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  1. sc4668

    Camping World

    That is correct do not buy anything from Camping World they will take your money and the you are on your own.
  2. sc4668


    I have a used tire monitor system Inno Tech RV. This is a 4 tire system with amplifier and 4 extra new batteries. I purchased at Quartzide in 2019 and used on my fifth-wheel until I sold in April. You can get information on the system from the company web site I would like to get...
  3. sc4668

    5th wheel falling apart from vibrating

    You need to have the tires balanced. This will also tell if they are our of round or tread separating. Also does the 5th wheel have shocks. That will make a big difference on how it rides the ruff roads.
  4. sc4668

    Electical engineers please help

    As stated above not safe. But you can do what was suggested and connect the inverter output to your input power cord. But not really realistic as 1500 Watts will not power much. You need to upgrade to a 3500 pure sine wave inverter to actually run much.
  5. sc4668

    Onan generator won't stay running

    Quick way to troubleshoot the fuel line. Remove the line from the fuel pump install a fuel line from the pump and place in a can of gas. Start the generator and see what happens. If runs with no problem fuel line from tank to fuel pump is bad. If has the same problem the problem is on the generator.
  6. sc4668

    Propane fridge issue

    Keep trying to start refrigerator on gas it still has air in the lines. Also does it work on electric?
  7. sc4668

    Pics from my RV resort

    Looks like a nice campground. Where do you go in November?
  8. sc4668

    generac q55g just clicks

    Try this, have a helper push the start button while you tap on the starter it may be stuck on a dead spot on the starter winding. If this does not help remove the starter and bench test by applying a ground to starter cast and power to the starter 12 volt terminal using a pair of jumper cables...
  9. sc4668

    No water to kitchen sink

    I had the same problem last year and it turned out to be the faucet. I replaced and all was good.
  10. sc4668

    RV Roof Repair

    I had the fiberglass roof on my Winnebago blow up after coming loose from the edges. Like stated above a common problem with Winnebago . You would think they would know now to measure and cut the correct size fiberglass. My insurance company paid for the repair less the deductible. Good luck.
  11. sc4668

    RV Delamination Repair Kit- #12 Kit, New not opened

    I just purchased this kit last week and have sold my RV the new owner does not care about the small de-lamination spot so I do not need this. By the time I pay shipping and restocking fees I might as well sell to someone else. My loss will be your gain. The box has not been opened so you will...
  12. sc4668

    Forest River Artic WOLF 291RL Need owner coments

    Hi all, looking to upgrade to a new fifth wheel and am looking at the Forest River Artic Wolf model 291RL. We love the floor plane and space, just the two of use will mainly use for our 4 month snowbird trips to Florida. Does anyone have this model and how do you like it? How are the Forest...
  13. sc4668

    Wally Satellite Receiver

    We have the Wally and as long as you do not turn off the receiver it comes right up and does not have to find its self.
  14. sc4668

    Southern Florida Campground Reservations for Jan or Feb 2022?

    Try River Palm RV in Thonotosassa FL we made our reservations last week for three months this coming winter and they had a few sites left.
  15. sc4668

    Consignment Sale

    The whole thing sounds like a scam. Contact the police and file a stolen vehicle report. You need to do this now not later as he has already shown that he can not be trusted.
  16. sc4668

    Inverter/Generator size recommendation(?)

    The Champion 3400 should be fine , you will have to manage your electrical use just like you do when connected to shore power 30 amps.
  17. sc4668

    Noisy Generator

    If you are in a campground why would you need a generator unless the power went out. If on BLM land boon-docking that is normal to have generators running. If to loud for you just move the BLM area is usually quite large. If there are no generator operation rules or times just get over it.
  18. sc4668

    To fix a dent or leave alone

    Talk to a body shop and see if they can do the work and how much then decide what you want to do. Also contact your insurance agent and tell them what is going on. How much is your deductible?
  19. sc4668

    Whats your favorite snowbird site in Florida

    It will be fine its south of Orlando and way south of Michigan should be a good time.
  20. sc4668

    Whats your favorite snowbird site in Florida

    Thanks for the input on places to stay. Made up our minds and made our reservations today. Staying at River Palms RV Resort in Thonotosassa FL. It is north east of Tampa off of the 301 and looks nice.
  21. sc4668

    Whats your favorite snowbird site in Florida

    Looking for suggestion for a snowbird spot in Florida for the 2021-2022 season what do you recommend?
  22. sc4668

    Florida RV parks for the 2021 to 2022 winter season

    Still looking for more suggestions. Thanks for all the replies
  23. sc4668

    Florida RV parks for the 2021 to 2022 winter season

    I looked at the RV park map looks nice. What spot are you in? What are do you recommend, 32 ft 5th wheel with two slides? The parks info says 30 and 40 amp service is there no 50 amp hookups? Thanks
  24. sc4668

    Florida RV parks for the 2021 to 2022 winter season

    A little history we moved from Nevada and always wintered in the Phoenix, Tuscon area. Move to Michigan in August and spent the winter here but not again. Looking for spots in central to southern Florida for next winter about four months. The problem I am having 1) $1500 to $2000 a month rents...
  25. sc4668

    What size is my AC unit?

    In our 32ft fifth-wheel with one A/C we run the ceiling fan and a box fan and the temp stays around 75 which is comfortable. A suggestion on your A/C close off the ducts at the air intake in the ceiling so that the air blows straight down into the RV there should be a slide in the grill work to...
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