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  1. whiteva

    What Does living fulltime mean:

    Another thought.....Full time fixing what the manufacturer messed up on?
  2. whiteva

    Generator won't start

    Are you by any chance in California?
  3. whiteva

    Gas powered generators to be outlawed for sale in California starting in 2024.

    Expect California to fall in the ocean by 2024.
  4. whiteva

    RV Kayak.....

    Try (rent / borrow) several different kayaks including the inflating kind. DW & Boudreaux like the blow-up best.
  5. whiteva

    New threat to the RV industry?

    No stars for rvtravel...
  6. whiteva

    I need to know the class number of my RV.

    My bride tells me I am "class 1966" and should not be repeated to anyone.
  7. whiteva

    Video should be shot and viewed in landscape mode

    I always allow for "windage and elevation" on long distance shots! (Sorry the devil made me post that)
  8. whiteva

    GM announces reveal of Silverado Electric 1/2 ton.

    I hate going to Wall Mart for batteries... Ain't gonna get no battery car or truck. (Best hillbilly accent I could come up with) Trucks gotta be loud to impress or PO at the intersection.
  9. whiteva

    My 30 amp plug exploded

    I would replace the damaged plug with a QUALITY item from a reputable electrical supply. You pay a few $ more than that cheap Camco garbage. I have also noticed some of the big box places may also have less than the best connectors on the shelf. Not to hammer on the suggestions above, but if...
  10. whiteva

    Need a simple, SIMPLE GPS.....please

    My bride usually tells me where to go! No update in 46 years.
  11. whiteva

    EA-Electric Aircraft Comes To The US

    Cool plane to just tool around for an hour. So many plastic planes around these days. Seems like yesterday I grabbed 8 throttles, pushed them forward for the BUFF to finally grab some sky and leave the earth with 108 bombs on board. Feels like I was born before Howdy Doody
  12. whiteva

    sewer pipe

    Camco has a tool :Link to tool Or, Like a recent adventure, new neighbor asked me for help to connect his slinky. Glad too help and found out he was also a LSU grad. We spent the next 4 days solving the world problems (spirits may have been involved in the real serious discussions)
  13. whiteva

    Any drone pilots out there?

    This website is a BAD influence! I also just ordered a drone. Cheers
  14. whiteva

    Pet Temperature Monitoring

    This has worked well for the past 5 years. Found it on e-bay $50.00 (ish) wifi Temperature sensor
  15. whiteva

    What inverter are you using for the refer?

    UPDATE: As of this date, although promised, I have not had the time to put together a proper study of using batteries for the new residential fridge. The Bride and I have made a few trips since the change and would not consider returning to the old Norco. I did install a battery isolator to...
  16. whiteva

    Good cheap trailer tires?

    Tire pressure & loading have a lot to do with blow outs. Many trailers have limped into town torn up due to blowout. When looking at the amount of stuff packed into the new camper it is obviously severely overloaded. This brings to mind a military guy being transferred, he purchased a new 5er...
  17. whiteva

    Dometic 15K Brisk II AC Dead on Arrival - Checklist

    I have found problems with the old T-stat/ ceiling pac does not play well with the newer topside units. Check the wiring as outlined above before you panic. Coper wires are used, not smoke & mirrors as some folks think.
  18. whiteva

    My continuing Dish issue

    Most any movement of the antenna will require re-pointing setup. With the wally I have found you may have to trigger setup several times before lock on. My old 211 works better than the wally during setup. Cheers!
  19. whiteva

    Thetford Aqua-Magic II won't stop running (FIXED)

    Congrats, DIY is usually a good answer + others with the problem now have a place to look. Win Win! Cheers!
  20. whiteva

    Oil spitting into air filter on Generator

    How many hours are on the Gen?
  21. whiteva

    Touch up Paint

    Most local auto paint suppliers are able to mix a spray can or bottle of touch up paint. Your signature does not show model or age of your RV, if it has faded from the sun you may want to have the supplier take a image of the actual color for matching. Cheers!
  22. whiteva

    Preparing for wind question.

    In prep for Hurricane Michael, too late to leave so I moved the MH with the long side touching the roof (gutter actually) of the carport. Braced all along the frame rails with logs cut to exact length (8 of them), said a prayer and waited. Mikie became a cat 5 and winds were horrible. The MH...
  23. whiteva

    Beware of Good Sam.

    First of a new year I always call and request a replacement for a lost card. (I only use a certain card online.) This way the auto renewals will bounce or I decide to renew.
  24. whiteva

    Ground squirrels: Best deterrent? (other than shooting!)

    If you can't beat them, train them to do other things. Nibbler the RV squirrel
  25. whiteva

    New RV owner!!!

    Welcome aboard. I will suggest you take a moment and complete your signature file. At least the model of RV you have and any other information that will help us find solution to problems that show up. Folks on this forum can find a fix to most problems not involving romance or what the...
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