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  1. COMer

    Treating a rubber roof after cleaning

    I attended an RV seminar today, near Cleveland, and the factory rep from Dometic was there along with another fellow who claimed he was an expect on chemicals and additives for RVers.  The Dometic guy said he had just attended a conference where industry reps were discussing the value of a...
  2. COMer

    Baby, it's cold outside

    Forecast is -10 degrees tonight and -13 degrees tomorrow night.  With the steady winds we are having, wind chills are forecast for 30-40 degrees below zero.  Sure do miss FL this winter. 
  3. COMer

    The insurance company is playing games

    I'm the one whose wife got backed into at a parking lot.  Other driver apologized and begged  my wife to not turn it into her insurance as her rates would go up.  Early the next morning we got  a call saying that she had filed and was charging my wife with causing the accident.  We have been...
  4. COMer

    Lesson learned - again

    I tried to post this a few minutes ago but I think it got lost and so I'm trying it again.  If it appears somewhere twice, I apologize! The wife was leaving our local Mall parking lot, when a lady backed into the rear of our car.  She apologized profusely and begged DW to not turn it into her...
  5. COMer

    Visiting Nova Scotia this fall

    We spent about a month in the area 12 years ago and knew that we wanted to return.  Awesome place!  We have another month planned that would start the end of August.  We did the highlights and many of those we plan to do again but would like ideas of places that aren't on the tourist's lists...
  6. COMer

    Winnebago Vista 21B info

    I ran across a 2002 Vista on Craig's List and it looks interesting.  Especially the VW connection and anticipated MPG.  Can anybody tell me the years this model was made (looks like just a few years in the early 2000's) and if the VW chassis and engine work as well as they might.  Looks like the...
  7. COMer

    Wiring a 50 A receptacle that can also be used for a 30 A hookup

    I've looked in the library and done a search and can't find exactly what I am looking for.  We are putting in two new receptacles where I volunteer and want to be set for people who need 50 A service.  We understand some basics like how we need to run a four wire setup and one is a ground and...
  8. COMer

    3G in a new hot spot

    Wal*Mart has just introduced their Straight Talk hot spots and they are favorably priced ($79) with very attractive data plans.  They are $15 for 1G and $25 for 2G.  This is much less than the Verizon advertised prices of 5G for $50 per month on the pay as you go plan.  But is 3G going to...
  9. COMer

    I'm thinking about starting a trip planning service. Not!

    The wife and I were sitting at home in PA, in September, thinking how warm it still was and remembering that my two sisters in SD and WY were already commenting on the glorious fall days that were sunny and crisp and comfortable.  We recalled how the aspens would be turning golden and...
  10. COMer

    What would you want your insurance company to do?

    I just returned from a trip out west and while there, suffered damage to the roof of my trailer.  While I was away from it, a lot of heavy snow accumulated on the trees nearby and one fell on the roof.  The visible damage was a broken vent, some scratches in the rubber material but apparently...
  11. COMer

    Awning repair tape

    I need to make a small repair to my awning and have seen the tape made especially for this.  It looks and sounds like clear packaging tape but is $10 per roll instead of $1 per roll. Has anybody used it and can describe any differences and whether it is worth the extra?
  12. COMer

    No water output on the hot side

    We used the shower last night and all was well.  Hot and cold water.  This morning, nothing would come out of the hot side.  Cold side is fine with good flow.  Didn't do anything to change things and can't figure out what sort of blockage there is.  I shut the hot water heater off to see if it...
  13. COMer

    Good for another year

    I've been reading reports from people mentioning how much it cost to get their rubber roof replaced ($4000 or so) and decided that if I was ever going to need mine done, it had better not be because I neglected the normal maintenance.  So, today I went up and crawled around looking for places to...
  14. COMer

    Trying to fix my hot water heater

    The heater works fine on gas but not on electricity.  It is the Suburban SW6DE and has worked on both sources until recently.  I realize it must be an electrical problem near the heater as I checked the electricity going in (at the receptacle) and it was fine.  When I have the heater turned off...
  15. COMer

    What I learned from READER'S DIGEST

    I was sitting in a waiting room this morning, waiting my turn, and glanced at a copy of Reader's Digest that was siting there. (I do much of my best intellectual reading in doctor's offices)  There was a report from a fellow that observed that he had been noticing that his dog chased his tail...
  16. COMer

    Solar rope light at Harbor Freight

    I saw an ad for a 23' solar rope light at HF and decided to try one out.  Got it home and was really impressed.  It was $10 this month and with one of the many 20% off coupons in their flyers, etc., it was actually $8.  It adjusts from off, to solid on, to blinking on (for driving the neighbors...
  17. COMer

    RVLed Bulbs carries more than lighting stuff

    I needed a new overhead light for my trailer and remembered Gary's reminders that we should support the advertisers that support the Forum.  Plus the 10% discount.  I found an incredible light in their stock which is a LED tube light fixture with 690 Lumens which is twice what I found from other...
  18. COMer

    Paying tax on online orders already received

    I just finished doing my income tax and the program I used (H&R Block) asked me a question I had not remembered from previous years.  They wanted a  list of all the online orders I had received where state tax had not been collected so that I could, at that point, pay the tax still owed...
  19. COMer

    A new TV antenna option?

    I saw an advertisement yesterday for the new Winegard RAYZAR antenna.  If you haven't seen it yet, it's a portable antenna that looks like a thin piece of plastic about 12" x 18" and gets hung in a window with suction cups.  It plugs into your TV, is amplified and receives HD.  It is $75.  It...
  20. COMer

    New garage style for motor homes

    Doesn't this look like a good idea?
  21. COMer

    Is Verizon Home Fusion the solution?

    I've been talking to our local Verizon office and getting information about their Home Fusion services.  I'm curious if anybody is using it and if it works the way they claim. Apparently, you buy a selected monthly data allowance (10G, 20G or 30G) and then use your various phones, laptops...
  22. COMer

    Would you mix synthetic and non-synthetic grease in your wheel hubs?

    I'm planning on switching to using synthetic grease to do my bearings and have seen quite a bit about the possible advantages.  But the bearings now have non-synthetic grease in them and I've also seen reports from people who have posted that the two greases do not mix.  Anybody have an...
  23. COMer

    What a range in prices!

    I am getting ready to replace the axle beam in my fifth-wheel trailer.  It is 28" and uses 3500# axles.  I got a price from a small dealer in a town about 30 miles south of Erie and they quoted $140 for the beam.  I then called a dealer in Erie and was quoted $365.  Then I called CW in Cleveland...
  24. COMer

    Does my spindle need to be smooth?

    The pictures show some damage done when the bearings in one wheel of my fifth-wheel flew apart and disintegrated a year ago.  I replaced the bearings, races and seals and cleaned up the rough spot with emery cloth.  A year later, and 3400 miles, it happened again to the same wheel.  Attached...
  25. COMer

    Haven't seen one for a long time

    We left Florida (home of the lovebugs) a few days ago and spent three days driving north.  On the second night we stopped at a nice COE campground in WV and noticed as we pulled up to the gate, that there was a pay phone booth.  Later, as we were sitting in our spot by the lake, we noticed...
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