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  1. Ken & Sheila

    Heavy smoke in Eugene, OR

    Smoke and ash rolled in night before last and is predicted to stay until the winds shift Thursday. We move from Guaranty RV Park in Junction City to Premier RV Park in Coburg yesterday. The ground at the TA in Coburg had like a cinder covering over the pavement. Made a mess when I went back in...
  2. Ken & Sheila

    BlueFire Android connection to J193/J1708

    Has anyone else used BlueFire's device to create their own dashboard on an Android or iOS tablet? BlueFire's device(s) use a bluetooth connection. Their J1939 connection works on both 250K and 500K networks. They have different devices depending on the type of Bluetooth connection you want...
  3. Ken & Sheila

    Moose at Gros Ventre

    Moose invaded our campsite at Gros Ventre in Grand Tetons National Park this morning. We also had probably 10 of the moose paparazzi!
  4. Ken & Sheila

    Visit with Fred and Daisy

    Sheila and I have been in the Portland, ME area visiting Fred and Daisy for the past week. We've had a great time getting together, they are great tour guides. We talked about our joint past history with RVing and the RV forum. Going back to when Fred and Daisy lived in Standish, ME and we lived...
  5. Ken & Sheila

    FMCA Summer 2016 Convention

    FMCA will finally announce that the Summer 2016 Convention will be held in West Springfield MA on August 3,4,5,&6. Press release tomorrow and then it should be on
  6. Ken & Sheila

    Mini Rally in San Jose

    Today we had a mini rally at Chris and Mimi's house in San Jose. Also with us were Tim and Jan. Of course many of our other old time RV friends were talked about. Some fun stories from the past. After our afternoon of "discussions" (wanted to sound serious, even if we weren't) we had a great...
  7. Ken & Sheila

    5L Cummins Diesel in the 2016 Nissan Titan

    Nissan has redesigned the Titan 1/2 ton pickup for the new 5L Cummins V8. 310HP and 555 ft lbs of torque. 6 speed auto transmission This could make a nice small tow vehicle.
  8. Ken & Sheila

    No more 2 year plans on Verizon

    Verizon is doing away with discounted phones with a 2 year contract. See their announcement HERE. ken
  9. Ken & Sheila

    2016 New Years Rally at Catalina State Park - Announcement & Information

    FIRST: Please note that this topic is locked. Please reply to this TOPIC 2016 New Years Rally at Catalina State Park ? one more time --  Again all REPLIES to this TOPIC This topic does contain a list of Attendees which I will kept up to date Catalina State Park is in the Oro Valley just north...
  10. Ken & Sheila

    2016 New Years Rally at Catalina State Park - Reply Topic

    This topic is for posting about the 2016 New Years Rally at Catalina State Park. For information about the rally see this TOPIC Please reply here with your site number and dates if you plan to attend. Also post any questions about the rally here.
  11. Ken & Sheila

    RAM 3500 increases max towing limit

    The new RAM 3500 will have a max towing limit of 31,200 LBS up from 30,000. See:
  12. Ken & Sheila

    4G LTE Cell booster for RV

    WeBoost (FKA Wilson Electronics) website finally show that the promised 4G/LTE cell signal boost system for RVs will be available at the end of summer. Quiet a while ago they had said the end of 2014, but obviously it got delayed. Finally I'll get to...
  13. Ken & Sheila

    Indio FMCA Rally Jan 7 - 11, 2015

    Sheila and I along with a few others will be at the rally. I know some are camping offsite, but we intend to onsite at the rally. Who else is coming to Indio? ken
  14. Ken & Sheila

    Obit test

  15. Ken & Sheila

    Allied Recreation Group Service Center in Oregon

    The original Monaco Coach Service center in Coburg OR is now the Allied Recreation Group, ARG, Service Center. I actually posted this change last year here, but now it is really servicing all the brands. ARG includes Fleetwood, American Coach, Monaco and Holiday Rambler (also Legacy brands...
  16. Ken & Sheila

    Topic link test

    Testing Reply to this TOPIC
  17. Ken & Sheila

    2015 New Years Rally at Catalina State Park -Reply Thread

    This Topic is for posting about the the 2015 New Years Rally. For information about the rally please see this TOPIC in the top of this section. I am going to try separating the Announcement which will have the current list of Attendees from the reply/active thread topic. We'll see how this...
  18. Ken & Sheila

    2015 New Years Rally at Catalina State Park - Announcement

    FIRST: Please note that this topic is locked. Please reply to this TOPIC 2015 New Years Rally at Catalina State Park ? one more time (8th) --  Again all REPLIES to this TOPIC Catalina State Park is in the Oro Valley just north of Tucson, AZ Most folks arrive a day or two after Christmas and...
  19. Ken & Sheila

    Vancouver Island, Campbell River

      I know most people just take a day trip and visit Victoria on Vancouver Island. But based on comments made by Russ about his stay at Ripple Rock RV park, north of Campbell River, I decided we had to take the motorhome over from Vancouver (city) and spent some time here. Russ liked Ripple Rock...
  20. Ken & Sheila

    ARG Service

    ARG (a division of ASV including its motorhome companies: Fleetwood, American, Monaco, Holiday Rambler) announced that it is expanding service at Coburg, Oregon. Coburg was the former location of Monaco Corp and one of Monaco's service facilities. See the announcement here.
  21. Ken & Sheila

    Mini rally at Happy Trails

    We had a mini rally yesterday since Bill and Jolene were visiting us at our lot in Happy Trails. Later we went to Rio El Mirage a local Mexican restaurant. Same restaurant we gone to for the last three Mini's here at HT (yes I know I didn't post those!). This one included: Bill & Jolene, Ken &...
  22. Ken & Sheila

    Camping World Junction City Closed, new location Coburg, OR

    The Camping World in Junction City is now Guarantys RV's Parts/rental store. Camping World is building a much bigger store In Coburg, OR right off I-5 (it actually might be on the old Coburg Guaranty sales lot) Based on the size of the building and the lot I am sure it will also be an RV sales...
  23. Ken & Sheila

    Monaco Oregon Service to Service American Coach

    We are at the Coburg, Oregon Monaco Service Center. In talking to people here about the future of the the service center it appears that ASV will be keeping the facility but opening it up to American Coach and probably Fleetwood. Several techs from here will probably go to Decatur to hold...
  24. Ken & Sheila

    Monaco Wakarusa service center closed

    Despite pledging to keep Monaco's service center open AVS has closed the Wakarusa Service center and sent all the work to Decatur. When we were there in June they said they had leased back the service building and were keeping the center open for at least a few years. AVS seems to be following...
  25. Ken & Sheila

    Kudos to Winegard

    Kudos to Wineard for good tech support. Yesterday my Directv receiver lost "tuner 2". I though it might be the receiver or the Winegard Sk-3005. I setup my portable dish and was good for both tuners, so the receiver was good. I checked all the wiring connections and all were good. I email...
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