal RV Park in Moab, Utah.  As in past years, some people may arrive before Friday and some people may stay...
  21. Phil

    Phil is here

    Hello World. Phil :)
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