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    Thinking of going full time RV

    Wife and I are thinking of selling our home and going full time RV. We are trying to find out if the reality of it is as good as the fantasy. Have any of you sold your home and gone full time RV and regretted the change? Thanks for any thoughts and/or advice.
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    I need some info about M/Hs

    I'm considering buying a MH. I have been towing trailers of some kind almost all my life but I have never even ridden in a MH. So I have a bunch of questions: What I'm thinking is a used MH about 30 to 32 ft. and I want to tow a jeep weighing around 4K lbs. What I?m finding is that almost all...
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    It's all mine now!

    Paid off our 5th/W today. It took me 6 months to do it but it's all ours now....Yahoo! ;D.
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    Out with the old.....In with the new.

    We finally got the 5th/W we always wanted. This pic was at the dealer just before we left.
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    ? about tires.

    I have a small 17' TT that I use for hunting and camping off road. Even though the tires that are on the trailer have good tread they are starting to show signs of weather checking. Right now it is parked for the winter but before I start using it again next summer I will be replacing the tires...
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    5th wheel hitch weight

    Looking at maybe getting a 5th wheel trailer. When looking at the specs for hitch weight all they give is dry hitch weight. Is there an average amount of weight that one can add to the dry weight to get closer to the actual hitch weight you will have when hooked up and heading down the road...
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