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  1. SpencerPJ

    Buy Now, or Wait Until Spring

    If you buy off a Dealer, make part of the Deal that they keep onsight until April.
  2. SpencerPJ

    Facebook to change its name

    or SpyBook
  3. SpencerPJ

    Ads in the right side bar

    I never give out my real email (or my preferred one), and not even Amazon has my real cell #. I agree that ads are necessary, it bothers me that many sites have access to my Router activity and exploit that.
  4. SpencerPJ

    Space Heater

    We set our portable 1800w on the kitchen table, leave it on all night. Set the propane furnace to 60 degrees for backup, never has come on. Yours is safer than mine ;). I do run a separate extension cord to the pedestal, I probably don't need to, just nervous with heater, coffee maker and...
  5. SpencerPJ

    Free Dog named Riley

    First post, giving away a dog, 2 different pictures, free site. Hmmmmmm
  6. SpencerPJ

    2007 Rockford Forest River

    Do you have a power cord that is stored inside your RV, you pull out a small door and connect to 30A pedestal? My door looks like this, and I can sneak an extension cord in, open the cabinet inside and reach up and grab it.
  7. SpencerPJ

    Owning Goodyear Endurance tires

    Lucky man, glad it was pointed out to you.
  8. SpencerPJ

    How to hook up my 3 RV batteries

    That is her original configuration. (as I read it) I agree with others, ask someone for help, a mobile guy, owner of rv park? Someone needs to check your charging system and connections.
  9. SpencerPJ

    How to hook up my 3 RV batteries

    Show us a picture of what you are looking at.. even if it wasn't you that took things apart, the tip of the day, since you are going to become handy, always take pictures of stuff before you take things apart, between your pictures, youtube and this forum, anything can be fixed or resolved (rv...
  10. SpencerPJ

    Help finding used RV parts

    Maybe. A friend of mine had a terrible time locating one, 'parts shortages'. As far as finding them used, might look at ebay.
  11. SpencerPJ

    Help finding used RV parts

    You might consider a simple small 110vac residential style.
  12. SpencerPJ

    Lets Talk TV

    sounds good, even throw it on your bed, tv should be pretty clean ;)
  13. SpencerPJ

    2007 Rockford Forest River

    Besides the window, you can run an extra cord through the cord box on the side of the trailer, easy to grab from the inside. That's what I do when I add an extra space heater in Fall Camping and don't really want to plug it into my TT.
  14. SpencerPJ

    Lets Talk TV

    I would not travel with that TV mounted like that. Those legs will break easy.
  15. SpencerPJ

    Easiest way to fill a black tank?

    I have one of these from a former RV. Does exactly as you ask, Amazon
  16. SpencerPJ

    Rusted ladder support

    Amazon, search RV Ladder Parts. They have many options, I was surprised.
  17. SpencerPJ

    Advice on buying an RV for the first time.

    I highly encourage you to rent one for an extended weekend and take it to a local state park. You will learn a ton from that experience with minimal outlay of money. Yes the horse (truck) that pulls the cart (trailer) is very important, especially important for a beginner. Your example above...
  18. SpencerPJ

    RV Kayak.....

    I suggest find a park that rents them, try various kinds, then make your decision.
  19. SpencerPJ

    A NOT winterizing question.

    I would say that the warmth of the ground will keep you safe. It takes a good stretch of cold to get the ground solid cold, then stuff seems to freeze much faster, imo.
  20. SpencerPJ

    Back to the life after years away

    Great opening, sounds exactly like my story. Welcome to the forum and the RV community again. Our first was an older class c, we called it the rolling turd. Many great trips to state parks with the kids.
  21. SpencerPJ

    The Official Motorcycle Thread!

    So far I am thrilled with it. I sold my 83 Venture, sad day as it was my ride for the last 8 years. The GW 1800 cc engine is like a smooth rocket. It has the cobra exhaust with torq loopz. Has a nice growl, but not too loud at all.
  22. SpencerPJ

    The Official Motorcycle Thread!

    I recently bought a 2013 Goldwing F6B. It's a fun ride.
  23. SpencerPJ

    Johnsonville sausage strips

    So my opinion of the sausage strips. They pair well with eggs and tater tots, :giggle::coffee:. I actually think they could use a bit more flavor, I will try the Chorizo next time.
  24. SpencerPJ

    Roof maintenance. Need advice.

    I simply keep my roof clean and go over all joints with Dicor every fall. One tube is all I need. I just want to prevent water from getting in a crack, freezing, and we know where that ends. The tape is good if you get a rip or an issue, think of it as an excellent bandaid. Recoating should...
  25. SpencerPJ

    Lets Talk TV

    Many of the local state parks we visit, I can scan and with my basic rv antenna I get plenty of basic tv stations. I like my morning news. We have a dvd player with an assortment of movies for the rainy days. I also can download anything from my Comcast account onto my iPad.
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