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  1. JoAnn

    Extended Warranties

    Thank you Gary & Scott.  I pretty much take reviews with a grain of salt.  Where we go for our warranty work recommended both companies I mentioned so I figure it will be worth checking.  I'm just trying to see if there are more companies to check.  The 2 quotes I got so far are in line with...
  2. JoAnn

    Extended Warranties

    We've had our 2006 Monaco Diplomat PAQ for almost 4 years.  We purchased a 4 year extended warranty online with Wholesale Warranties right after we purchased it.  We've been very happy with this insurance and have gotten way more than our moneys worth out of the current policy.  Wholesale...
  3. JoAnn

    How do you get those black streaks off?

    Will 303 help revive the decals?  They are a thorn in my side :( JoAnn
  4. JoAnn


    Thanks everyone!  Jim has some  Eternabond.  Ken, good luck with it all.  I'll try to update what happens with our situation.  Thanks again! JoAnn
  5. JoAnn


    The water got about an inch high.  Enough to reach some wires and connections.  :(  I know...not good. So I guess we'll need to ask for comparisons for satellite systems, next :(
  6. JoAnn


    Actually up until the last year or so, we were very happy with it.  Since Direct TV sent us new boxes, it's been more troublesome.  I'm assuming it's the old technology vs new.  Which dish did you end up with?  Is this it...
  7. JoAnn


    I have a question for all of you knowledgeable folks in RV land.  We have a King Dome Satellite system (9702lp) which is 10 years old. After not using for a few months, we went to turn it on and it wouldn't work. Jim went up on the roof, removed the plastic dome and it had about an inch of...
  8. JoAnn


    So Doc,  which city are you saying "should" be allowed eastern time zone? JoAnn
  9. JoAnn


    Thanks for giving us the means for comparison.  I wish we were going to be out your way sometime soon. JoAnn
  10. JoAnn


    Ernie, does that include changing carpet on one slide and cockpit?  We have a 33'  Another question, if we were to just replace the carpet and laminate along the kitchen area is the labor about the same? Thanks, JoAnn
  11. JoAnn

    Newcomer needs park in Florida

    You're so right Ed!  At Wekiva Falls we paid 16 cents per kwh,  The park in Vero Beach charges 11 cents per kwh.  That's a big difference.  The Vero park said that is exactly what they are charged.  I've been finding most of the parks booking monthly are charging for electricity.  JoAnn
  12. JoAnn


    Thanks, I'll keep the info. JoAnn
  13. JoAnn

    Connecticut To Florida Where Do You Layover To Rest

    From NY we just did  84, to 87 to 287 to78 to 81 to 66 to 17 to 95 @ Fredricksburg, VA  I think it was only one small toll and the roads were much better.  We usually went 84 to 81 to 66 to 17 to 95 but some of the roads were horrendous.  Either way, we use WalMart, Cracker Barrels or Flying J...
  14. JoAnn

    Newcomer needs park in Florida

    Check out Wekiva Falls, Sorrento.    It is a little north of Orlando also.  We stayed there 2 winters it's a great park.  It's reasonable a standard site is $499.+ tax + elec. (ours ran about $65 a month.)  They charge extra for wifi and cable if you need them...
  15. JoAnn

    Taking enough clothing???

    Hi everyone, just a post 2012/13w update.  All in all, I was happy I  brought everything I did. Just about everything got used. As it turned out, I was grateful I brought enough warmer clothing with us.  As traveling from NY, we broke down 4 hours south of home, in PA.  We were stuck there...
  16. JoAnn


    Scott, we have a 33' Simba by Safari, with 2 slides, 2004.  I'm a little leery of CW also, that's why I would like to find someone else.  They would be out last resort.  Ernie, I will keep that in mind.  We may end up in TX one of these days.  Our daughter is returning from the Philippines...
  17. JoAnn

    Bodywork shine - Red Max Pro 3 no longer avail - ZEP is same product :-)

    Following this thread.  It sounds like just what we need.  Thanks for sharing!!! JoAnn
  18. JoAnn


    We have been toying with the idea of replacing our carpet with Allure flooring.  However I would love to replace the carpet around the cockpit and under the sofa and dinette on the slide.  We haven't decided if we want carpet in the bedroom or not.  Camping world gave us an estimate of $3200...
  19. JoAnn

    central vacuum

    It's going on 2 years with our Dirt Devil central vac.  I still love it.  We don't have a huge motorhome (33')  The red box is under our bed, Jim put a vent near it.  I've been on the look out for dust or dirt from it under the bed, but have found none.    I still love it!... we don't full time...
  20. JoAnn

    Keeping cool or warm while driving FYI

    I've used those heavy clips and hung a sheet attached from the slide to the window valance behine the passenger seat.  Nothing permanent but it definitely helped.
  21. JoAnn

    Holding Tank Cleaner

    I'm for the Calgon and Dawn!  There could be bleach in those packs, not sure.  We were out this winter and our grey tank was draining slow.  We closed the tank, put some Dawn and Calgon in and left it closed off for a couple of days.  it did help.  Then we left to go someplace else.  We made...
  22. JoAnn

    central vacuum

    I love the Dirt Devil we installed over a year ago.  It came with a small power head which I use on all the carpet.  I keep saying I need to look for a larger one, but keep forgetting.  It does a much better job than any of the smaller type vacuums I've tried.  The hose reaches 30'.  It is...
  23. JoAnn

    Ideas for side sunshades

    I'm looking for some ideas to use for side sunshades with a power awning.  Thing is I would need something that can easily be removed when the wind kicks up.  The awning does not have a wind sensor.  We actually have the ones you buy, from a previous RV.  Just haven't figured out a way to...
  24. JoAnn

    What Vacuum Cleaner to buy

    I have to say, I'm still very happy with the Dirt Devil, central vac.  We put it in about 16 months ago.  We lived in the motorhome for 5 months this past winter.  It still has great suction.  I love not having a vacuum to find room for.  I keep saying I want to find a bigger power head, but...
  25. JoAnn

    Looking for info on RV watersofteners...

    Thanks all!  We opted to hold off on the water softener.  Decided it wasn't worth the cost and trouble.  The filters we use make a tremendous difference in the water taste, just not wonderful.  The dual filter system made a big difference. How long should the filters last in the dual...
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