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    Need leveling blocks for dual axel trailer

    That is what I use also, they seem to be very sturdy.
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    Storage compartment locks

    I am also thinking about combinations locks so that I don't have keep up with keys. I am considering Combi-Cam locks. The reviews are mostly positive.
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    Andersen Weight Distributing Hitch Question/Opinion

    Your post reminded me to update my signature. Now you can see the correct truck and trailer listed below. I ended up going with a used F150 because of the shortage of new trucks. My plans are to upgrade to a new (or newer) truck in a couple of years, assuming that the new and used vehicle...
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    Andersen Weight Distributing Hitch Question/Opinion

    Thank you for the response. After reading several posts of various forums, I was concerned about the combination of the weight of my trailer and the size of my truck. After a lot of thought, I decided to pass on the Andersen hitch and opted for the Camco Recurve R6. I have not yet towed...
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    Andersen Weight Distributing Hitch Question/Opinion

    I went to the dealer this morning discussed my concerns. The sales manager went online and looked up a truck that is on the lot (including trim line, crew cab, 4x4, etc.) and found the payload of 1,760. We then went to the truck and the sticker showed a payload of 1,459. He was shocked (I...
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    Andersen Weight Distributing Hitch Question/Opinion

    Thank you, that is very good info.
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    Andersen Weight Distributing Hitch Question/Opinion

    Steve, I appreciate that you mentioned the payload. I was taking the payload stated on the website at face value and assumed that I was in good shape with that truck. After reading about actual experiences with payload on a Ram truck forum, now I am not so sure. I am going to go to the dealer...
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    Andersen Weight Distributing Hitch Question/Opinion

    I do not have the truck yet, so I cannot look at the decal. According to the Ram website, the payload is 1,770.
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    Andersen Weight Distributing Hitch Question/Opinion

    Thank you. Based on my research, my primary concern is whether it will provide sufficient weight distribution for my trailer. I am trying to decide between this and the Camco Recurve R6. I like the lighter weight of the Andersen, but I am more confident that the Recurve will do the job.
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    Andersen Weight Distributing Hitch Question/Opinion

    Thank you for the information.
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    Andersen Weight Distributing Hitch Question/Opinion

    Thank you. When I search for info on the Andersen weight distributing hitch for travel trailers, I only see once discussion about a problem encountered with the hitch. There are several discussions about about the Andersen hitch for fifth wheels, but not the travel trailer hitch. If I am...
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    Andersen Weight Distributing Hitch Question/Opinion

    I am considering an Andersen weight distributing hitch to use with a new travel trailer that I am purchasing. It looks like a simple hitch and is much lighter than the hitch I am currently using. If you have experience with the Andersen WDH, I would greatly appreciate your opinion. Do you...
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    dinette removal

    I did exactly what you are considering and I like the change.  I bought a high back office chair that I can roll up to the table when needed.  I have an ottoman that I use along with the chair for lounging.  Removing both the dinette bench and the adjacent jackknife sofa makes the interior feel...
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    Leaving Hose Connected to Sewer Clean Out

    Think about the mess you will have to crawl in to make repairs if the flexible hose fails.  That thought alone would be enough to make me want to do it right the first time.
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    Petite female needs info

    I have not towed mine yet, it will be March before I will have an opportunity to use it as a toad (weather permitting).  I like the fact that there are no fuses to pull, all you need to do is put it in neutral (and run the engine five minutes after towing it for 500 mile). When I was shopping...
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    Petite female needs info

    If you like the Versa, take a look at the Versa (or Versa Note) with manual transmission.  If you are okay with a basic car without power windows, etc., there are some great deals available on new or slightly used manual Versas.  And, they can be towed 4 wheels down.  I just bought a 2014 Versa...
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    Truck Bed Covers retractable vs roll up

    I use a fold up like this one (  I have had it on my truck for almost 10 years with no problems. I can fold it in about 30 seconds without help.  Much better than the previous roll ups that I have had.
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    80" sofa and 22" wide door?

    When I removed my sofa I had to lay it flat (in the sleeper position) and then turn it up on edge to get it through the door.  It was a chore.  Be careful that it does not fold and pinch your fingers.
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    Which Exhaust Fan for Bathroom?

    I installed the Vortex fan in my bathroom a few years ago.  While it is louder than Fantastic Fans, the savings makes it worthwhile.  The biggest drawback to me is that it is only one speed, it would be nice to turn it on low at times.  I typically do not turn on the fan in the bathroom until...
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    A new Electric Razor that will work better for me.

    I have always had good luck with the Norelco electric razors (although my beard is not very heavy).  I find they work best after washing my face to remove oils and letting my face dry completely.  Most of the new Norelcos can also be used wet, but I have not tried using one wet.  For me there is...
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    Converting house Propane Tank

    An extend-a-stay may do what you want.
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    RV Gas Mileage Only

    The attached file gives info on my mileage.  I live in the mountains, so most of my driving includes mountain driving.  When out of the mountains I typically drive about 62 mph. 
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    Knocking sound when making left turn.

    My mother has a 2000 model year motor home on a Ford chassis that is having a similar problem (it felt like a hammer was hitting under the the floor on the drivers side).  I discovered the problem when I did some work on the motor home while visiting in March.  Subsequently, the shocks have been...
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    Winegard Carryout

    The Carryout stays on the ladder most of the time, it is secure and I have no concerns about traveling down the road with it on the ladder. Yes, the Carryout requires a 12 volt power supply.  There are other options; I believe the King Controls Tailgater does not require 12v power, but it is...
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