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  1. Opontee

    Front living 5th wheels

    Is Montana the only 5th that offers a front living? I really like these but would like to see a few more manufactors build them. I will be full timing it. Lost my wife last year to a major heart attack and can't afford the brand new house we just bought 9 months before without her income...
  2. Opontee


    Ok, so the wife and I went looking at 5th wheel toyhaulers on saturday. We are getting ready for the next faze of our lifes. Well, we looking at a Bay Hill 5th wheel not a toy hauler. So we pretty much decided to scrap the toy hauler idea because that is really wasted space  for us as we dont'...
  3. Opontee

    5th wheel toyhaulers

    Wife and I are looking to get one in the next couple of years (not to early to start looking). I see a lot of them I like. One of my biggest questions is how you  find out the bedroom height. Most I see are 6'4" and a few 6'6". Not all manufacture's put in their brochures this feature. I am 6'4"...
  4. Opontee

    low 5th wheel hitchs

    I have a 04 C4500 with a flatbed. I am looking for a 5th wheel hitch that is about 8" mounting height. Anybody know of a manufacture that build one this low?
  5. Opontee

    Voltage toy haulers

    Anybody own one? Pro's and con's? Wife and I are looking to get into camping next year (after we sell our racecars and trailer) and are looking at the 3600, 3800, 3900, 3905 and 3950. It's the only fifth wheel I can stand up in the bedroom.
  6. Opontee


    HI, Bobby and Suni from just north of Galveston. We currently drag race. Looking to retire from the sport and make new friends all over the country. We need to sell my wifes house on the west side of Houston, sell the racecars and trailer, build us our new home and then we are looking at the...
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