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  1. HueyPilotVN

    Strange coincidence

    When I woke up this morning I looked out in front of my house to find a rig parked across the street. The coincidence is that it is a perfect match for my 32 year old Mustang that i carried all around the country in my Stacker. I guess that I will need to offer him a matching runabout or see...
  2. HueyPilotVN

    I just saw this on my news app

    This self-sustainable expanding trailer is a complete solution designed for urban nomads I think that is only a concept now. To see the details click on the Yanko site under the description at the bottom left and continue to go down thru several pages. This self-sustainable expanding trailer...
  3. HueyPilotVN

    Catfish Report

    Now this is certainly off topic and is not a fishing thread. My son called me about a woman that he met on the Internet. She presents all the classic signs of a Catfish, No phone, Out of state, no address, and asking for money right away. He has already sent her over $500 for medicine for her...
  4. HueyPilotVN

    Highway 66 bypass from Seligiman to Kingman AZ

    The condition of the road surface on Interstate 40 in Arizona is terrible and will shake your teeth out. A fellow camper where we camped in Williams this past week suggested that I use the alternate route going home. I got off I-40 at Seligman and took the old US 66 highway over to Kingman...
  5. HueyPilotVN

    115* in Lake Havasu, going to Williams for a week or two

    It has been around 115 degrees here in Lake Havasu so Renae suggested that we go up north to the mountains for relief from the heat. We are going to the Canyon Motel and RV Park in Williams so that we can actually sit outside without roasting. We have not moved the new RV from the driveway...
  6. HueyPilotVN

    Does anybody have an opinion on this type antenna

    Renae wants me to try one of these. Has anyone got any real world experience with it. 2021 Strongest Amplified Digital HDTV Antenna Support Smart TVs and All Older TVs -320 Miles Range 360° Reception Portable TV Antenna with Signal Booster 36ft Coaxial Cable,Indoor Antenna for 4K...
  7. HueyPilotVN

    This will make your day

    Renae sent this to me.
  8. HueyPilotVN

    Boondockers Heat shelter

    This week is going to be hot in Arizona. They are projecting 118 degrees all week. If any of the Framily are in Southwest Arizona and are boondocking or for whatever reason do not have Air Conditioning I am offering a cool place to escape the heat. I have a big house in Lake Havasu City...
  9. HueyPilotVN

    Lithium Batteries at lowest price I have found

    A month or so ago I helped a new member design and evaluate proposals for a Solar system for his "Stealthy" new transit Van. I have been waiting for him to post on here about his installation and on the details of his equipment as well as the practical results. I called the company that did...
  10. HueyPilotVN

    Shakedown trip

    We have not moved the Class C that we recently bought. Tomorrow we are taking it down the river to River Island State Park for a few days. We have spent the last several days making lists and loading things into the RV. This two day shakedown is to make sure that we have what we need for a...
  11. HueyPilotVN

    Another good reason to live in AZ

    This afternoon I registered and licensed my Class C with an appointment here at the MVD in Lake Havasu. The lady that took care of me told me that the Tax and registration was over $5,000 and $9,000 or over $14,000 and I reminded her that I was a 100% disabled veteran and purchased from a...
  12. HueyPilotVN

    Sold Kelly's Travel Trailer

    Moderators, Please remove the Ad for the Trail Bay Trailer. I sold it to the first person to see it. Thanks
  13. HueyPilotVN

    I could not give up having an RV

    Here are a couple of new developments. After not having an RV garage because of moving to the new home,I sold my DP because it would not fit in my driveway. Not having an RV sucks and after 9 months I finally gave in and bought a new one. This one is much smaller and has a Mercedes diesel...
  14. HueyPilotVN

    Great news Negative test

    I just got a call from the emergency department. She said that no test is 100%, But that mine was NEGATIVE. I almost started crying, I was so sure based on the symptoms. I had already started transferring assets and giving things away. I even wrote some undated signed checks in case it...
  15. HueyPilotVN

    Got poked in my brain thru my nose

    I just got back from about 7 hours at the hospital.  They poked me three times and I can definitely assure you that it is not fun. They are pretty sure that I have Covid-19 and they are sending off the swabs to the lab. I have been experiencing extreme fatigue, loss of taste, and today my...
  16. HueyPilotVN

    Gift for annual Quartzsite Forum Rally attendees

    I have a gift for attendees of the annual Q Forum Rally. Last year I had a caridovertor/difribillator implanted in my chest. I also sold my RV and do not plan on traveling like I have for most of my adult life. I carried a defribillator and portable oxygen tank in case I or someone else...
  17. HueyPilotVN

    Another project for a self isolated Bubba

    I have been home most of the last three months trying to avoid getting this Beer Virus. We had a hot tub at the last house but not here. I went online looking at Hot Tub/Spas and it seems that all of them have a 10 to 12 weeks shipping delay. Then I thought maybe I should help a local...
  18. HueyPilotVN

    Delivery and Inservice of My Country Coach tomorrow

    At 10:00 in the morning I am meeting the new owners of my DP. I intend to spend as much time as they want going over all of the details and projects as well as showing them how everything works. I have spent lots of time going over the the good, bad, and the few ugly features and specifics...
  19. HueyPilotVN

    Unexpected and strange responses

    I have experienced a very strange group of inquires in the last 10 days. I am getting a cascade of all kinds of people from all over the country requesting details and pictures of the Country Coach DP from the ad in the RVTrader. I got requests from New York, New Jersey, Washington DC...
  20. HueyPilotVN

    Sold My Country Coach DP

    Sometimes things just come together and work out. I have been asking the same question to everybody that calls about buying the coach.  "Why would you buy an RV with the situation that we are facing right now and the possibility of not being able to travel". I finally got the best answer.  A...
  21. HueyPilotVN

    Modular Deployment

    I was going to post this to the current discussion on issues with placing a modular or mobile home on a site.  I did not want to hijack his thread. Back in March of 2016, I was pulled out of retirement to design and install an emergency deployment of a facility to replace the critical...
  22. HueyPilotVN

    Home Project to cheer me up

    I no longer have the Stacker  to do projects in and the garage in my new home was so full of boxes from moving that I could barely move around it.  So I got off my bu...Behind and started a new project. I ordered a storage shed for the backyard from Wayfair.  I took about a month to get it and...
  23. HueyPilotVN

    Mobile Infectious Disease Isolation Facility

    I am not an epidemiologist or a government public health official.  However, I do have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing regulatory compliant health care facilities for a variety of uses. Back in late 2014 I designed a Mobile Infectious Disease Isolation Facility in response...
  24. HueyPilotVN

    What happened to the donate button?

    I cannot find the donate button.
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