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  1. Roodie

    Fireplace in a Motorhome

    My new little Sonic 169VRK didn't come with one so I bought a small portable that can sit on the floor or hang on the wall.
  2. Roodie

    Power Awning Worth It?

    It is hard to say if you will like it better or not. Both have good points and bad. I finally got an electric awning with this last trailer. I like the ease of pushing a button, but I hate how low the arms are and I can't tie down the awning so I have to put it in and out when I leave camp...
  3. Roodie

    Hot Water problem

    But if the winterizing valve is shut off wouldn't he also not have hot water on the pump?  How could it get through on the pump, but not on city water? I would maybe see if there is pipe that goes from the city water inlet that might be plugged with something that is outside of the water inlet...
  4. Roodie

    RV furniture wesites

    We took out our jackknife sofa and replaced it with two small zero-clearance recliners.  We just put a small stop, screwed to the floor just in front of the legs and for two years they haven't moved yet during travel. We picked up the recliners at the Sears Outlet store by our house.
  5. Roodie

    Foil in air vent

    Make sure it isn't the vent hose that has been collapsed by something.  You should be able to use a flashlight to be sure.  It would help to take the vent cover off if you can.
  6. Roodie

    Newbie TT leveling question

    How would that work with tandem axles?  Looks like a perfect idea, but I don't think one would fit between the tires so it would only lift one tire?
  7. Roodie

    1977(?) Starcraft Travel Trailer GUT job help

    If I were going to do this I think I would start with the roof and making sure it is all sealed up.  Then tear out the inside.  I would want to protect all my work from possible molding again if the roof and outside weren't sealed. Good luck with your project!
  8. Roodie

    Cargo area LED lighting

    You will be happy with it the first time you pull into your campsite at night and need your leveling blocks and utility hookup gear.
  9. Roodie

    MId 80's Citation Travel Trailers

    Have you tried just Googling it?  I got a bunch of hits.
  10. Roodie

    Possible axle problems...

    S/N is Serial number.
  11. Roodie

    Fixtures for a TT

    Replaced the kitchen faucet with one from IKEA, the bathroom faucet came from Lowe's and the shower faucets did come from Camping world.  Gave up trying to match that one with the holes and space we had. 
  12. Roodie

    Bench or Table & Chairs

    Neither of us are "trim", but our dinette is staying in our small (25') 5th wheel.  It is comfortable for both of us to sit at and I need the storage under the seats.  We don't really need the bed (one time in 5 years), but we took out the jacknife sofa and put in two recliners in it's place so...
  13. Roodie

    Installing Shelving Question

    JPY, sorry for the late reply.  Yes, those are the toggles and brackets.  I used 12" shelf brackets.  I just used the screw holes that are on the upright brackets, no extra toggles.  I installed them on the back wall.  I have had this setup for 4 years now and (knock on wood) nothing has broken...
  14. Roodie

    Water in my RV Hot Water Heater when I store it for 4-5 weeks?

    When leaving a camping spot, one of the things I do is turn off the water heater and then use the residual hot water to clean the shower, bathroom and kitchen.  By the time I am done the water is running cool so hot water isn't left in the tank.  We have never had a sulfur smell. We only drain...
  15. Roodie

    replacing shades with curtains...first post here!

    I did exactly that because I hated the valances.  I bought lightweight, inexpensive rods at IKEA along with curtains panels that I cut down and sewed to size.  Over my sink I covered a blackout shade (from IKEA) with the same material so it matched.  Then I hung black blackout shades behind all...
  16. Roodie

    Painting/dyeing carpet..?

    Just take it all out and continue the floor tile into the bedroom.  Way easier to clean and if you want carpet for foot comfort you can use throw rugs that can easily be put in the washer and dryer.  Dye won't work on the carpet and you will ruin your socks walking on it.  The paint might work...
  17. Roodie

    Replacing sleeper sofa

    We took out the jack knife sofa from our 5th wheel (6 screws) and replaced it with small recliners and a custom storage table between them.  They are snug in the slide, but we did screw down a 1" x 2" board just in front of the feet to keep them from sliding forward during transport.  Waaaaaay...
  18. Roodie

    Camping with Allergies

    Both of us have allergies.  We remodeled the trailer to remove almost all soft surfaces that couldn't be put in the washing machine.  Took out all the carpet and put in hard floors.  All throw rugs can be machine washed.  Took out all the curtains and valances and replaced them with house...
  19. Roodie

    Tailgate on truck

    Mythbusters say no.
  20. Roodie


    Is it possible that some wire that is between the battery and the motor had a break in it so it worked intermittently and then actually broke completely and that is why?  Also you said new batteries.  Could a wire have not been hooked back up correctly or missed and not hooked up at all?
  21. Roodie

    Rear kitchen models

    I have a 25' Wilderness with a rear Kitchen  I don't think I would have one without the rear kitchen.  I don't have any trouble, but I have heard the more back of the trailer you have overhanging the the wheels, the bouncier it is for the items in the cupboards.
  22. Roodie

    Any idea what type of trailer this is?

    But since it has a plate can't you track it back through DMV to find the title or registration?
  23. Roodie

    Any idea what type of trailer this is?

    It has a license plate.  What does the registration say?  Or the title.
  24. Roodie

    Partial Weatherization

    Is there any possibility you can take it part of the way there in October or early November?  Enough south that the weather might be less of a problem?
  25. Roodie

    Bathroom fan/light questions...

    With the power on, VERY carefully tap the blades with a plastic knife or something like that.  It may just be stuck.  I got a replacement fan motor and blade and for some reason I decided to try it before I took everything apart to replace it.  It started right up and has worked for almost two...
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