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  1. OldMarine

    Travel trailer covers

    I just use a heavy-duty tarp. It comes down about 25% from the roof top all the way around. Seems to work just fine. Just make sure to get the extra thick type, not the real thin blue ones that you see everywhere. I tied it down at multiple points to the frame under the trailer.
  2. OldMarine

    Boat tow behind trailer

    I believe it's because a Fifth wheel trailer, in essence becomes part of the truck pulling it, when connected. Thus it's kind of considered one-entity. When you pull a TT, it's considered a second vehicle/entity being pulled by the first. So adding a boat, pulled by a camper, pulled by a truck...
  3. OldMarine

    Dometic B59516 roof top unit not working

    hey! looks like you are in eastern Mass? I am on the South Shore of MA .I have a Coleman Mach spare unit, complete, paid $150 for it used, then discovered that my unit only needed a fan motor, replaced that, and now it's running fine. So i don't need it If you want it, you can have it for...
  4. OldMarine

    1985 Beaver Marquis

    116K?...YIKES!! ( remember, one RV mile is equal to about 3 miles in a car in terms of wear & tear) like EVERYONE here is telling you...just don't.
  5. OldMarine

    1985 Beaver Marquis

    how many miles are on this rig?
  6. OldMarine

    Oil change prices

    around here,(MA), dealers get over $100 per hour labor. Average is about $120. $342 divided by $120 is 2.85 hours labor. Lets call it 3....seeing how they are doing engine & gen, it may be slightly high, but i would not say it's WAY out of line. Harley dealers gets like $150 to change oil on a...
  7. OldMarine

    Beeping after A/C turns off??? battery, I mean the house battery. if it's low, the detector will beep, unless hooked up to shore power.
  8. OldMarine

    Beeping after A/C turns off???

    yes..LP, fixed it..thanks
  9. OldMarine

    Beeping after A/C turns off???

    most of the time when someone has a "beep" in their RV that they can't seem to find, it turns out to be the CO detector, which is usually down low by the entrance to the rig. Everyone first thinks it's a smoke detector, so they look up instead of down. CO/LP detectors will beep if voltage is...
  10. OldMarine

    Rotten Floor 2005 R-Vision Trail-Lite TT

    you are potentially in for a serious mold contamination too...could cause severe health issues. If the floor is rotted, then most likely the walls are wet too...that's where the mold will be growing after you do the floor. As an insurance adjuster, I almost ALWAYS total any RV that has water...
  11. OldMarine

    Rotten Floor 2005 R-Vision Trail-Lite TT

    regval is right....throw down some plywood, take the trip...then scrap this unit. If it's your intention on trying to replace an entire floor, without having experience in doing it before.....well...just don't. Sorry, but it is a HUGE undertaking to gut a TT and do a floor.
  12. OldMarine

    I Miss My *Smaller* Camper

    I have a Jayco Hybrid that has everything you are looking for....small enough to park in an average driveway( 23 feet closed up, 29 feet opened up), weighs under #5000 dry, tows like it's not even there, with 2 HUGE beds, one on each end, and a couch slide, that's also a jackknife bed. The thing...
  13. OldMarine

    Dometic Briskair 2 not cooling.

    might have put a pin hole in the tube when you were removing the thermistor?
  14. OldMarine

    Dometic Briskair 2 not cooling.

    whoa...looks like you have some damage to the middle of the condenser, and you are leaking freon.
  15. OldMarine

    Travel Trailer Noob - Roof A/C Loud Beeping Noise

    almost guarantee the beep was coming from the CO/Propane detector. Had the same thing happening this spring. really hard to pinpoint the exact location of the beep because it's so loud. I took down a smoke detector thinking that was it...nope...kept looking around the interior as it...
  16. OldMarine

    Power Awning Worth It?

    don't bother...I have one, it's ok, but i can tell it's not long before it breaks...I would rather have a manual to be honest. Simple is better.
  17. OldMarine

    RV Toilet flange. Help

    ..thanks Kirk, coming from you that really means a lot. yes, it was 3 layers I believe. I got lucky though. I only had one soft area about the size of a small pizza,( I want pizza!), so I decided not to rip up the whole floor and have to pull out the shower and sink. Did peel & stick...
  18. OldMarine

    RV Toilet flange. Help

    just went through this a few months ago. Came out pretty good in the end. filled the spaces with foam, added some strength with 2x4's and some bracing with smaller wood around flange area. then REAL plywood over everything. I got some aluminum at Home Depot and drilled a few holes in the...
  19. OldMarine

    A/C issue help please!!

    Hi, and welcome. You should have a paper tag, or metal plate up on the AC that will give you the specs of what Model you have, you might have to take off the big plastic roof cover to see it. ( most likely you have a Coleman Mach with an 03 Jayco. I have a 2010 Jayco and have the Colemen also)...
  20. OldMarine

    AC doesn't work: it starts and stops after

    probably going to find it's either a bad capacitor, or a bad condensor-fan motor. In my case I had the same symptoms last year with a Coleman Mach, tried capacitors, didn't help...replaced the fan motor, problem solved.
  21. OldMarine

    87 Ford 460 Carb’d Class C No Power Up Hill

    before ANYTHING, I would do a compression check on the sense swapping timing chains, etc...before knowing if the thing needs a rebuild.
  22. OldMarine

    2007 Triple-E Commander 32' (a/c)

    does it do this when you run just the fan also? If you haven't tried running just the fan, do that to eliminate the cause being a bad fan motor. If it shuts off in the same manner as when you run it on cool/ac, then it could be the fan motor is heating up, and tripping the thermal-safety switch...
  23. OldMarine

    Rooftop RV problem: Shutting down when compressors kicks on.

    oh, forgot to say what kind of unit I have, it's an older Coleman Mach III 13,500btu I believe. This type has NO thermostat, just knobs on the unit itself for on-off-fan-cool, and other knob is temp setting.
  24. OldMarine

    Rooftop RV problem: Shutting down when compressors kicks on.

    could be a bad compressor fan. I had VERY similar problem last season. My fan would come for about 45 seconds...then shut down. If I switched from fan to cool, the fan would come on, then I would hear the compressor kick in, then it all shut down after about the same 45 seconds to 1...
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