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  1. edjunior

    Visiting the new Rock music

    So in this thread, Revisiting Full Classic Rock Albums, we took a look at our old favorites from the 60's and 70's. But I am curious what kind of new "favorites" people are listening to. I don't much care for a lot of the newer rock, but occasionally there are some gems. I'll get it started...
  2. edjunior

    Fill 'er up!!

    I filled up the truck today.  I don't do this often as I am working from home during the Covid days.  And you sure won't see a price like this often.  Especially for diesel.  I did have a Kroger discount of .70 cents applied.  But still....
  3. edjunior

    A very different trailer

    I spent 20 years in the Air Force, 5 1/2 years flying in the back end of recon aircraft.  Some of the missions were 14+ hours in the air.  My longest flight was 23.2 hours.  We learned to grab catnaps anytime we could, anywhere we could.  I've slept on life rafts, floors, storage crates, even...
  4. edjunior

    How not to do a truck camper

    Spotted at a Dollar General north of Houston a bit.  I never thought I'd see one like this, but there it is.
  5. edjunior

    Potentially dangerous find

    A couple of weeks ago, I discovered I had a switch to open and close my slides on my 5th wheel in the front storage compartment.  When I operated it, some water came out of the seal to the bedroom slide...but that's a different problem I need to get fixed.  Anyway, after the most recent rain, I...
  6. edjunior

    7 pin connection

    Hi guys.  After my little test run with the new truck, I found that the 7 pin connector from my 5th wheel to the truck sits very loose.  As a result, I keep losing power to the camper.  I keep getting the "Disconnected" message on the dash, and light errors.  I checked when I got home, and it...
  7. edjunior

    Towing with the new truck

    Well, I finally got the trailer out for a good run today.  I had to get it inspected (Texas), so I figured I would take a small run with it to see how it handled without airbags (my last two trucks really benefited from the airbags).  Good news.  It pulled wonderfully.  It still has a bit of the...
  8. edjunior

    IH-10 Houston to Florida

    I just wanted to update everyone on my recent trip across I-10 from Houston to Florida.  This was a non-camper trip.  But the road conditions are the subject here.  First off, hats off to Florida.  They have some of the most beautiful highways I've seen in a while.  Very clean and very well...
  9. edjunior

    The weekend started good...

    But went downhill in a hurry.  We got to the campground, all was well.  We did some antiquing, putzed around, found a nice little hole in the wall cafe, and day 2 was supposed to be more of the same.  But as I was driving the truck over a hill, the diesel started dieseling loud.  Then louder. ...
  10. edjunior

    Canton Texas

    Hullo all.  I will be going to my first ever high school reunion in October.  The 40th.  Which is just plain scary all on its own.  There's not much right around Grand Saline, but there is a lot around Canton.  That being where First Monday is, it is pretty popular.  Has anyone stayed at any of...
  11. edjunior

    Well, at least he asked first...

    Seen on another board (you can probably figure it out)... "Anyone add a camper or 5th wheel to their [Dodge] charger? I have a 15 sxt, considering my options and if it wouldn?t do damage or wear my car." A Dodge Charger SXT is a 6 cylinder 4 door passenger car.  Below is what mine looks like...
  12. edjunior


    I guess people will never learn.  This guy was swaying all over the place.  All we wanted to do was be in the furthest lane from him, and get past him.  Just outside of Houston.  The pallets hanging over the back (yes, they were hanging over), are resting on two wheelbarrows and a cooler!
  13. edjunior

    Kipor Generator

    Hi folks.  I just wanted to sing the praises of my generator.  I bought a Kipor 3500 ti generator about 11 years ago.  Used.  I got it in case we ever did any boondocking, but that never happened.  However, Hurricane Ike did.  This was in 2008.  I fired up that generator, and it ran for almost 7...
  14. edjunior

    The Phoenix Rising!

    Or setting, as it were.  Got this sunset just North of Houston last night.
  15. edjunior

    Update to slow loading pages

    Since the other thread got locked (no problem), I just wanted to pass on that for some reason, the pages of this site are no longer slow loading.  Since the time the other discussion was closed, I have done nothing to my computer, I am not aware of anything the ISP has done, and I am just at a...
  16. edjunior

    Could this be your next tow vehicle?

    Seen at a car show in New Caney TX.  As Johnny Cash said, "It's a '49, '50, '51, '52, '53, '54, '55, '56, '57, '58, '59 Automobile!  Note the hitch in the rear "bed".
  17. edjunior

    FireFox 16.0.1

    Howdy all.  Since the latest update to FireFox, on some webpages, the icon for FF will start blinking, and FF will slow to a crawl.  It will do so until I leave the webpage.  It doesn't do it on all web pages, and not on the same webpage every time.  I can't find anywhere that it gives an error...
  18. edjunior

    Monster Truck and RV

    I saw this somewhere and had to track it down.  It appears that it belongs to, or was customized by Western Country RV in Canada.  It is cool no matter what:
  19. edjunior

    An interesting find

    I use my 5th wheel as an extra bedroom when my kids are in town.  Well, they showed up for the 4th of July, and we got the camper ready.  When we turned on the AC, it sounded horrible.  It worked, but sounded bad, and you could see it shaking and vibrating from the ground.  When I finally got...
  20. edjunior

    New member of the triple-blowout club

    Yeah.  The cheapo Chinese tires finally got me.  A simple 5 hour drive between San Antonio and Houston turned into a 14 hour disaster.  Blew the first tire at about 11, maybe an hour outside of San Antonio.  Got it changed and blew number 2 just 25 miles later.  Then hit bumper to bumper traffic...
  21. edjunior's a conversion!

    Okay, it probably doesn't strictly meet what this sub-forum is about, but was a van (probably late 70's early 80's).  Just when you think you've seen 'em all.  Along comes a cut down Dodge van, made into a Gypsy wagon.  The imagination of some people boggle the mind!
  22. edjunior

    She laid down her head and went to sleep

    Our Cocker Spaniel Ro has moved on.  She was 16 years old, and has carried around a melon sized benign cyst for the last 5 years or so.  But the last few days she could no longer walk, she quit eating and drinking, and could pretty much not move.  She has now joined her friend Tigger.
  23. edjunior

    Veterans Day

    For all you veterans out there, here's some deals for you to thank you for your service: Enjoy.  
  24. edjunior

    Harvest Moon and Jupiter!

    Soooo, did anybody catch the Harvest Moon, or Jupiter flying close by.  Check these out!
  25. edjunior

    Texas State Parks

    For those of you who are not aware, Texas Parks and Wildlife Deparment implemented a new website for making reservations at the Texas state parks.  The old system used the "Reservation America" system, which was kludgy and very cumbersome.  This new site is great, and very simple.  You need to...
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