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    How to totally stabilize a 2021 Jay flight 183rb SLX Baja - Can I jack up the axle?

    ThrakaI seldom respond as I am normally in agreement with others. I to was sensitive to our TT movement when we 1st started. My solutions have been refined over the years until I have almost eliminated all movement when employed at set up. To be sure at 32' our TT is larger and heavier so...
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    Raising head of bed

    My wife has breathing problems and coughs in her sleep. We purchased this and she uses it under her pillows to raise her head. Works great for her.
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    Where to air

    All tho I have a large air compressor at home in the shop, I got one of these, Fini 1.2-Gallon Portable Electric Hot Dog Air Compressor. I haven't had the occasion to use it yet, thank God, I feel confident it will do the job. Plus it stores very easily under the bed as it lays flat.
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    What should I pack a travel trailer with?

    Wife and I not wanting to spend a ton of money outfitting the RV, did our shopping at Salvation Army and Good Will. That way we weren't heavily invested in something we later didn't need.
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    It would seem to me that most important consideration in mounting a level is position. If it is a linear level it needs to be mounted on a flat surface parallel to the length of the trailer, or perpendicular to the length. This gives fore and aft, and side to side indicators of level. If it is...
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    Sewer hose

    I like the Rhino series of hoses. They compact and I can carry 20' in my "fence post storage tubes along with 16 plus feet of gutter supports.
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    Hooking TV to TT

    I also have a back up camera and had trouble seeing the ball and coupler in shade or evening. I painted the coupler and ball mount florescent orange and it makes a huge difference. Plus people don't run into the mount any more.
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    I use a "Smoke Hollow VT280SS1 Vector 3-Burner Tabletop Propane Gas Grill with Smoke Tray" as I do all our cooking outside and having the 2 burners (3rd burner for the smoker) I can control the cooking temperature and thus the cooking time. Turning off one burner and cooking indirectly reduces...
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    Good morning

    Call me Bob. I have been lurking on this and other RV sites for quite a while and decided to take the plunge and introduce myself. My wife, Susan, and I have been RVing now for about 3 yrs. We purchased our Sunny Brook used because we weren't sure we were going to like RVing. Had no idea what...
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