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    comments on 2007 siesta 29BG

    well ,here's the breakdown on this 29BG. The UVW is 12,575. add 51pds for lpg-325pds for water and they add 308 pds for two people. this totals to 13,259. subtract this figure from gvwr of 14,050 and you get a ccc of 791. the figures can be adjusted. first,carry only 14gallons of water for...
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    comments on 2007 siesta 29BG

    Hi Gary thanks for the response. I got the weight figures from the dealer .they are as follows UVW- 12,575.and a CCC of 791. They say this includes all options and fluids Please tell me ,accoring to the figures, if the UVW includes fuel -full water-full propane which is 41 pds.and people. I...
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    comments on 2007 siesta 29BG

    I am looking ito a four winds 29Bg on the chevy for my DH legroom. My original choice is the 26BE. Are three slides to much for this rig . The difference between the two models is the addition of the dinette and slide.I don't know what the exact weight figure sare.  I do know that you won't be...
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    2007 jamboree

    you guys are going to give me a nervous breakdown. I thought I was looking at a lemon. love the joking around. The DH is not going to make a fus about the kitchen AT ALL. As we tour,she will cook a little and make reservations a lot. Ha HA  thanks again guys tony
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    2007 jamboree

    Well Gary, After hearing your comments and Shaynes comments about a used class A I found a 2004 sightseer30b  with 11,500 miles has all the room i need and a price that is $10,00 less than a new Jamboree. Now I have a real bug to get this coach. I'll just think it through I won't wait to long...
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    2007 jamboree

    The terra lx is a great looking rig and retails over $100,000 with options.I Like the 32S nice rig.  I have no problem with a class A especially after driving a bus for a living for 35years. It's the final monthly payment and affordability. I don't have much to put down and want to keep the...
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    2007 jamboree

    I saw a  E 350 van with a slim line engine cover console that gives you more legroom in front. If I can get this cover installed on the jamboree,this will solve my problem.I can get the rv on the ford chassis. the van has an option for a 6.8 v10 so I think the cover will fit. of course I 'm...
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    2007 jamboree

    Gary I know I will have to special order this RV .My wants are for the front passenger legroom. M DH has been in both of the chassis and she says the comfort is twice as much in the chey. As for the cost ,I think we are talking a couple of thousand more for the chevy. My concern was for the...
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    2007 jamboree

    I am interested in the new jamboree 31m I really want this rv on the chevy chassis for the legroom and ride. the rig is 33 long. I have not seen any built on the chevy chassis. Is it because it's really to big for this chassis?
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    Weather Alert Radio

    thank you  for the correction I was typing to fast and my brain was not in gear
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    Weather Alert Radio

    If you go online to google search and type in NOOA RADIO, you will find many places and types of emergency NOOA radios at various prices there is a good selection.
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    Looking for a C with a few specifics

    I to have done a lot of research and we are going with the four winds citation model 26BE which is about 27ft long. we are getting the rv with the leather couch up front, no dinette.the couch comes with a detachable pedistal table. I feel that the dinette is not a comfortable place to watch tv...
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    CLASS A with bunks

    there is a 35J winnebago at www, they have a few pictures and a list of $107,900.
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    the very big trailer life directory

    How many have the very big trailer life directory with them or do you use the very compact CD?I was thinking of buying the 2007, but I'd rather have the cd. just drop it in the laptop.
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    mounting GPS

    I am curious as to where you mount your GPS? Is it mounted on top of the dash or lower on the dash? I know some states don't allow the unit to be on top of the dash. You need the mounting close to the wheel so you can see the small screen. Any help will be appreciated  thanks
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    CLASS A with bunks

    winnebago sightseer has one. the model is a 35J. I saw one one from this site they have a floorplan you can also see. good hunting
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    garmin gps

    One Item I want on my wish list is the garmin 530 GPS. anyone have this model and how is it performing?  thank you
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    chateau citation NCC

    Just received a brochure for the 2007 chateau citation and they don't include a UVW or NCC for the model BE or any others I' m in a position to order but don't want to go off the lot overloaded. this model has two slides and is 28ft long with a 5000 rated hitch. We are mainly touring with...
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    ?RV Wax?

    I have a three year old buick and I use Black Magic carnabra wax in liquid form. It goes on and you wait a few seconds and buff it off. They also make a liquid detailer wax that I use after a rain. I just hose the car off with plain water unless I am at the shore and the salt spray get onto it...
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    HI everyone

    Hi to everyone I'm glad to be on this forum although we don't have our new rv YET. We hope to have a new chateau citation BE next year on the chevy chassis. We have done a lot of research and this one is just right for us. happy travels to everyone.
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    glad to be aboard

    I'm glad too be on this forum although I don't have an rv YET. Hope to be on the road next year in a new chateau citation BE. We have been doing a lot of research and it's just right for the two of us. hello to everyone  Tony
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