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  1. aguablanco

    No AC power

    Had to leave Parker AZ early as we had lost all of the 120V in the trailer as well as the battery wasn't charging. We had a slight smell of electronics burning before this happened. We were hooked up to a 20 amp shore pedestal that worked fine when I tested it with my plug in tester. I suspect...
  2. aguablanco

    Automatic Reset Circuit Breaker

    Like most trailers, I have 2 of the circuit breakers mounted on the tongue. They are both looking pretty rusty and beat up and I am considering changing them to avoid a future issue. My trailer is 30A so am I looking for 30A breakers? Any recommendations as to brand or are the ones on Amazon...
  3. aguablanco

    Roof Vents

    Noticed recently that my roof vents are extremely brittle and crack when touched so I guess it's time to replace them. I can't seem to find a manufacturer so I am wondering if there is a generic replacement. These are approximately 12"x12", white and crank open. Hope this won't be a major item...
  4. aguablanco

    Best Wax/Sealant

    Getting ready for Rocky Point next month and want to get the trailer detailed while I'm there. Searched here for the best wax or sealer and, to be truthful, the search engine on this site is not very good. I will be having the trailer washed, mechanically buffed and waxed and I would like a good...
  5. aguablanco

    Bad Alignment?

    In 2017 I noticed that the tires on the rear axle of my trailer looked splayed out. Took the trailer to the local frame shop and was told the camber was way out of spec. I paid them to bend the axles and then bought new tires for our upcoming trips. Took a couple of short trips and thought all...
  6. aguablanco

    Eco Diesel Update

    Thought I would post a final update regarding my purchase of the 2017 Eco Diesel. I have now had this truck for almost 8 months and had two 1200 mile plus tows. Both tows went over high passes one over 7000' the other ~3600'. This engine is amazing! It has more power than the Chevy 5.3 gasser...
  7. aguablanco

    Battery Charger

    Just put 2 new 12v batteries in the trailer and want to be able to maintain them properly. Most of our camping is boondocking. We generally run the generator ~4 hours per day to charge. I currently have the original WFCO converter. Would upgrading to a PD unit help? BTW 30 amp trailer. RichH
  8. aguablanco

    LP/CO Detector

    Wife and I were boondocking a couple of weeks ago near Mojave CA and had the LP/CO detector go off causing us great concern. We have a pretty touchy smoke detector and the first thought was that it was doing its thing. We quickly realized the SD was not the issue. Once I realized what was...
  9. aguablanco

    First Tow Trip Report

    Finally got to tow the 6000# trailer ~1000 last week and I am ecstatic! I owned a 2012 Silverado 1500 5.3 2WD prior to the EcoD and while it pulled okay the mileage was never above 10.1 mpg and most of the time in the low 9's. I also cringed every time I went up a grade as the engine needed over...
  10. aguablanco

    Dometic BriskAir

    I have the Brisk Air 13,500 BTU, old style, and had to replace the shroud yesterday with the Icon shroud. Thought I would finally install the hard stater capacitor however, when I opened the access panel there was only one cap. It was the large oval one I believe is the run cap. Did I miss the...
  11. aguablanco

    Roof Coating

    The roof is 9 years old and not looking too good, time to give it a new top coat. Looking for opinions on these two products I have been looking at. Heng's Rubber roof Coating #46128-4 and Dicor RPCRC-1. Both have good reviews and aren't that far apart in price to be significant. I am aware that...
  12. aguablanco

    Dodge EcoDiesel

    I tow a 24', 6000# wet, trailer with a 2012 Silverado 1500 with the 5.3 engine. While it does OK, I am considering moving to a diesel, specifically the Dodge EcoDiesel. My concern is whether or not that is enough engine. I really like the specs on the Eco but I want to be sure I will get enough...
  13. aguablanco

    2010 F-250 6.4L

    Looking at the above vehicle for my new TV. It has 53K miles and has been meticulously maintained in and out. This is a 2 wheel drive extended cab, exactly what I am looking for. I would like to hear opinions on this truck before I go to the trouble and expense of doing the fluid analysis. Is...
  14. aguablanco

    Remove Jackknife Sofa

    We have a Dutchmen 24' TT with a slide that has the jackknife sofa. Unfortunately, this slide does not go to the floor. We want to put in some kind of recliners, chairs or love seat, and can't find anything that works. Does anyone know of a recliner that works with our type of slide? The floor...
  15. aguablanco

    Propane and the Refrigerator

    We will be boondocking soon and I am concerned about propane for the refrigerator. We have a Norcold with a small freezer and I am hoping to get 7-8 days out of two 5 gallon tanks. We will be using the shower occasionally and cooking some meals on the stove. I will only run the water heater as...
  16. aguablanco

    WDH Specs

    Recently purchased a 2010 Rockwood MiniLite 25' TT. Dry weight is ~3900# with a tongue weight of 400#. First, do I actually need a WD hitch? And second, what weight rating will I need? Haven't towed anything this large before so I am also wondering if the WDH acts as a sway control as well. I...
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