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  1. Marc L


    A few friends mentioned Caj?ns to me and I've been thinking of building one after checking a few videos on Youtube. It's basically a wooden box you sit on and used for percussions.  You can put strings inside like a snare drum (or not).  It can probably double as an end table.  The appealing...
  2. Marc L

    Tablet guitar tab app

    Well, just got an iPad and got a guitar tab/chord app. It's called GuitarTapp. Has lyrics, chords and tabs. There are other apps, but the good rating and 1.99$ price tag drew me that one. It even auto scrolls and the speed is adjustable. It also works with iPod Touch and iPhone, but the small...
  3. Marc L

    Nicest RV Garage

    Fastfoward to 6:20 to see the 45' DP enter the garage:!
  4. Marc L

    UV versus polarizer filter

    Back when I had an SLR, I always had a filter at the end of my lense, main reason was protection.  But I can't remember if it was a UV or polarizer.  Maybe I should get both and alternate. In the summer, I often take pictures of boats on the lake, so polarizer is probably a good idea to...
  5. Marc L

    Bought myself a Canon SX40

    9 years ago, I got a Canon S1 IS when they came out.  I have been really happy with this camera for over 7 years.  The 10x optical zoom was nice for what I like to do.  Well, about a year and a half ago, it died and have been using my iPhone 4 as my only camera since. Well yesterday I decided...
  6. Marc L

    How many amps is the 12V auto reset breaker by the battery?

    Last Spring, before the power was on at the campround, I noticed that if I used a lot of 12V, like the fan on the furnace, that the 12V breaker block near the battery would trip and I'd loose power for a few seconds.  How do I know it's what was tripping you will ask?  If I short the 2 leads on...
  7. Marc L

    Bluegrass legend Earl Scruggs dies at age 88

    Sad day for Bluegrass fans today.  Earl Scruggs passed away:
  8. Marc L

    Spring arrived yesterday, but it feels like Summer

    I am getting the camping fever, but the camprounds don't open for another 2 months. Today it's 25.5C (almost 80F) which is exceptional for Atlantic Canada.  The average for the region this time of year is 5C (40F). We are at a seasonal campsite, trailer was left there for the winter, even if...
  9. Marc L

    Shock/lifter to help raise bed

    Like most, the queen bed lifts on hinges to reveal storage underneath.  Mine is not assisted, I have to lift the entire weight, and then use a prop rod like on the hood of some cars to keep it opened. My old trailer had shocks or gas springs to assist with lifting and keep it open.  I'd like...
  10. Marc L

    Wifi Weather Station

    Hi, I want to bring my standalone weather station camping (rain, wind, temp, pressure, wind chill) camping.  So I will want a replacement for my stick house.  I'd like to get a model with all the features of my old one, but that also has wifi built-in.  I've seen some that you keep connected...
  11. Marc L

    Inboard will not stop running once key was turned off and removed.

    This weekend, I helped my friend replace his alternator on his 4.3 Merc Alpha One.  So we tested it after to make sure it would charge and it did.  So I tried to turn off the engine by turning the key off and it kept running.  Tried a few times from the on and off position with no luck.  So we...
  12. Marc L

    Great first trip.....not!!!

    Got ready last week, had a hell of a time to prime my fresh water pump, looks like it can only draw water when more than 2/3 full. So, we brought the trailer from our house to the seasonal site. This one is high and dry, so we are going to leave it here even in the winter. It's about a 45...
  13. Marc L

    12V shuts off for 5 seconds under load

    I've been summerizing my trailer, well more springerizing, we are not summer yet. It's plugged in at the house and I was doing some stuff in it.  We had a power outage during that time, no problem, battery is full charge.  I had the radio going (car stereo), most of the lights.  I turned on...
  14. Marc L

    Air admittance valve aka vacuum vent

    So I need to replace the vacuum vent for my bath tub.  Thanks to my iPhone 4, I used the video camera with light to film in the access hole to find our where the vent was located.  Of course it was on the opposite corner and unreachable from the access panel.  So I bought an access panel...
  15. Marc L

    Happy Thanksgiving from North of the Border, well maybe East

    Happy Thanksgiving to my friends and neighbours West of the border.  Can't really say South of the Border, South of here is Nova Scotia, the Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda. Enjoy your holiday. I'll go back to work now. Marc...
  16. Marc L

    Adding fresh water tank fill from city water

    I will be doing some plumbing repair this spring: - replace water pump, it's dead (12V going to the pump, pump does not run) - I don't like the location of the pump under the kitchen sink, it takes up storage space - the tank is underbelly right under one of the dinette seats and the hoses are...
  17. Marc L

    Looking for partridge (ruffed grouse) recipe

    Well, I got 3 birds in the freezer I plan to cook this weekend.  I'm not in the mood for a stew and I'm not interested in having them bacon wrapped on the BBQ, although anything bacon wrapped is awesome. I was wondering if anybody had recipes or ideas they would be willing to share.  Maybe...
  18. Marc L

    Force to winterize by compressed air

    There was a poll earlier this year about how do people winterize: I had answered antifreeze only, but now I have to change my answer to blow out the lines.  Here's why: Well, after hauling the trailer home for the winter on the weekend...
  19. Marc L

    Picking up a new (to us) unit next Wednesday

    Well, it was pretty much a given that once we could tow more that we would tow more.  Trading the '07 Trail Sport 24BH for a '07 Cirrus 29CBHDS and picking it up next week. It was hard finding a floorplan we liked with our requirements walk around bed dinette on same side as door (so I can look...
  20. Marc L

    Hobie Cat

    Saturday when I got back from canoeing, a fellow camper was heading out in a Hobie Getaway cat.  So I had a little chat with him and mentioned how I would like to take up sailing.  He had someone with him on Saturday, but said if you are interested, you can come next time I'm out.  His next time...
  21. Marc L

    How heavy should a mooring be?

    We are going to put down a mooring for my friend's boat on a local lake/river.  His boat is a 23 feet cuddy cruiser w a 4.3L merc. Our current plan is to use two 23L (6 gal) pails with three 3' long x .8" diameter through each pail sticking out 1' on both sides of the pail, then fill with...
  22. Marc L

    I need more power

    I only have one circuit for all the 110VAC outlets in the trailer, which is a PITA when trying to make toast and coffee at the same time, it keeps tripping the breaker.  Since in my distribution panel, I don't have any free slots for expansion, I'm looking at ideas. I was trying to rewire one...
  23. Marc L

    Go Habs Go

    Well, it was a pleasant surprise to see the Canadians beat the Capitals last night.  It was only a few games ago that everybody thought the Habs were going to be history when the Caps were leading 3 games to 1.  Good job on the Habs for flipping this around and especially to Halak. So looks...
  24. Marc L

    Motorhome VS Fifth Wheel VS Trailer

    I am not searching for advice on which to choose, I have a travel trailer which meets my current needs and not looking to upgrade at this point.  I am just wondering the thought process that some of you took to pick one over the other. I can see the reason for choosing a traditional tow behind...
  25. Marc L

    Portable deck for seasonal camper

    We are going to try a seasonal campground this year.  Due to terrain, a deck is a must.  I was thinking of making a portable deck.  My plan is to make 4 platforms that are 4x8', framed with 2x6 and with decking on top.  With that size, I can build them at home and haul them at the campsite, plus...
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