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  1. johnhicks

    Generator upgrade ?

    You could feed that extra 20A circuit to a 20A outlet accessible from outside. It's on a gen breaker, generally not fed through the transfer switch (not needed).
  2. johnhicks

    What should a "Service" include for a 2005 DP Cummins/Freightliner?

    Check/replace serpentine belt.
  3. johnhicks

    West Florida I-10 corridor quick camp spot

    I stopped at Hitchin Post several years ago right after the last hurricane through the area. The owner said it took three days to chainsaw their way out to the road. Nice folks. It might be a little tight for a big rig; I'm 36' plus toad. Eagles Landing has lots of space. Both these are very...
  4. johnhicks

    West Florida I-10 corridor quick camp spot
  5. johnhicks

    1995 BOUNDER M36 with ONAN MARQUIS 7000 generator , HOW LONG/HOW MANY HOURS can I expect the generator to last?

    As for your a/c, there's lots of plastic vacuum hoses that are probably broken or crumbled away. However, a freon charge isn't really expensive and worth a try.
  6. johnhicks

    1995 BOUNDER M36 with ONAN MARQUIS 7000 generator , HOW LONG/HOW MANY HOURS can I expect the generator to last?

    My Onan is 28 years old. Run it an hour under load every two weeks or a couple of hours every month. Running keeps the brushes and slip rings clean and shiny; otherwise it will fail to generate. Generators love to run. Keep up with oil and filter changes. Your spec is probably 150 hours. It's...
  7. johnhicks

    Generator run time

    Check the oil level every day and change the oil at about 150 hours. It likes to run.
  8. johnhicks

    Awning Tear, thoughts?

    Use sail-repair tape from West Marine or others. It's for patching rips in dacron-type material.
  9. johnhicks

    Class A Diesel Service in Florida

    Cummins Ocala is great; I was there just this week. They've developed quite a motorhome business in no small part because of their friendliness and enthusiasm. Cummins Tampa was fine, but it's been eight years since I was there, so no current thoughts. Ring Power shops (Cat, Allison etc) will do...
  10. johnhicks

    Orlando to Dallas route question

    US-82 or US-84. Take your time.
  11. johnhicks

    Is this an Overpriced oil change quote from Service center?
  12. johnhicks

    Free pedestal for Flexsteel

    Manual swivel pedestal as-new, seven-inch, for Flexsteel captain's chair. Must pick up near Waverly, Fla., will not ship. FREE!
  13. johnhicks

    Replacing converter

    Check all the connections between the converter and the batteries. Seriously, all of them. Take them apart, clean with sandpaper or a wire brush and reattach. I found a 1v voltage drop caused by a connection at the bus bar. It was tight, but the nut under the connection was loose and everything...
  14. johnhicks

    Be Careful Out There

    I've read that they had three days of food and water, and of course should have stayed with the vehicle rather than wandering across apparently-unknown terrain towards a road four miles away.
  15. johnhicks

    Funny noise

    And check it occasionally. I discovered mine had died by not hearing it. Ordinarily you'd never hear it run in usual operations.
  16. johnhicks

    Funny noise

    That's exactly what it is. If you press the brake pedal with the ignition off and you don't hear it you have a problem.
  17. johnhicks

    Sumitomo load F tires?

    So how many would bet your life on the notion that the load limit of the tire is the defining factor of the load limit of the axle? It _may_ be, and probably is, but this a system and strengthening one part doesn't confer more strength to other parts.
  18. johnhicks

    Sumitomo load F tires?

    Your rims are probably maximum 110psi, so having LR-G tires may not translate to carrying more weight.
  19. johnhicks

    When a full- timer's RV breaks down

    In 11 years we've been out of the rig only one night, while having the transmission replaced. The longest time was 12 days in the lot with no hookups waiting for the reman transmission to arrive, and the most memorable was a couple of days next a garbage truck that broke down before dumping its...
  20. johnhicks

    Full Time (retirement) Living in NW Florida

    Go to to start your research; you can easily weed out parks that get too many bad reviews Then go to parks' websites or call and ask. Be sure to look at the Foley, Ala. area also.
  21. johnhicks

    Replacement Pressure Pro Sensor

      Although I've been a happy Pressure Pro user for seven years, when I start traveling again I'll have to replace at least five sensors...and a new Tire Traker with six sensors complete with booster is $269. And the TT boosters are replaceable. That settles it for me.
  22. johnhicks

    Winnebago Hydroboost

      It's probably the parking brake. Mine is released by hydraulic pressure provided by the pump on the engine, which also powers the power steering and hydroboost. If your power steering works then the pump is working. When you push in the parking brake knob, or shift out of park, that actuates a...
  23. johnhicks

    Anyone working full time from RV? Is it possible to get reliable ISP service?

    If you have a rear ladder, run the antenna wire through the floor, along the frame rail and up the ladder. At least you avoid a hole in the roof or side. Some advocate running it inside the tank vent to the roof if that's feasible. You should use decent low-loss coax such as LMR-400.
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