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    "Trailer Life" forum?

    Anyone here use "Trailer Life" RV Forum. Last few days I can't get in anymore. Anyone else having this problem?
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    Adobe Reader????

    My windows 7 laptop had Adobe reader on it when all of a sudden it did not work anymore and I can't even find the program om the computer.  I tried to download & install Adobe Reader 11 but it will not install getting error message "newer version already installed".  I cannot find any version on...
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    Another new Chrome user question ?

    How do you fellows download videos (u-tube) while in Chrome.  I used Flash Video Down loader in Firefox but that will not work in Chrome.  I get error message abt. "u-tube does not allow down loading" or something like that.  I really like being able to down load videos like I did with FF.
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    New Chrome user question?

    I installed Google Chrome yesterday and have got it working pretty good, I like it but have a question. When I am on a page & want to  open a new tab it does not go to that tab, I have looked  & looked but cannot find a setting to have Chrome go to the new tab.  Am I missing something?  TIA
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    Firefox crashing repeatedly?

    I have been running Firefox 43.0.4 with no problems, then all of a sudden it starts crashing over & over so I decided time to up grade to 45.0 which I did and still crashing on me.  So I uninstalled FF and downloaded a new copy of it & installed and same problems.  Help Not sure what to try...
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    Hot water heater question?

    Isn't there a check valve (one way valve) on the cold water line into the water heater?  My water heater is located right close to the lavatory in the bath area and lately when I open the cold water faucet I get a blast of scalding hot water for a minute then it cools down.  Thinking the check...
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    Lastpass Question?

    How does one export their LastPass passwords to a .csv file? I have done this before but just can't seem to figure it out today.  Don't know if that option is still available or not. Can anyone help, Ned you are a Lastpass guru.
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    Blueridge Parkway questions

    Blueridge Parkway questions Planing a trip on the Blueridge Parkway and my cousin told me it is kind of narrow.  My question is there any problem pulling a fifth wheeler on there?  Anyone been there, also is there much of a incline? TIA, Bob
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    Android Tablets

    I have a Android tablet I like to use occasionally and has 1Gb memory and a 32Gb SD Card.  Is it possible to get it to install apps on the SD Card as the 1Gb is  fairly full?
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    Print Screen.

    I used to have a add-on for FireFox that allowed me to Print what ever was on the screen, but I cannot remember the name.  Anyone have a good add on that will allow you to print screen?
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    GPS purchase?

    I think it is time for me to purchase a new GPS as my old Garmin Nuvi 765T is acting retarded.  Thinking about another Garmin but there are so many models to choose from, any suggestions?
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    Atwood Range ?

    We have a Atwood MPD57279 & 1 top burner will not light with the ignitor, it seems to spark as good as the other 2 top burners but will not light.  I can light that burner with a match and get as high & good a flame as the other 2 that light with the igniter.  I have tried cleaning the electrode...
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    Google Chrome

    Anyone using Google Chrome as their browser?  I have been using Firefox for several years but it is so slow to open up, once open it works pretty good except for occasional crashes.  Anyone switched from FF to Chrome, how do you like it and how does it compare? Bob
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    One more tire questio?

    One more tire question, anyone using TOYO tires on their trailer?  I currently have BF Goodrich Commercial TA on our 5er but was also looking at the TOYO Open Country H/T Highway All Season-Tire.  Any opinions?  They are a little less expensive than the BF Goodrich.
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    Tire Spacing ????

    I have seen a couple of tire spacing questions, but want to know if any one has ever checked with a manufacturer as to the minimum spacing between 2 tires on a tandem (dual) axle trailer.  Right now I have 3 1/4" between the tires on our 5er and was thinking of getting a slightly larger tire...
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    LastPass question?

    Just got a Android tablet to drag around and want to know if I get the paid version of LastPass to use on my PC will that also work on my Android tablet, or do I still need to pay separately for the Android version?  What do you think Ned?
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    Dashlane, password manager

    Is anyone familiar with Dashlane, a password manager?  Trying to figure out if the passwords are stored on your computer or on-line.  I have been using LastPass and it is Ok but I just don't like the idea of my passwords stored on line.  I used to use Signup Shield which stored my passwords on...
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    LP Fire Pit

    We bought a LP Fire Pit from Lowe's and really like it. Got it for those chilly nights when you want to sit around a fire and not be bothered by all the smoke. FNtt%3Dfire%2Bpit&facetInfo= Puts out a...
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    Dometic toilet seal lube?

    I need to lube the seal on my Dometic toilet, the waste valve does not close all the way sometimes. I have cleaned the seal and that helped but now need to put a little lube. What have you'll used for lube on the waste seal of a Dometic toilet?
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    Help, Spellcheck in Firefox?

    I know I asked this question before but I suffer from "Sometimers Disease" and Ned gracefully answered it but I do not remember the answer and cannot find the answer by searching for it.  How do you activate the spell checker in Firefox?  I recently had to rebuild my hard drive and Spell Check...
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    Hard start kit on a Dometic 15,000 btu A/C ?

    I have a question about adding a hard start kit to my Dometic 15,000 btu A/Cs on our Brookside 5er to make starting easier when running the Champion ginny. The start cap has a device marked (Motor starter on schematic it is labeled (PTCR)) in series with the start cap.  I am thinking The hard...
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    Slide out awning!

    This wind today is really kicking axx, it is even stronger than it was last week. I will be surprised if I still have a awning left over the slide out. Closing the slide out is not a very good option, If we brought the slide in we would have to spend the day in bed, not bad for younger people...
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    Sync software?

    I am looking for some back up software to sync folders from my HDD to a jump drive, I have been using SyncToy free from MS but when I try to use it on 2 different computers it dumps some files I want to keep.  I like to sync my desktop computer to a jump drive then sync my laptop from the jump...
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    Another Firefox v17 question?

    Apparently Java is not running on my browser, I keep getting error messages that I need to enable Java to be able to see something.  I been into the options and (enable java script) is checked.  I can't figure what else to do to enable Java. :(
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    Spell check?

    Since upgrading from Firefox v.3 to 17.0.1 I noticed I no longer have spell check.  What are others using for spell check?  Or is there one built in that I have not turned on yet and how? :)
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