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    Changing Gray/Black Valves

    I had the same problem, and finally took it to a shop to have them do it.  I just couldn't get the pipes pulled far enough apart to get the gaskets in correctly.  the guy at the shop said sometimes the have to use a ratchet strap on one side of the valve to get them to spread out enough to fit...
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    Best Older 5th Wheels??

    The older Holiday Ramblers were solid, well built 5th wheels but you would have to go back to the mid 90's before the company was sold and the construction went downhill.  They were aluminum sides and roof, and used aluminum framing instead of wood so less chance of major rot problems.  they...
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    Trailer door doesn't open "flat"--by design

    The video says the friction hinges are optional, so the door latch might still have been installed even if its not used for those hinges.  The video also says the hinges hold in winds up to 15 mph, which means good luck in West Texas most of the year!
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    I chose Diesel...

    I think that's a lot of trailer for a 2500 diesel.  Ram shows only around 2500# payload on that setup for a 4x2, and even less for a 4x4, and a 12,000# fifth wheel trailer will use up all of that before adding anything in the truck
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    Converter location

    I have a '95 Holiday Rambler and mine was close to the front of the trailer, close to center.  It looks like they wanted to keep it close to the batteries, not the fuse box that is in the back.  (The battery tray is next to the stairs opening at the front on the passenger side of the trailer)...
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    32' 6300lb Trailer Towing issues

    I remember reading about people having some kind of handling problems with the Titan diesel.  I would look into that before making a decision.  but as others have said, if your first trailer is that big, i would consider getting a truck big enough to tow the NEXT trailer.  It's amazing how fast...
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    Buying a Quality Used Travel Trailer or RV - Brand Recommendations

    If you don't mind going a few years older than 2000, I'd look at the Holiday Rambler 5th wheel trailers also.  I've met a few people with them and they seem to be a good solid trailer with an aluminum roof.  If you can find one in good shape now it should still be solid in 5 years.
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