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    Foldable mattress topper

    Hi!  We are loving our 2020 Coachmen Prism motorhome.  We've have made it our own, and spend as much time as we can in it. The mattress is big and thick and AWFUL.  It is truly our only problem.  It is an RV queen sized one, and it folds -- when we pull in the slide out.  So we are wondering if...
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    Coachmen Prism Drain Valves

    ON our 2020 Coachmen Prism, we have black water and grey water drain valves, and on the other side of the rig, directly opposite these valves and, it seems like, connected to them, is a third valve. Can anyone tell me what this third valve does? Thanks - Tom
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    Driving with lp generator on, a question

    Hello, We have just returned to RVing with the purchase of a 2020 Coachman Prism Class C.  We have never had a generator before, and this model has an LP generator.  I know there is controversy about running the LP refrigerator while driving, and we understand that controversy.  What we can't...
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    Wondering about Tipping Driver Delivering New Motorhome

    Hello -  We had a MiniWinnie for about 12 years back in the 70s and 80s.  We loved it and the many trips we took, but eventually moved on.  Now, as active retirees, we have just purchased a brand new Coachmen Prism.  It is a long story, but we are from Minneapolis, and are in Tucson for...
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