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  1. sc4668


    I have a used tire monitor system Inno Tech RV. This is a 4 tire system with amplifier and 4 extra new batteries. I purchased at Quartzide in 2019 and used on my fifth-wheel until I sold in April. You can get information on the system from the company web site I would like to get...
  2. sc4668

    RV Delamination Repair Kit- #12 Kit, New not opened

    I just purchased this kit last week and have sold my RV the new owner does not care about the small de-lamination spot so I do not need this. By the time I pay shipping and restocking fees I might as well sell to someone else. My loss will be your gain. The box has not been opened so you will...
  3. sc4668

    Forest River Artic WOLF 291RL Need owner coments

    Hi all, looking to upgrade to a new fifth wheel and am looking at the Forest River Artic Wolf model 291RL. We love the floor plane and space, just the two of use will mainly use for our 4 month snowbird trips to Florida. Does anyone have this model and how do you like it? How are the Forest...
  4. sc4668

    Whats your favorite snowbird site in Florida

    Looking for suggestion for a snowbird spot in Florida for the 2021-2022 season what do you recommend?
  5. sc4668

    Florida RV parks for the 2021 to 2022 winter season

    A little history we moved from Nevada and always wintered in the Phoenix, Tuscon area. Move to Michigan in August and spent the winter here but not again. Looking for spots in central to southern Florida for next winter about four months. The problem I am having 1) $1500 to $2000 a month rents...
  6. sc4668

    RV 10 year rule Question

    As my picture shows I have a 2007 Denali fifth-wheel. We have had it for about 5 years out west and have never been asked about the year of RV. We move to Michigan last April and want to go to Florida next winter. I have been concerned about being turned away fro parks because of the year . Back...
  7. sc4668

    2015 Keystone Sprinter Looking to upgrade thoughts

    Looking for any information from anyone that has owned a 2015 Keystone Sprinter Fifth-wheel model number 269FWRLS. We are looking to get a newer fifth-wheel and found this one for a good price. Anyone have any pros or cons about this model. I can not find anywhere if this is a light or not or...
  8. sc4668

    Having a Volt/Ohm meter

    A Volt/Ohm meter is one of the most important tools in your tool box if you are going to do maintenance on your RV. I see many post of owners with electrical problem and they are given things to check but they have no meter. You can buy an inexpensive meter from Harbor Freight, Amazon or even...
  9. sc4668


    I have some de-lamination on my fifth-wheel front sides at the bottom that I need to have repaired. Does anyone know of a shop around the southern Michigan area that can do these repairs?
  10. sc4668

    De-lamination repair

    I need to find a place to purchase the fillion material to repair the front side of my fifth wheel both sides. The area is 5 ft long by 8 inches tall. About two years ago I re-glued with the de-lamination kit but it did not hold. There is not water damage the siding became disbonded from the 12...
  11. sc4668

    Trip planning software

    We are planning on making a trip from Las Vegas to Ann Arbor Michigan in May and would like to use some type of trip planning software. What do you all recommend?
  12. sc4668

    FMCA membership and roadside plan renewal

    My FMCA membership and roadside plan expire in April. I am looking to see if there is anything better available. The membership dues has gone up and I think it is high for what you receive. I have not had to use the roadside assistance plan so I do not know how it is. Does any one have a...
  13. sc4668

    Securing doors on residential refrigerator when traveling

    If you have seen my other post I have installed a two door residential refrigerator in my 5th wheel and now am now looking for a way to keep the doors closed when traveling. If anyone has suggestions on what they are using please share them.
  14. sc4668

    Norcold N811 removal and residential refrigerator install UPDATE:

    UPDATE: Removed my Norcold refrigerator and sold with-in 2 days, got $450 and they were happy to get it. Installed a Magic Chief 10.1 cf in the same location with no modification required also installed a AIMS 1200 watt inverter and all works better than I had hoped. I just need to do some trim...
  15. sc4668

    Residential refrigerator installation, Cost, Recommendations

    I am looking for information on having a residential ref. installed in my 5th wheel. I currently have a Norcold N811RT installed that still works fine but I want a residential as we will be living full time for the next 6 to 8 months while are house is being built. I want an inverter with a...
  16. sc4668

    Faded decal on front of Fifth-wheel

    The front decal on the front of my Denali fiver is getting faded, its not cracked just faded. I have used rubbing compound and a good wax and it helped a little. Was wondering if I clear coated the front decal and area. What do you all think, any other suggestions?
  17. sc4668

    Leak at bottom of slide

    The large living-room slide on my Denali fiver had a leak at the bottom when driving in a rain storm. I traveled all day in heavy rain and ponding on the road. When we stopped at our over night camp ground the floor was all went under the slide where it comes in over the vinyl flooring in the...
  18. sc4668

    Replacing Norcold N811RT with Unique UGP-290 DC Refrigerator

    I have a 5th wheel with the Norcold N811RT and am thinking about replacing it with the Unique model UGP-290L Refrigerator that has the DC compressor. Home Depot has them for $1200, I think this should work for me since I do not have the room for the big 110volt residential refrigerator.  I have...
  19. sc4668

    Coach Net vs Good Sams

    My Good Sams ERS expired 1 April and am thinking of going with Coach Net. Any Pro's or Con's. Will be for my Fifth wheel. Also there is a block on the sign up page for a discount code. Does anyone know if there is one for April.
  20. sc4668

    5th Wheel Roof Coating Question

    I have a 2007 Denali fiver that may need the roof re-coated. I did my spring maintenance re-calked some cracks in the rood sealant and did a good inspection.There were no leaks. The roof is still white but getting a ruff texture. I have been reading about people that used Henry 887 to re-coat...
  21. sc4668

    Where can I find this cover

    I had my fiver detailed yesterday and they broke the cover for my cable/phone hookup. Does anyone know wher I can find one and what is it called. I searched Ebay and other RV parts company's with no luck,. See picture.
  22. sc4668

    Does anyone know what this switch is for

    I have a 2007 Denali fiver and I have not been able to find what this switch does. The one above the slide-out switches. Can anyone help. See picture.
  23. sc4668

    Mounting Generator on Rear Bumper of 5th Wheel Results

    Hi all:  I wanted to mount a generator on the rear bumper of my 5th wheel so I read all the articles about the subject and put the information to work and mounted my generator. First I went to my local fabrication shop and had the thick wall 4X4 installed along with the 2X4 square tubing welded...
  24. sc4668

    2019 Quartzsite Rally - LTVA Status?

    Just read on another RV site that the LTVA is closed in Quartzside. If you do not have a paid pass you will be ticketed and told to leave.This is a catch 22, with the government shutdown you can not buy a pass. There were pictures posted from today and the trash cans at Tyson's Wash La Posa West...
  25. sc4668

    What size inverter ?

    Will be going to Quartzsite next month and will be boondocking. I would like to have an inverter to run my TV and DVD player. The TV is a 32 inch Vizio  and the DVD is a Panasonic. I can not find the current draw specs on these but similar units look like they draw about 200 watts total. I am...
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