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  1. SMR

    Pet Temperature Monitoring

    We use the GoVee wifi thermometer (Amazon) and a Visible Wireless phone as the hotspot. Works great, we can check from anywhere. Have been using it for a few years now without issue.
  2. SMR

    EPDM vs TPO, roof replacement under warranty which to choose

    Dicor warranty years 1 to 5.......
  3. SMR

    EPDM vs TPO, roof replacement under warranty which to choose

    So the roof is going bad, the manufacturer will replace material free of charge and part of the labor. My question is which roofing material is the better choice, EPDM or Diflex ll TPO. Labor is the same either way. EPDM is what is on the roof now. Thanks
  4. SMR

    Nancy Brinck

    We are very sorry to hear, our condolences to you and your family
  5. SMR

    Help pricing an Anderson kantleak replacement cartridge

    Thanks. I did look on ebay awhile back and didn't see any. What do you think would be a fair price for both, the cartridge is new and the fill station came out of my camper.
  6. SMR

    Help pricing an Anderson kantleak replacement cartridge

    I have a new Anderson kantleak replacement cartridge and valve body to sell. I can't find them anywhere to get a cost because they are discontinued. Any idea on the value Thanks
  7. SMR

    Rallies and Get-Togethers

    Hopefully you can get back on the road soon.
  8. SMR

    RV Route Planning

    We use free RVPARKY app to plan trips. After we have the route planned I use Google maps satellite to check the route. RVPARKY shows routes, low bridges, campgrounds, fuel stops, etc.
  9. SMR

    Dry washing your RV at a seasonal campsite?

    That's what I use, takes a few hours and the camper looks great. I try to get it done every month.
  10. SMR

    4th of July camping

    Yes. People will get here early and look for a site and most do. Right now, with the exception of non electric sites the campground is full. It really is a nice campground, lots of trees, big swimming pool and wild blueberries you can pick, just don't pick the ones close to the road because...
  11. SMR

    4th of July camping
  12. SMR

    4th of July camping

    Were at the Bar Harbor Campground for the season, we are going with friends to check out the parade in Bar Harbor and fireworks in Southwest Harbor.
  13. SMR

    water softener - narrowed down to 2

    They both use table salt for the regeneration process
  14. SMR

    Harvest Host

    We have been thinking about joining, meeting up with friends who are members and will check it out before joining to make sure it will work for us. Harvest Hosts just purchased Boondockers Welcome.
  15. SMR

    Best route planning software/sites

    We use RVPARKY for planning the trips and Google maps to review the route.
  16. SMR

    Rallies and Get-Togethers

    We might be interested in the Smokies depending on the dates.
  17. SMR

    Where are you going camping this Memorial Day weekend?

    We found a really nice boondockers welcome site east of Syracuse, NY. We full time and try to find places like this for holidays, if possible. Monday we head over to Green Lakes State Park for 4 nights.
  18. SMR

    RV Parks in Zephyrhills, FL 33541-6886

    Colt Creek State Park is really nice, its about 20 minutes or so from Zephyrhills.
  19. SMR

    Trailer Size Restrictions

    We have a 42 foot 5th wheel and it can be challenging to find sites at times. DW does a lot of the planning then I check to make sure we will fit before reserving. I use Google earth, Campendium for reviews and info and have also reached out to RVers on RVILLAGE that have stayed in places we...
  20. SMR

    Water Hoses - which one?

    I purchased the flexzilla hose based on recommendations from this forum and I'm very happy with it
  21. SMR

    Looking for place to stay near Columbia, SC

    it is, I will check it out for next year. Thanks
  22. SMR

    Looking for place to stay near Columbia, SC

    Decided on Santee State Park
  23. SMR

    Looking for place to stay near Columbia, SC

    Looking for a place for 2 nights, May 11 to 13th. Somewhere south of Columbia, SC off I26 to I95. Thanks
  24. SMR

    RecPro furniture reviews and durability question

    We received all the fabric samples and decided to go with the Brisa fabric. Should have the new one in week. Has a 5 year warranty on the fabric, we shall see.
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