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    First big trip planning and preparedness

    Hi folks, At the end of the month I'm embarking on my first big trek in my rig, some 2700 miles and 41 hours according to google maps. I currently don't have any apps on my phone, or yet own a Garmin. I have a 10" Asus Android tablet I can use for google GPS though, instead of the onboard...
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    Need your 2 cents on this please

    Need your 2 cents on this please When I bought my 2017 Jayco Grayhawk from some immaculate owners, it came with a huge whole RV cover in a bag and 4 covers for the tires. They had installed a queen size dual sleep number bed, so each side has it's own air hose and the air pump is in a storage...
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    2016 E450 Hood Lift Supports / Struts

    Hello, I want to add a couple of struts to assist in lifting and holding the hood on my E450 but I'll be dipped in chocolate if I can find such a thing. I see plenty of F450 parts for this, but not E parts. I'm thinking the struts for the F series would work, but there's no obvious mount point...
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    Rock solid WiFi configurations, plans and equipment

    Hello all, I've been searching through the wifi chats on various boards, would still like to revisit my requirements and know what the best options are. Does anyone know by what means I could access the Xfinity mesh of hotspots and connect / authenticate with my account? Secondly, I have a...
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    Adding some storage and wire shelving

    I'm removing the dinette and sofa from one wall and I want to use that 18" depth of long wall space for some organizer storage for lightweight stuff. Look around online at Amazon and The Home Depot etc, I'm still not quite finding the thing I'm looking for. Has anyone here added some modular...
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    Man Cave and the HUGE 12v HDTV search

    Hey folks, I intend to repro my home theater and man cave and while I'm not apposed to running my huge HDTV from an inverter, I'm just wondering what is the largest 12v HDTV that YOU HAVE?? No theoretical discussions here please - I'm not asking what all could be possible if . . ., just the...
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    Class C for the Man Cave Design Considerations

    Hey folks, I could use your experience with my project. As per my previous threads I'm looking for a floor plan to live in full-time and have my man cave and enough storage for clothes and other personal stuffs. I've never settled on a floor plan, so many are so damned slideriffic and a deal...
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    Any Class C *WITH* ducted heated holding tanks?

    Hi Folks! Thanks in advance for your kindness and considerations. I've been lurking and shopping the past few months and trying to collect all mfr offerings with ducted heated water tanks. I can always add pads to a ducted area along with additional insulation, but I doubt I can add forced air...
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    Hello from WA State

    Hey folks, I'm heavily invested in researching which Class C RV to buy to boondock in full time. I generally know what I want and what mods I intend to do, but would like to ask the community questions and get your real boots on the ground sage advice when I can. So THANKS in advance for your...
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