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    Fourth of July RV Experience

    Wow... it's been a while since I've been around, and posted. I thought I'd tell an amusing story about my last RV trip - around the 4th of July. My local homebrewing club organized a camping trip on the top of Mt. Lemmon in Tucson. It's always a great time - and this was my first opportunity to...
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    Brett Michaels 'Rock My RV'

    I just saw an ad for a new show, "Rock My RV', hosted by Brett Michaels on the Travel Channel (Travel HD). It looks basically like a "Pimp My Ride" MTV-type reality show. Should be some interesting mods and silly money thrown at a camper. I bet it will be a good source of conversation (and...
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    LP Plumbing Assistance Needed

    With summer edging closer, I know that we will be doing more camping. The stove and oven in our RV is great, however a little limiting. I'm a carnivore. I like grilling. I've been thinking about putting in an "extend a stay" adaptor on the LP tank. I looked at it today, and it's a little tight...
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    Apache Trail from Tortilla to Roosevelt

    Has anyone every driven the unpaved section in a (small) class C, or a large class B? Am I silly for even asking the question? I've never taken it with a car. I have found mixed statements like "not for a LARGE RV", "don't take your RV", or "on a 1-10 scale of off-road difficulty.... it's a 1"...
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    First "Whole Family" Weekend Trip a Success!

    Well, we finally went out as a whole family, this past weekend. We, of course, learned a few things - we did pack too much food, and too many clothes... But other than that, everything was great! Janice (the name we christened our Jamboree with) performed admirably. Our first dump experience was...
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    EGR Fault Code

    My check engine light came on today. I checked the diagnostics, and it says it is an EGR fault. We are leaving for a weekend trip tomorrow. Is this serious enough to cancel our trip? The coach seems to run fine. Can I do any damage by ignoring it in the short term? What possible effects could...
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    Anyone ever drop their tanks?

    Well, in spite of my efforts this weekend of eliminating all plumbing leaks - I still have one. The remaining one is from the toilet supply. Unfortunately there is no access to this spot, unless I either drop the black tank - or pull up the carpet. I have the plumbing plans (from Fleetwood) for...
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    You think your RV is crowded?

    How about trying to sleep 16 people.... Mylo
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    Wet Shaving

    There seems to be a recent trend that is romanticizing the shaving days of yore, when all this fancy (and expensive) 5 blade, vibrating shaving cartridges didn't exist (blah!). A friend of mine convinced me to try "wet shaving" (dumb name, I know... most shaving is "wet") - using a badger brush...
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    Furnace blower squeals like that guy from Deliverance

    :) When I got my coach, the blower motor on the furnace was almost completely seized. I managed to free it manually, and squirt some wd40 where I imagine the bearings are. I didn't remove it at all. The furnace works great, but does squeal pretty damn loudly for the first 30 seconds or so...
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    About to start a major project... New roof

    Well, Santa brought the supplies I need for the new roof early - and I don't have to go back to work for 11 days. Time to tackle the only major problem left on my project rig. I have scoured the interwebs for all the info I could, leading up to now. The are some great photo essays in our library...
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    Inverter Install Questions

    So, I have been considering a small inverter to power a small TV while boondocking. My small Class C has a 110v circuit that is dedicated for the outlets under the overhead compartments. In an effort to keep the DC wires short, I think I'll put the inverter near the converter/charger/fuse panel...
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    Rough running Genny

    I know it's next to impossible to diagnose many problems in a forum, but I was looking for some input on my generator. I'm pretty good at diagnosing and fixing normal, small gas engines - like for lawnmowers and weed wackers... But I haven't worked on many generators. It starts right up - but...
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    Small, 12V TV Concept with benefits!

    OK, I'll start by saying that I'm a tech geek. I have worked as a software developer for about 15 years now. I just bought my first "starter" RV. I've been tent camping all my life. My family, however, prefers the comforts and conveniences of a hotel. The RV is a (hopefully) a middle ground...
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    House battery not charging

    I have a feeling that the charger on my rig died... The discharged battery was showing 9 volts yesterday, so I plugged it into shore power. It was probably on there for 15 hours, and the battery was still dead. So I just plugged in my small battery tender that I keep my pickup truck on, and the...
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    Exposed fibers - old fiberglass

    There are two fiberglass sections on my old class C that are now showing exposed fibers. I assume that I can just paint on another few coats of gel coat to re-bury them? A couple of questions... Regarding prep - I suppose a light scuff sanding will be needed to remove surface oxydation and...
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    Crazy, old audio wiring

    So, I took the old, original cassette, AM/FM deck out of my rig today. I just couldn't handle the old analog radio tuning, no presets or aux input, etc. I was shocked (no pun intended) to see only 6 wires going into the old head unit. Four +'s for each of the four speakers, and a red and black...
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    Dropping the tanks

    My RV has acquired a large pack rat nest above the holding tanks while sitting fallow in the foothills for 5 years. I have since evicted them. (Actually, I evicted myself - and moved the trailer to a new property). There is still quite a bit of nasty debris (cactus needles, mesquite pods, coyote...
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    Newbie to RVs, Newbie to this Forum

    Howdy, everyone. Just a quick note to introduce myself. I'm 40, married, with two tweener/teenagers. I have been camping all my life, but never in an RV. I got a really good deal on an old jalopy (1990 Jamboree Searcher 21' class C), that needs some love. I'm very mechanically inclined, so it's...
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    Roof needed on an old rig

    I am the proud owner of a 1990 Jamboree Searcher, 21ft class C. It sat for about 5 years. Definitely needs some TLC. It's got 75k on the ODO. I am in the process of working out all the issues. Fortunately, it seems the only MAJOR issue is the roof. I am fully capable of replacing it myself -...
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