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  1. OldMarine

    Ripped out soft bathroom floor...advice needed on rebuilding it please..

    Ok, howdy all, so i finally got tired of the soft spot in the bathroom, and began the project. Got the wet flooring mostly out,(not going crazy and gutting entire bathroom), but the wood panel underneath is wet too, and is above the septic tank....some questions, what would be the best way to...
  2. OldMarine

    Maiden Voyage

    Hi y'all...just finished a 4700 mile trip from Mass to Colorado, then up to SD and Devil's Tower caught near Cedar Rapids Iowa during a "Derecho" storm,(never heard of that before), on Aug 10th. 112 mph winds. Youtube that and you won't believe it. Wiped out 43% of Iowa's corn & soybean...
  3. OldMarine

    AC advice please

    ok..I'll throw out my problem and see if anyone has some advice.  I have 2010 Coleman Mach AC, non-ducted, no thermostat. Controls are the 2 rotary dials on the ceiling plate.  AC worked fine, then I turned it on one time, FAN ONLY..and the fan came on as normal, but with kind of a noticeable...
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