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    MH length and towing length.

    Many of the resources that I've been looking at showed the same information as contained at the beginning of this topic. Having a 45' motorhome, I was concerned about passing through those states and contacted the FMCA about it. It turns out that many of the resources that I've depended on in...
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    RV FORUM MOAB RALLY, MAY 8-15, 2011

    Hi All, I guess I wasn't on the attendee list, but was planning to attend the rally and stay in site M-8.  It turns out that I can't attend and M-8 is now free if anyone want it. Al
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    Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort Offers Special Rates to Active Military and Veterans

    Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort Celebrates U.S. Armed Forces, Offering Special Discounts ~Active military and veterans receive discounted stays at the resort~ Las Vegas, NV ? Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort, the premier resort for Class A motorcoaches in the area, today announced new discounts for...
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    Flying J rules changes - again

    I think I'm gonna make a statement to them by giving them bags of dollar coins.  I knew they'd be useful for something!  ;D Seriously, I don't fit at the RV pumps at a busy station so I'll have to do something.  Al
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    Dish or Direct?

    By the way, depending on time of day, phase of the moon, or perhaps amount of alcohol in the customer service rep's system, you can ask to be "upgraded" to local channels and get it along with DNS.  Of course, they're only good when near you're service address. Al
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    Booster for Verizon Aircard

    Digital Antenna makes a number of wired and wireless boosters.  I use one of the wireless ones in my house. Al
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    Best Steak house

    OK, I know I'm getting old, but my favorite was always George Diamond's Steak House on Wabash in Chicago.  I know it's long gone, but for many years, it was a must for me any time I was in Chicago! Al 
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    Bypass Salt Lake City on US 189 and US 40?

    Thanks, Marsha!  I have one, but don't always trust it on the less used highways.  I think generally, the US highways all have sufficient clearances, but there are always exceptions and 189 wasn't listed in it as a "designated route." Al
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    Bypass Salt Lake City on US 189 and US 40?

    Thanks, Phil!  I would, but this trip will probably be a rush one.  Perhaps on the way back.  I would be hitting Provo area around rush hour and would rath take a slow, scenic drive rather than get stuck in bumper to bumper traffic even if it was faster. Al
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    Bypass Salt Lake City on US 189 and US 40?

    Has anyone bypassed Salt Lake City, UT, between I-15 and I-80 using US 189 and US 40?  It looks like it would cut out a whole lot of traffic, but it's not shown as a truck route in Rand McNally and I'm a bit concerned about low bridges, especially in Provo. Al Griefer
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    What E-FAX Programs have you used?

    I use eFax also.  I've had it for about 6-7 years and it's still free to receive faxes.  If I have to send a fax, I either pay through eFax or just send it from an RV park office when I'm traveling.  eFax sends you the fax as an e-mail attachment so a high speed link is not necessary. Al
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    Hurricane UT as alternate site for Moab May1, 2009

    It's not very far between Zion River RV and Watchman, about 14 miles.  There are a number of interesting restaurants and shops between the two including a giant farm store. The watchman NPS CG is just inside the entrance to Zion and next to the major parking lot. Al
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    Hurricane UT as alternate site for Moab May1, 2009

    Just a Thought.  Zion River Resort is within 10 miles of Zion and close to good restaurants.  It's certainly closer than Hurricane! Al
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    MOAB rally arrivals and activities 2008

    Thanks to everyone for a great rally!  We were only able to stay for a short time, but thoroughly enjoyed it!  In a short four days we were able to take Doc & Vera to Arches, Canyonlands, Dead Horse State Park, do some shopping and off road on Long Canyon and Shaefer Trail!  We packed alot into...
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    Staying at fairgrounds

    We stayed at the fairgrounds in Pittsburg, CA, a few years ago when we came up to a Sea Ray Club event.  It was pretty nice, fiull hookups and everything, but we almost got trapped by a flea market the morning we were planning to leave! Al
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    MOAB rally sign-up for 2008

    FWIW: We plan to be there 4/24-5/4 in spot M15 (If no one buys it!) Al & Judy
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    Wal-mart/Sam's with Diesel

    Another good resource for finding diesel fuel in out of the way places is Dieselboss and select the line at the top reading "Truckstops, weigh stations, rest areas and dealer lists"  That'll get you to a page that will give you access to a large list of truckstops and also rest areas throughout...
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    A quick "thank you" - we're back!

    ;D Thanks, Tom!  ;D
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    MOAB rally sign-up for 2008

    Thanks, Ron.  I appreciate it! Al
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    MOAB rally sign-up for 2008

    Ron, Do you happen to have a list of the folks signed up for Moab and the site numbers?
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    French Quarter RV Park

    I've stayed there and the main park is quite nice, except for the large billboard in the middle of it.  Each site has has grass on the side and many have gazebos. During heavy periods, they also put RVs in a dry camping area in front of the park that used to be a parking lot; that might be what...
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    Is 1080p really necessary?

    OK, I think we're confusing the issues here!  We're confusing the transmission type (480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p) with the resolution of the display.  A 720p transmission has 720 "bits" of vertical information in each frame while 1080i has 540 "bit"s of information since i stands for...
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    Free 5 nite stay at outdoor resorts

    Well, it probably won't make much difference to some folks, but I can tell you that the rules on type, age, and length here at Outdoor Resorts Las Vegas are in place to make the resort look similar regardless of the area you're in.  They didn't want some areas with mostly 5'ers and others mostly...
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    Aussie family seeking help

    G'day Jennie! As one old scouter to another, welcome!  I remember fondly my experience as an assistant scoutmaster at the World Jamboree in Australia a number of years ago. Are you renting a class A motorhome or a class C?  a class A is totally custom built as a motorhome while a class C is...
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    Motosat MHDTV (3 LNB dish)

    Version 28 is now available here. Al
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