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  1. cougsfan

    House batteries go dead while driving

    I have a 2011 Winnebago View (class B+ Sprinter based).  We have been on a road trip for the last two weeks.  A few days ago the house batteries were dead when we arrived at our campsite (12.0V) Not enough juice to start the generator.  I plugged into AC and it charged them fine to 13+ volts. ...
  2. cougsfan

    Roof leaks

    2 years ago we purchased a '98 Mini Winnie in very good condition.  Before I bought the unit it always was stored inside.  We do not have that luxury.  Shortly after we bought the unit, we noticed a couple of roof leaks. After much looking (they aren't easy to find) we found one in the skylight...
  3. cougsfan

    Towing with a Motorcycle on my Toad?

    I have a 31 foot class C with what I am told is 300 lb tongue weight capacity and 3500 lb tow weight limit.  Right now I do one of two things:  I tow my Mini Cooper behind the class C on a tow dolly.  Works fine.  Or I tow a utility trailer with my 450 lb '78 BMW R80 motorcycle in the trailer. ...
  4. cougsfan

    Draining water tank

    I have a 1998 WF331WM that I bought last fall.  The previous owner stored it in a heated shop and never had to winterize it, and didn't even know how to.  I am not so lucky.  I used it once last fall before winterizing.  I didn't use the water storage tank, and it was already empty, so all I had...
  5. cougsfan

    Onan Generator starting issues

    Hi,  I recently bought a "98 Minnie Winnie 31 WM with very low miles and in incredibly good condition.  It has a couple of problems though and I thought I would ask about one of them now.  The Onan 4000 micro lite generator (250 hrs on the meter) starts very difficultly.  According to the old...
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