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  1. 99WinAdventurer37G

    CoachNet again - What kind of membership now?

    The following are my choices to renew my membership.  I have the Platinum Plus now, but that was three years ago, and I don't even remember what all it covers.  I tried to find out the difference in the new memberships, but found no listing of my current membership.  Any one remember what the...
  2. 99WinAdventurer37G

    What have you carried in the past that you no longer do?

    This is my conundrum.  I'm a pack rat, if you had a nickel plated kiechie valve for sale, and I thought it may be needed one day, it'd be in the MH.  In trying to get more organized, and with our discussions on WM parking in this forum, I've come to the conclusion, that if I don't have it with...
  3. 99WinAdventurer37G

    2000 Generac inverter generator at Costco

    There's a 2000 watt Generac inverter generator at Costco for only $499, I saw it there today.  They say it's 55 to 65 db.  Is this quiet enough for a campground?  I'm not sure how this would compare to the one in the MH itself, as I don't have a meter to tell, but it'd be nice to take one on a...
  4. 99WinAdventurer37G

    Bad Fuel, Weatherford, TX

    The first week of Jan, 2015 I purchased fuel at the Petro in Weatherford, TX.  Later that day I started changing fuel filters.  My generator also required fuel filter changes.  I wrote TA/Petro and was told this was the only report of bad fuel and that they would send a mechanic out to their...
  5. 99WinAdventurer37G

    Freezing & my Sometimers disease

    Well, I have sometimers disease, and sometimes I remember, sometimes I don't.  This time I think I didn't remember.  I park my MH 125 miles away from my house, but it's close to my farm where I use it the most.  When I left it, I drained the tanks, fully washed out the black & grey tanks and...
  6. 99WinAdventurer37G


    I just want to take this time to thank the staff and members for all your helpful advice.  When I take the time to look back at the activities I entered, I'm surprised at the very little knowledge I possessed when I entered the activity.  So at this time, as I look back after a trip to FL from...
  7. 99WinAdventurer37G

    Sewer Vents

    My 1999 Winnebago Adventurer 37G smells inside when there's something in the tanks.  So I purchased new vents.  I thought they would just slide on the old PVC pipe coming out of the roof, and then some PVC adhesive.  As you can see from the pictures, the vents on there don't appear to have...
  8. 99WinAdventurer37G

    Mom Switch Fail

    On my 1999 Winnebago Adventurer 37G, my MOM switch on the dash does nothing to very little.  Also I think somewhere through the years someone hooked the starting battery in line with the house batteries.  I recently bought two new AGM group 31 house batteries (204 amp hours each), and one...
  9. 99WinAdventurer37G

    hooking inverter inline in a 99 Win 37G

    My inverter, a 2000 watt pure sine wave, specs here: My MH is a 1999 Winnebago Adventurer 37G I have my inverter under the sink in the cabinet which is closest to the sink.  Just a simple installation, as it's the nearest wall to...
  10. 99WinAdventurer37G

    Start battery on 99 win Adventurer

    I wanted to go to Quartzite this year, but when I got to my MH, it wouldn't start, Generator wouldn't start, as well as many other problems.  I got everything else fixed, and am now working on the starting issue.  When I try to start it, it just clicks.  Dead battery, use the MOM and all will...
  11. 99WinAdventurer37G

    Frusterated with Allstays

    On here, several have ballyhooed Allstays, so I bought the Camp & RV version for I-pad.  Just as with the I-pad I've been very frustrated.  I thought I could type a destination, then it would list CG's along the route, but I can't figure out how to do this.  All I can figure out is to type in a...
  12. 99WinAdventurer37G

    Generator problem

    I went out to my farm and ran the generator for several hours to cool it down in the Texas heat, then turned it off.  Then after the work was done, getting back to the MH, I started the generator and it ran for a couple of minutes then died like it was out of gas.  I tried to start the generator...
  13. 99WinAdventurer37G

    I broke my Kwickie steps

    I left an item on my steps and retracted them, this link from the gear to the steps broke.  Can I purchase just this part that broke, or do I need to replace the gear box?  It looks like the bolt in the bottom comes off, then I could just replace this link rod, correct?
  14. 99WinAdventurer37G

    Jack was stuck in down position

    I parked the MH July 20th, and things got hectic and I didn't get back to it till Thursday 8-27.  I store it with the jacks down.  The drivers side jack wouldn't come up, all the others did.  I tried pushing it up, but to no avail.  Then I tried rocking the jack back and forth while pushing and...
  15. 99WinAdventurer37G

    Awning Leak?

    On a recent trip, after three days of solid rain, my awning started leaking getting us wet sitting under it.  Is there a product, like maybe "Camp Dry" that may work to seal it so it doesn't leak on future trips?  It was raining real hard for several days before it started leaking, I don't know...
  16. 99WinAdventurer37G

    Slides, to lube or not to lube that is the question?

    I was in NC for about a week with the slide extended.  It rained everyday that week.  The awning over the slide kinked, not rolling up properly when retracting the slide.  So I extended it again, but it would not extend fully, it did retract fully, and with the use of a ladder I was able to fix...
  17. 99WinAdventurer37G

    Hot water returned to the shower

    I've had a problem getting hot water in my shower.  I had hot water everywhere else.  I tried all the suggestions I got from here, yet still had hot water everywhere but in the shower. Then after my last trip with many people in the MH, I did a through rinse out of the system.  When I did...
  18. 99WinAdventurer37G

    Creekside Mountain Camping, Bat Cave, NC?

    I'm scheduled to visit Creekside Mountain Camping in Bat Cave, NC soon.  My sister set this up and I'm told I have space number 2.  She said the CG told her a 37' will be a "tight fit", but "it can be done."  This doesn't sound very good to me, and from the map I found online, it's obviously not...
  19. 99WinAdventurer37G

    Camping World tips

    Tip: Items are many times cheaper online, than in the stores. I went down to my CW today to pick up a few items.  It's a good 30 mile drive for me, but they had some items on sale I needed anyway.  One of the items was an electrical surge protector, and the lady said even if it fried due to bad...
  20. 99WinAdventurer37G

    What's the scoop on the poop?

    Ok, my 99 Winnebago Adventurer was not bought with the thought that one day I'd have 9 people in it, but; I took 9 people to my farm for fishing.  Near the end we ran out of water, (started with a full tank.) We only stayed about 48 hours, but when I was driving it back, I smelled an odor. ...
  21. 99WinAdventurer37G

    TPMS, Anybody have any experience with this one? The price is right, but I've never heard of EEZrvproduct TPMS.
  22. 99WinAdventurer37G

    Kisae Inverter sale

    My 99 Winnebago Adventurer, to my dismay, came with a dismally small inverter.  It is only good for the front TV.  I found this Kisae pure sign wave 2000 inverter on sale for only $349, so I thought I'd give it a try.  It's the lowest price I've ever seen on a pure sign wave inverter of this...
  23. 99WinAdventurer37G

    Desulfation Technology

    What does anyone know of this?  It's at and their claims seem to be too good to be true.  They gave me a flyer at an equipment show, they claim everything from extended battery life, to paying for itself in fuel savings!  It smells like snake oil to me.  I have heard of...
  24. 99WinAdventurer37G


    This popup box keeps happening.  It says justcheck.exe, Verified publisher Sun Microsystems.  I've been saying cancel, (but it pops up every day,) as Ned said on another thread that Java has some security issues, and I believe Sun is the one that is involved with Java.  Should I be stopping...
  25. 99WinAdventurer37G

    Akamai NetSession Client

    Anybody got any idea what Akamai NetSession Client is?  Just the past few days this has popped up wanting access.  My choices are allow and cancel, I've been choosing cancel.  So far I can still access the web, and I haven't found anything yet that doesn't work when I hit cancel.  Anybody know...
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