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  1. SMR

    EPDM vs TPO, roof replacement under warranty which to choose

    So the roof is going bad, the manufacturer will replace material free of charge and part of the labor. My question is which roofing material is the better choice, EPDM or Diflex ll TPO. Labor is the same either way. EPDM is what is on the roof now. Thanks
  2. SMR

    Help pricing an Anderson kantleak replacement cartridge

    I have a new Anderson kantleak replacement cartridge and valve body to sell. I can't find them anywhere to get a cost because they are discontinued. Any idea on the value Thanks
  3. SMR

    Looking for place to stay near Columbia, SC

    Looking for a place for 2 nights, May 11 to 13th. Somewhere south of Columbia, SC off I26 to I95. Thanks
  4. SMR

    RecPro furniture reviews and durability question

    Our lippert furniture has failed, the spray on "leather" is peeling off. We are looking at the RecPro furniture and would like some real RVers reviews on it. Interested in the recliners with console Thanks
  5. SMR

    MH falls off frame

    My friend posted this on Facebook, no explanation just the 2 pics. I will follow up he adds any more to the post
  6. SMR

    Lippert reciever hitch for rear of camper LC240220

    75.00 OBO, pick up or you arrange shipping I can send pics
  7. SMR

    Thoughts on this sign for rear of camper....

    Thinking about getting this for the camper!  Lol
  8. SMR

    How much for a used 15 gallon sewer tote

    I have an extra 15 gallon sewer tote and would like to sell it, anyone have an idea of what I should ask for it? Can't find any used ones on Craigslist list or ebay. Its a Tote-N-Stor 25607 Portable Waste Holding Tank 15 Gallon only used for grey water only. Thanks
  9. SMR

    Drilling holes in hitch bracket

    I am going to install a receiver hitch on the camper, the bracket on the trailer frame is not high enough to allow the bottom 2 bolts to work, about a quarter inch longer would of been nice My question is can I drill 2 more holes in the reciever bracket pictured without messing up the integrity...
  10. SMR

    Washing machine hoses for fresh water supply

    I need to replace yet another 4' hose that I use to hook up the softener to the fresh water inlet. Any issues with using a stainless steel washing machine hose? Is the lining inside safe we do brush our teeth with the softened water. Thanks
  11. SMR

    Got truck back from dealer service with 25 extra miles

    Went in for oil change, rear brakes,  rear seals replaced, oil change. They had the truck Mon and I picked up on Friday,  the big truck mechanic was busy so they worked it in. Picked it up with 25 more miles on the odometer,  does this sound right?
  12. SMR

    Clay bar on F350 fenders?

    is it ok to clay bar the fenders? Being they are made of a different material I want to be sure. thanks
  13. SMR

    Removing mud from truck

    This is on the dually wheel well  part of the truck, I was able to remove some of it with my finger nail as you can see in the pics. I used my Aero cosmetics degreaser on the body of the truck and it has come off, but not so on this. Any ideas on what to use? Thanks
  14. SMR

    Using cinder block to tie out awning

    Can't the anchors into the hard packed ground, anyone ever use an 8x8x16 cinder block to tie down the awning?
  15. SMR

    DIY cell booster antenna mast

    Finally starting around to get the cell booster for the camper. Are there any issues or concerns about using EMT conduit for the mast? It will be secured in ABS pipe attached to the ladder and be 5 to 6 feet above the camper roof, 20 feet above the ground. Thanks
  16. SMR

    Rexing Dash Cam Smart Hardware Kit help with fuse locations

    Has anyone ever hooked up a Rexing Smart Hardware Kit? I would like to know where you attached the supplied fuses one goes to an ignition switched fuse one to a constant fuse Then a spade connection to ground...
  17. SMR

    When to use teflon tape

    I have a new Anderson valve to install. The valve is brass and the pex fittings are plastic.  Should I use teflon tape with the new brass  valve? Thanks
  18. SMR

    Replace couch with desk and securing desk in camper

    DW would like to replace the couch with a desk, I said we need to sell the couch first and she can explain it to the dogs. LOL My question is how to secure a desk to the camper? My thoughts are "L" brackets to the flow and wall. The desk would be as light as possible and maybe have a drawer on...
  19. SMR

    Dealship didn't add enough coolant to Ford 6.7 issues?

    Had dealer change both the coolant systems. Drove 26 miles, 40 minutes at 55 mph, home and checked the fluids. the one by the radiator was fine. the other one showed no fluid at the min level, after the engine cooled I checked and where the white meets the black on the reservoir the coolant is...
  20. SMR

    Anderson Brass Kant leak, leaks

    My Kant leak is leaking and I will need to replace it. They sell the new and improved brass version,  the one I have now is plastic, for 170.00 ...... Has any one used a different brand or replumbed a different one to replace the Anderson product? Thanks
  21. SMR

    Progressive Industries E2 code and portable generator

    I hooked up my generators and parallel kit and got the E2 error code on my Progressive  Industries EMS-LCHW50 E2 is open ground, no ground wire connection. I did not have the parallel kit grounded, so can I ground the parallel kit to the camper frame to get rid of the code and be able to power...
  22. SMR

    Changed out the anode rod

    Did my yearly anode rod change and tank cleaning. I might be able to get more use from the anode, they are not that expensive so I change it out every year. The inside of the tank didn't have too much debris in it.
  23. SMR

    straight gas vs 10 ethanol for portable generator

    The generators are coming today, there is station down the road that sells straight gas, is that a better option?  I dont know if I can get it again after we leave the area. Manual says min 87 octane and up to 10% ethanol. Thanks
  24. SMR

    Photo editor

    I need to find a simple photo editor for my android tablet. DW  uses Google photos and I'm not able to reduce them to post on the forum. Thanks
  25. SMR

    Securing portable generators

    I ordered my 2 inverter generators today, what is the recommended wat to secure them? I know if someone wants them they are gone?. Options on chain or cable and location to run them, how far from camper. Thanks
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