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  1. J

    My Health

    Due to my health situation, I am no longer able to keep up with my forums.  I may jump in once in a while but will no longer read on a regular basis The combination of IPF and my reduced heart function make it necessary ro reduce my activities.
  2. J

    My Health

    My retirement from active RVing came about because of having to live with oxygen on a continuous basis due to having a disease called idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.  Look if up if you want the details but there is no effective treatment and definitely no cure.  When younger and in worse shape...
  3. J

    The Dutch Star is Finally GONE!

    As of about 1 pm today the Dutch Star has a new owner.  I suspect you will see him on this forum, I don't know his sign in as he has already been checking for information.  His first Name is Rick so wish him well. We have missed traveling the last few years but my health is such that it is...
  4. J

    Another RV Wreck
  5. J

    Jim Godward, Another OOPs!

    Saturday, Dec. 30, I had to go to the Emergency Room due to a lung problem and wound up in the Hospital for 5 days.  It is hell getting old!  Got out yesterday but am on Oxygen at least for a while and maybe "who knows how long".  Anyway doing much better and am progressing slowly.  I will...
  6. J

    George Mullen Passed away

    I just went to George's Facebook page and found he had passed away last month about the 15th.  I hadn't been in close touch the last year but wanted to wish him a Happy Thanksgiving.  I hope this is not a repeat of the news as I had not seen anything about George for a long time
  7. J

    RV Repair in West Portland area

    I'm looking for recommendations for a good RV Repair shop in the west Portland, Beaverton and Washington County area. Any thoughts?
  8. J

    Newmar Video tour

    For a sales pitch and a tour of Newmar production line, see here Edit: Shortened link.
  9. J

    Awnimg Spring Replacement/elimination

    I became aware of a replacement for awning springs.  It is made by Carefree and replaces the spring on both ends of the awning, Pioneer Upgrade Kit.  The Pioneer Upgrade kit includes roller end caps, telescoping crank handle and installation/operation manual. As far as I know, it is only for...
  10. J

    The House is SOLD!

    We completed the paper work on the deal and now the formal inspection and paper work leading to a closing date of July 31.  We plan on moving the furnishings about mid July and will follow as my Dr's allow.  I have cataract surgery June 30 and again in mid July.  Dr wants me to check back in...
  11. J

    Grounded Again

    Well I have done it again.  A month ago I slipped and fell on the ice and damaged my rotator cuff in my right arm.  I am scheduled for rotator cuff surgery Friday Feb.20 and have a bunch of Dr.s appointments this next week to get approval for the surgery.  Once the surgery is done, I will have...
  12. J

    Almost Mini Rally, Bozeman MT

    Had a good lunch with a great bunch today here in Bozeman.  Attendees were Bill Whetstone, Maryann and Don Nesbit and Pat and Jim Godward.  No photos although one member had a camera with a humongous lens.  Seems we were all too close for the camera to focus or something like that and no one use...
  13. J

    Landed in Portland OR

    HI, Well we have made it and landed in Portland for about the next month.  Anyone in the area please let us know and maybe we can get together.  We are just south of the Columbia River in the Columbia River RV Park.
  14. J

    Grandfather runs into burning RV to rescue twin granddaughters

    The story is here:
  15. J

    25th Annual Lewis & Clark Festival

    If anyone is near I highly recommend this. Lewis & Clark Foundation's 25th Annual Lewis & Clark Festival, June 20-22, 2014 Friday, June 20 at 12:00pm Gibson Park in Great Falls, Montana
  16. J

    Wild ride for a trucker

    Get this one as it seems impossible but ...!
  17. J

    Latest Godward Fiasco

    Well Jim had an incident on Tuesday that put him in the Hospital with an angina attack.  On Wednesday he had a stent installed and is now home.  Things are coming along quite well and he is feeling fine.
  18. J

    George Mullen

    Ned and I exchanged a couple of messages mentioning George and wondered how he was doing.  I post the response I got below.  Up until a couple of years ago we corresponded fairly regularly but his issues and my health seem to have gotten in the way.  I suspect we will do better since both of us...
  19. J

    QZ HamFest

    For the Hams in the AZ area in January, here is the hamfest schedule January 19-26 - Quartzfest Convention, Quartzite, Arizona
  20. J

    Accounting of Freon

    Off the subject a little but you should see what refrigeration repair companies have to go though for the accounting of Freon, any version!  Wasteful and non-productive and doesn't really control the losses very well.  Government at work!
  21. J

    New Tires

    Well  we needed new tires on the Jeep so we got them attached to a 2014 Jeep GC.  Wow the innovation in the last 12 years!
  22. J

    Help with AC/Furnace circuit.

    Ok, here is the problem, during a recent storm, the rear AC shroud was blown off during the night.  I had a need for something in the MH and braved the storm to get it.  The front AC fan was running, not sure of the compressor but I don't think so.  The thermostat switch was in the off position...
  23. J

    Bozeman Mini Rally

    Had a pleasant surprise this morning, first a phone call and then a nice lunch at one of the local bistros with Russ Mahoney.  He stopped on his westward journey and we talked about things and people and future plans of travel. Totally forgot about pictures and there were 2 smart phones present...
  24. J

    Belgrad/Bozeman Area Events

    July 17th through Sunday afternoon July 21st is the Gallatin Co. Fair.  This is about as close to an old time County fair as I think you can get, rides animals, 4-H rodeo, and other entertainment.  I usually work assisting the Sheriff's Dept. for several evenings and people have a ball!  You can...
  25. J

    Godward's new cat

    On our recent to OR/WA we made a side trip and picked up a new kitten we had ordered.  The picture is about 4 weeks old but I can't get him to pose!    :)
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