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    New-Used Prices

    We often read on this site questions from someone concerned with buying a used truck to pull an RV comparing the cost with a new rig.  There are price considerations that I rarely hear discussed. As a rancher and businessman I have personally purchased eleven pickup trucks over the years. My...
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    Experience from reports

    From time to time we check Ratings Reports, on various Web sites, about an RV park where w intend to stop, and sometimes we check to see what others have reported about RV Parks where we have stayed. We have been doing this for close to 50 years and have developed a lot of skepticism.  I am just...
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    Learned New Insurance detail

    This is a subject that I have never noticed discussed before. So, I thought I would mention it. One of my employees ordered and purchased a new 5th Wheel RV; The dealer offered a $2,500 discount if the employee would pick up the RV at the manufacturer in Elkhart, Indiana. Since I regularly...
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    Reflection on closed minds

    I do not intend to open this for more discussion. But I do wish to be able to post my opinion about a subject on this site I noticed that the moderators of this site have caved in to some comments of some members here who object to others opinions. Specifically, the closure of a post merely...
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    Credit Card Security

    I have changed how I fuel when required to leave Credit Card with Truck Stop Cashier. Perhaps this might help others. As most know some truck stops require that a credit card be left with the cashier while fueling, sometimes even asking me to state in advance how many gallons will be pumped...
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    So California Prices

    I have a comment and question that may have no real answer. Over about 5 decades my wife and I have regularly traveled in our RVs over most of the Western Half of the United States. We have never traveled in our RV East of Indiana so I cannot speak to prices in the East. We have been lifetime...
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    Update on Dodge & future Sugestions

    This is not a commercial for Dodge. As a long time rancher and truck business owner, I have owned over 25 Dodge trucks since 1961 that are used by my employees and me. I recently upgraded to two new Ram 1500 and two Ram 3500 trucks to replace older ones. In the process I learned some fact that...
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    Aditional overnight parking

    On our recent trip to and from Southern California in July I happened to notice another business that welcomes RV parking ovrnight. Kroger Company, the parent of City Markets and King Soopers stores in our rocky mountain area, has a number of Super Stores, compareable to Wal-Mart Stores in our...
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    Non-Common destinations

    As RVers for over 50 years we would like make a comment that may be of interest to many here. We have noticed very common queries and comments and discussion about will known places to visit with an RV. They are all fine and we have enjoyed most of them over the years (National Parks...
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    Let me Congratulate You

    I would like to complement those on this Web Site for following the statement at the top " The Friendliest Place on the Web with an interest in RVing. All of you really are the friendliest. As you may realise, I have been on this site for some time and I enjoy reading all of the messges. Never...
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    Directory Problems

    This is really not a problem for us but I am wondring if it is for others. We have been RV campers for decades and have always had Campgound Directories published by various organizations. Some are limited to various brands (Such as KOA), (Passport), etc., and I understand this. However, we...
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    Good Sam National Rally

    Good Sam National Rally this year at Redmond, Oregon July 14-17. We are registered to be there so perhaps we will meet some of those on this web site.
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    What about Fast Food?

    This is a question that has been on my mind for years. Perhaps someone here can answer it. My wife and I enjoy eating out fairly often. We eat at sit-down restaurants and also fast food (McD's, Carls Jr., Wendy's, Burger King, Fazolis, KFC, etc). We enjoy all and we find good food in all. Now...
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    Clearing RV Antifreeze

    This is a subject that I have never read or heard about. Sorry if it is a duplicate. But to me it is obvious. Many have listed various ways to "antifreeze" an RV, pressure clearing lines, draining, pumping antifreeze in the lines, etc. But what about using the RV after liquid antifreeze has been...
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    Yuma Old Threshers Days

    Just got back from 4 days at Yuma, Colorado. Old Threshers Days, this one the 30 year marker, is every September. There are many old time Pioneer Museums around the country but Yuma does it different.The Pioneer town is open for business (just like 100 years ago) and all of the old farm...
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    Flying J-Pilot

    For those of us who regularly stop at Truck Stops: Last week on our trip from Colorado to the Wyoming State Fair in Douglas, WY, we stopped at the Flying J in Cheyenne, WY. We noticed, and discussed with management, that apparently the re-organizations for the Flying J-Pilot truck stops are now...
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    Gunnison Co Camping

    Just returned from  a week camping at Gunnison Lakeside Campground at Blue Mesa Lake 8 miles West of Gunnison, CO on US 50, North side of lake. Cattlemens Days celebration every year the third week in July. Blue Mesa lake is the largest lake in Colorado with great fishing, water skiing, etc...
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    Camping Grand ct,CO

    We just returned from a week camping (while vitisting family) at Fruita,Colorado (part of Grand Junction. The Colorado State Park campground at Fruita has full service, 50 amp power, all pull through sites (we pull a 39 ft Montana with our Dodge D3500), recreation, fishing, etc., and the cost is...
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    Retired Rancher

    I recently retired from Ranching in Colorado. My wife and I have been RVing for years but now we intend to have more time to RV around the Country. We recently traded our 15 year old Jayco 5th Wheel for a new Montana 5th Wheel so we will be more convienent in all-weather trips. Happy Trips to...
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