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    I may never backup my files again...

    The best backup is a program called MirrorFolder. Rich
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    Las Vegas NV to Phoenix, AZ

    I am just going to stay a 2 or 3 days before I head out for QZ. I would like to have full hook-ups so I will be ready for QZ. Rich
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    Las Vegas NV to Phoenix, AZ

    Yes John, I will be at QZ after my visit in Phoenix. Now I just have to find some place to park in Phoenix. Rich & Kay
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    Las Vegas NV to Phoenix, AZ

    I am going from Las Vegas, NV to Phoenix, AZ in January and would like to know if US 93 would be an good route to take for the MH . Rich
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    THE VERANDA - Country Coach

    At the Pomona RV Show today the Veranda 600 was going for $718K after the show discount! Rich & Kay
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    Quartzsite 2009 Forum Rally Sign Up

    As I am retired now there is no reason why we should not come so sign up Rich & Kay from Rancho Cucamonga, CA
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    I just retired on August 1st from the Railroad after 30 years, you only have to be 60 years old if you have 30 years in. You don't have to wait to be 62 unless you have less that 30 years. Rich & Kay
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    ONAN Generator mystery! Throttles up and down

    Check the fuel pump on the Gen. Rich
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    Banks Power System

    Does the Banks System help that much? Also does it help with the MPG. My MH is a 35' class A with a gas V10 engine. Rich & Kay
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    Can Not Get on Forum

    Tom, what you did fixed it. I am back on!! Thanks for all the work you did on getting it fixed. Rich
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    Can Not Get on Forum

    Tom, any idea why I can not get on the forum from my Charter account I can get on the forum with either firefox or IE. I had to fire up my verizon card to get on. Yes I turned off both of my firewalls (Norton and Windows). It was working just fine then it just stopped letting me log on to the...
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    Wireless Router and Aircard

    Yes you are correct, I have one that I put my Verizon card in so my wife's Mac Pro can also get the wireless signal. Rich
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    So. CA to St. Joseph Mo.

    Wendy, yes we will be at Quartzsite I am going to get a Sat internet system then for when I retire next year so I will have internet most places I go. Shayne, yes we liked Musicland when we go back to Branson (not in July or August) we will stay there again. The squirrels their drove Dusty my...
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    So. CA to St. Joseph Mo.

    We left home (So. CA) on Aug 3rd and got to St. Joe on Aug 8th stayed there until Aug 20th and went to Branson MO. We are staying at the Musicland RV Park nows and will leave tomorrow for home. It has been a very interesting trip in the PV since this was are 1st long trip in the RV with 2 dogs...
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    New Battery

    Yes I know what you mean, I try to go to storage ever 2 weeks to check the MH out. I start the engine and the gen and check the tires which I know are ok now because all 6 are new as of April of this year. Will not have to worry about storage next July as I will be retiring and we will be on the...
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    New Battery

    Thanks all, it is not that hard to check all of the battiers on the MH so I will save a little money and go with a wet type. Rich & Kay
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    New Battery

    Which is better for a engine battery, deep, gel or regular type? It is for a 2000 Ford V10 engine. Rich
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    So. CA to St. Joseph Mo.

    I think I will not make any reservations ahead of time, I am leaving myself 5 days to get to St. Joe so I can do some site seeing along the way. This trip will let us know how long we can stay away from home before I or Kay needs to get back home. I retire next July and plan on RVing most of the...
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    So. CA to St. Joseph Mo.

    Just made my reservation at Musicland and going to check out Metor Crater on the web. Also this being my 1st long trip is it best to plan the trip out to where you are going to stay along the way or just look for a place to spend the night as you go? Rich & Kay
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    So. CA to St. Joseph Mo.

    Thanks, I will be checking them out.
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    So. CA to St. Joseph Mo.

    I am going to take a trip in the 1st part of August from So. CA to St. Joe Mo. via US40 then go to Branson Mo. and then back home. Any ideas on where are the best parks to stay at along the way and which RV Park in Branson is the best to stay at. This will be my 1st time going to Branson. Any...
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    Train Driving from inside your RV?

    I guest I need to give a try to see how it compairs to the real thing, because I do it in real life well for 14 more months that is, then retirement.
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    Air Ride Suspension System

    Has anyone had the Kelderman Air Ride Suspension Kit installed on there RV? Also anyone have any comments about this add on to help the ride. Here is there web page any input will help.
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    Hay Bernie, is their a seal inside the sensors? I have 2 tires that keep leaking down and had them checked and could not find any leaks. The shop thinks it is the sensors. I will be in Q-size Monday so you can look at them.
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    Quartzsite 2007 - Info/Sign-up

    I drive the train and block all the crossing when you want across (remember you should of left earlier). I started on Southern Pacific and will be retiring in about 18 months at which time I plan on doing some serious RVing. Are you and your husband coming to QZ
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