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    AOL and Datastorm

    Hi everybody, and greetings from Brecon Beacons in Wales. We are having problems to download our e-mails when we go directly to Compuserve, without passing by Internet explorer.  It is very, very slow and most of the time we receive a message which tells us : ?HMI protocol error Lost...
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    Datastorm advice

    We will be taking the motorhome to the UK next week, and will have an upgrade done on the Datastorm while we're there.  We had our system installed two years ago.  Allegedly there is an upgrade which means you don't have to use a laptop to raise and lower the dish, there is a small device...
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    Iain in Adelaide, Australia

    Hi Tom Do you have a way of getting a message to Ian in Adelaide?  Terry
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    United States immigration

    Our friends on the Forum will perhaps remember the bad immigration experience Liliane and I had coming back into the States from Canada in the motorhome a couple of years ago.  We have spent the past week celebrating Thanksgiving in Seattle with John and Judy Maguire, and as this was our first...
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    South from the Arctic

    SOUTH FROM THE ARCTIC We?ve been on the road four months now ? a long time ? if only it could go on for ever!  Most of the summer months so far have been spent in Finland and Norway.  We had crossed into the Arctic Circle just north of Rovaniemi in Finland  - the climate there is quite...
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    Russian bus stop!

    We took the photo this afternoon at the Finland/Russian border crossing post, 250 miles north of the Arctic Circle.  The bus was on its way to Murmansk.  There were no passengers on the bus - the Finnish customs officer told me no-one wants to go that way! Terry
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    North to Lapland, Part III

    NORTH TO LAPLAND ? PART III 3rd June 2005 8am and it is time to get back on the road.  In the Lubeck campground they have a rather quaint system for emptying motorhome waste tanks.  They have a 5? diameter hose which runs along the ground for about five feet and then disappears down into a...
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    Smart cars as a toad?

    We are busy planning our next trip back to the States - bringing our European RV with us.  We have a Smart Brabus car which we use as a toad and which fits inside the garage of the motorhome. Question:  Is the Smart car now a legal on-road car in the USA? Terry
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    North to Lapland with the Nathans

    Interlaken, Switzerland, day 18 and just over 1,000 miles since we left home in La Manga.  The very first day out was a disaster ? we headed for Vinaros for our first night stop, a small town between Valencia and Barcelona.  This was a new campground we wanted to try out; the cables which are...
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    RV Forum Mimi Rally - Europe

    Thought you'd all like to know we're keeping the Forum alive in Europe - Liliane and I met with Roger and Chris Potie at our campground near Strasbourg in France last week.  We raised a glass (well several actually) to all our friends back in the USA.  Terry
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    Home from home

    We are Terry and Liliane Nathan, we've been on the old Forum for the past six years, and travelled extensively across USA and Canada for much of that time.  Our home however is in Spain - a bit complicated, particularly as Liliane is Swiss and I am English.  We sold our US motorhome just over a...
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