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  1. schoolsout2

    Ford edge

    The edge manual states that the negative battery terminal needs to be disconnected.  The Rv dealer put in a disconnect and a set of diod lights.  The lights quit working.  I am now told by a fellow edge owner that diode lights will not work unless the positive terminal is disconnected. Why is...
  2. schoolsout2


    I just swapped my Winegard Rayzor 8500 for the Jack 8300.  I went from 12 channels to 27 sitting in the same location.  I could never get the Rayzor to work after a few times.  It would not rotate.  I went through 4 of these, but only purchased 1. Former owner had the batwing post and crank...
  3. schoolsout2

    Clear coat

    Along the roofline on my Tour,it appears the clearcoat is pealing off.  This is above the rain track where it rolls up to the flat roof.  Is this common?  Can I do a light sanding and spray a new coating on?
  4. schoolsout2

    Wheel polish

    I need to spiff up my aluminum wheels.  I am using Mothers Aluminum and Wheel polish.  They are  amp ice and shined, but there are what look to be water spots still there.  Any good hints on getting these spots off?
  5. schoolsout2

    Roof AC cleaning

    Is there any cleaning that should be done on my air conditioners.  I plan to take the covers off and clean them off but wonder if there is more I should do. I read an article that stated the Mach air can not be recharged.  Is this correct?
  6. schoolsout2

    Water pump check valve

    My water pump is letting water flow through and is filling up and overflowing the fresh water tank while on city water.  I plan to it a check valve in line to stop this.  My understanding is the checkvalve in the pump sticks open allowing this to happen.  Instead of $200+ for a new pump this is...
  7. schoolsout2

    Dish receivers

    On my MH I have a winngard 1000 Traveler with one receiver and a hard drive for recording.  I would like to be able to record more than one or watch live while recording.  Is there a receiver for an Rv that will do this?  I know I can add a 2nd receiver and hard drive but if I can get more than...
  8. schoolsout2

    50 amp service - keep tripping pedestal circuit breaker

    On my 2014 Tour, I have a Power Contro Center (PCS).  The manual states that I should be able to have 50 amps onL1 and 50 amps on L2 for a total of 100 amps.  I keep tripping the power pedistolbreaker.  I thought it was a fault in the transfer switch, it was bad, but I replaced it and am still...
  9. schoolsout2

    Tire pressure monitor

    Many members ask if the TPMS systems are worth it.  I just thought I would let you know our recent experience.  I have had a TPMS system for about 4 years and was starting to get lazy with it.  Mainly forgetting to turn it on.  We left the campground with it onand all tires checked and ok. ...
  10. schoolsout2

    Battery not charging.

    For my eighbor:  their Heartland 5th wheel is not charging the batteries either on shore power or when connected to the tow vehicle.  Everything works fine while on shore power but the batteries are discharged.  Any idea of what to look for? 
  11. schoolsout2

    Water fill valve

    Asking for neighbor:  on their Heartland  5th wheel, thewater fill has 3 positions.  Tankfill, city and normal. 1.  What is the normal position for? 2.  When in city the tank fills and over flowers.  I told them it looks like the valve is bad. Thoughts?
  12. schoolsout2

    Dual receiver

    I have been thinking of getting a dual receiver.  I want to mount the bikes on the back of the MH, and the tow.  All of the ones I find are rated st 3500 to 4000 lbs.ifeel I would be close to the rated limit with my car.  What do others do, not just are about the rated capacity or are there...
  13. schoolsout2


    For a few years now I have wondered what causes the MH to shake.  The tires are on the ground, and the jacks are on a solid base.  Are the jacks not lifting the rig high enough or are thee lifting it too much?  Any ideas?
  14. schoolsout2

    Winegard Rayzar

    Has anyone had success with the Winegard Rayzor over the air antenna?  On a previous MH I installed one and it worked for a few times.  It would receive the signals from the direction it was pointing, but it would not rotate.  Winegard replaced it with a new one and I had the same results. We...
  15. schoolsout2

    2014 Tour tires

    Getting ready to leave Florida and I need to check the tires.  This unit is new to us and I have not had it weighed yet.  It looks like the dealer set them at 125 psi.  This seems high to me.  Until I get a scale weight, any suggestions?
  16. schoolsout2

    Temperature sensors

    Does anyone know where the temperatures areeasures in a 2014 Tour.  I know what the 3 zones are, but not where the temperature readings are measured for the thermostat.
  17. schoolsout2

    Black tank coating

    While dumping the black tank, a piece of material came out that I cannot identify.  It is about 1/16 thick an very uniform in thickness.  It breaks apart easily like shale, it looks like it was formed in layers.  One large piece is rounded like it was in the corner of the tank. Is there a...
  18. schoolsout2

    Unlimited Verizon

    We just changed to the unlimited Verizon plan.  I will be watching to see what the "gotya" turns out to be.  We have a "smart" tv so I hooked it up to the wifi so I can stream videos and movies.  I will let you know if I find them slowing us down or not.
  19. schoolsout2

    Sinks drain into black tank

    In a thread, I started asking Kevin about his black tank.  I decided I should start a new thread since this is not about solar.  In my just purchased 2014 Tour QZ I find, thanks to Kevin, that my kitchen and 1/2 bath sinks drain into the black tank and not the gray.  Has anyone changed this?  If...
  20. schoolsout2

    What can I run?

    I recently purchased a used MH that has a solar array on the roof.  The former owner installed it.  I was told it is 1kw.  I have 6 house batteries and a 2800 watt inverter.  I wonder what I can run and for how long.  Is this 1kw/hr? At 12 volts is it putting out 83 amps?
  21. schoolsout2

    Aqua hot

    Why does the aqua hot system run if no heat or hot water is being used?  Or is something wrong. 
  22. schoolsout2

    Tag Axle

    We just took delivery on a2014 Tour with a Freightliner tag axle.  I love the coach and the great ride.  I do not understand the dump action of the tag.  When I dump the tag, how high should it raise?  How fast should it raise? Should an alarm sound?  My neighbor with a Monaco says his raises...
  23. schoolsout2

    2014 tour

    We are looking at moving up to a 2014 Tour QD.  It answers many of needs as full timers who want comfort.  This would be our 3rd winny so I believe they are an overall good HH.  Can anyone give me insight to this model? First owner loaded it with solar panels, 6.  Guess he liked to dry camp.
  24. schoolsout2


    We are looking at a 16 Thor Venetian.  This looks to be the same as the Tuscany XTE.  Any information you can give me on things that have been problems.  I know they are newer models.  How about a Thor in general.
  25. schoolsout2

    Door awnin

    I have a carefree Marquee over the door electric awning.  In a windstorm the motor was damaged.  When I was replacing the motor, I realized that one of the spring arms was loose, and out of position.  I have not found any information on how theses should be setup.  The manual from carefree only...
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