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  1. BigDfromTN

    Locked out of the coach

    This is why I love my remote entry key pad on our new tow vehicle.  ;D I also hide a spare key to every vehicle on the outside that does not have the key pad to open it.
  2. BigDfromTN

    Help, my little vanity sink is stuffed up.

    ^^  This, AND  many people do not use enough water in their flushing.  Adding the lavatory drain would help those folks...
  3. BigDfromTN

    2015 F150 Supercab, reg box - sway issues with towing trailer

    Get the Sway Control bar.  It will make a lot of difference.  Just remember it is best to remove it if backing or turning too tight.
  4. BigDfromTN

    Buying from an auction?

    The only auctions I know of that will tell you the damage in advance would be an Insurance salvage auction. If this is the case just be aware.  Vehicles only get to these sales when the cost to repair approaches or exceeds 70% of the market value.  IF the damage is only cosmetic and you can...
  5. BigDfromTN

    Switching to electric tongue jack

    Make sure the head unit is sealed good or cover it when parked. I had one on my TT. The trailer was parked and set up with out moving for a couple of years.  When I went to move it...  the jack was rusted solid from water intrusion.  I could  not even use the manual method on it.  Had to use a...
  6. BigDfromTN

    Towing with F150 Ecoboost

    Likely a good choice for you. I went with the Eco-Boost over the F250 as my towing is a very small part of total driving. I have not been able to get the advertised MPG with mine.  Im not dis-satisfied with MPG, but not what is advertised(for me) Mine is still bone stock with no add ons.  I...
  7. BigDfromTN

    RV Insurance

    .. Actually... There can be a really large difference in the value of TLRC and ACV + Gap. TLRC = Current model year value for Like Kind and Quality. (LKQ) ACV+Gap = ACV(of LKQ same year model) plus balance to pay off your current rig. Above there are two different terms used that mean very...
  8. BigDfromTN

    Rant. :)

    I like Rene made one of these with a piece of wire.  Then later did use an automotive fuse.  Yes the blades will span and work. This give the added protection of a fuse.  $20 a pop is more than I would pay. BUT if I was not a handyman and wanted one, Its reasonable given the fact it likely uses...
  9. BigDfromTN

    Appliances: Microwave and Refrigerator Questions

    What kind of 'issue" did you have?  If lightning damage yes.  If some other type of power surge, likely not. As mentioned, Just find a micro/convection that matches you demensions.  You may have to mount the brackets to the new unit by drilling holes in the outer case. 
  10. BigDfromTN

    How to winterize but still use trailer

    I use a nipple that screws into the water supply on the outside of the trailer. Then I use my "pancake compressor" with an end that will attach and hold itself on the nipple/schrade valve(like a tire valve stem). Dial down the pressure with the regulator.  Open the drain valve on the hot water...
  11. BigDfromTN

    Looking for new queen short mattress sugestions

    we had a little extra room and extended our deck. then bought a new Queen mattress with the pillow top.  i am 6'2 and needed the extra 6" of length.
  12. BigDfromTN

    How to winterize but still use trailer

    +1 on the blow out the lines. our TT is set up on a site by the river. that is what we did last year and it worked great.
  13. BigDfromTN

    Gas and Electric at the same time on water heater?

    Put me in the camp with do both is you need faster recovery. Our trailer is set up on a rented lot and stays there.  When we arrive I put the slide out and turn on the electric water heater element and turn water on outside.  IF we are taking multiple showers or need faster recovery time.  I...
  14. BigDfromTN

    Dont want to share the rv with relatives!!

    I like this comment.  I may use it again one day!!! As for who would expect to use the MH.....    The same ones that live in Grand Pa's old house and don't take care of it.  IM GUESSING here but they likely don't pay rent there either. OP,  Sorry you are in this situation.  There does not...
  15. BigDfromTN

    Winterizing question

    Put me in the group of blow out the lines. Our TT is set up on a campsite with city water also.  I take my pancake compressor and blow the lines out and drain the water heater. Don't forget  to blow out the toilet line and disconnect the shower head too. Then I pour a little pink stuff down the...
  16. BigDfromTN

    Pulling a Trailer behind my Popup???

    Please don't tow behind or roof load that UTV with a POP up.  As stated...  All kinds of wrongs there. Can you find a trailer big enough to tow both on it? Or there is a company that makes a bed cover you can load ATV/UTV's on top of.  Lots of wind drag and top heavy there but doable.
  17. BigDfromTN

    Holding tank issues

    Cowhead, Welcome RV Forum.  Sorry you got introduced to the RV life with a bad experience.  Rest assured RV's need lots of maintenance just like boats etc.  Any chance of a photo of the spot you are talking about.  Im not real clear on exactly where your drip is coming from.
  18. BigDfromTN

    Power trailer off of truck?

    NORMALLY the truck will charge the TT battery.  Most need a fuse, relay, or wire connected to do so.  Check your plug at the rear bumper to make sure you have battery power there before you head out.
  19. BigDfromTN

    a/c power questions

    I would look at making a mount on the trailer.  Either on the tongue (not likely room), or on the back bumper.  Have it where you can secure them and remove them as needed for other tasks.   
  20. BigDfromTN

    New permanent site

    This was going to be my comment. Most RV insurance companies do not insure them if set up permanently on blocks and tires removed.  You essentially have a "Mobile or Manufactured" home.  A problem there is that many Manufactured home insurers do not cover homes under a certain size. Check with...
  21. BigDfromTN

    Starcraft pop-up repair side panels along roof.

    I would think that will work... Does it also have some metal trim all around that will also hold it on?  If so,  All the adhesive needs to do is keep it from wrinkling as the trim will keep it from coming out. Best of luck!
  22. BigDfromTN

    Ignorant People

    Yep its RUDE! As stated prior.  Boy Scouts teaches this and we do not cross others sites without permission. I also like to give the benefit of a doubt and believe the others are Ignorant of the fact it is rude.  BTW...  Ignorant means they don't know any better and have never been taught...
  23. BigDfromTN

    Blocking up Trailer for seasonal site

    I put mine on a site by the TN river a year ago. Put the landing gear jacks down on Concrete blocks with basically no issue.  I likely do need to adjust them a little for settling but trailer is still steady and water drains on the corner I prefer it to based on its location on the lot. I also...
  24. BigDfromTN

    Pressure Test

    Personally... I would repair any structural damage to the unit before spending $300.00 on a leak testing service.  Once the unit is structurally sound I would then attempt to find any leaks my self.  It is most likely any leaks are at a fitting that you can likely get to.  Tell us more as...
  25. BigDfromTN

    2012 Starcraft Centennial / No turn signals or brake lights...

    1.  Welcome to RV Forum. 2. Your problem is quite likely  a simple fix.  Hardest thing may be finding that simple problem. I would check the pins at the back of the truck first.  That narrows your search to either the truck or the trailer.  Check your ground as well!  A weak ground can...
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