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    Removing Ticks

    This is the official medically approved method, and is backed up by medical research. Melissa Kaplan's Lyme Disease Part of the Chronic Neuroimmune Diseases Information Resources for CFS, FM, MCS, Lyme Disease, Thyroid, and more... Last updated April 19, 2007 Details can be found...
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    New Shades for BR

    I just replaced our pull down blind with 1" blinds, and no teal/eggshell crap for me, I bought plain jane white, at a building material store that was going out of business, for 2 dollars, and they fit perfect, look great, the wife loves them.
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    Here's a thought: If you build the beds up higher (4 feet, to 6 feet above the floor) all that space UNDER is cabinetry, and highly usable. Master above in the front, with galley to one side, Kids near on the other side. Remember: If you are making this for habitation, you HAVE to have escape...
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    84 Avion

    I own an 84 Avion, and want to add an entertainment center to the front area above the couch, so that the bed is still usable, (convertable couch) and so that the new shelving/cabinetry only takes up about half the front, curves around the left side and across the side to the kitchen cabinets. ...
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    Travel Trailer Front Window Rock Guard

    this really depends on the age of your trailer. If it is recent, the manufacturer or dealer should have what you need If older, especially if you could call it "vintage" you may have to go to the classic suppliers like Caro. Hold on to your wallet. I had a corner of the rock guard blow off...
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    Southern travel

    Had a great time looking for warmth in the South, and deep southern Texas. finally found 80 Degree days. Caught lots of fish in Brouwnsville, at Boca Chica. This new Dodge, pulls like a freight train, passin' RVs on any hill we came to. The wife said I was just showing off...
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    Freezing in my trailer

    Avoid using the cook stove to heat the inside. Good way to get gassed! Run the propane furnace, and enjoy the heat. One thing that really helped move the heat, from cooking etc, was to put a small 12 volt fan up near the ceiling, out of the way, blowing downward. Only took a few seconds...
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    Restoration work

    We own a 1984 avion, 30 foot, with queen bed. We love it. I can buy a new rig, but really like the way this one tows, and the way it is built. It's a classic. We have replaced all the appliances, except the microwave which we hardly ever use. My biggest challenge has been repairing the rock...
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    Winter travel.

    Cheyenne to Syney was slippery. I used 4WD almost all the time on ice. I only shut it off when I was tesing. I wanted power from the front as well as the back at all times. the Dodge 2500 is shift on the fly, and can go up to 55 in 4 WD, according to the manual. The truckers were quite helpful...
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    Winter travel.

    Wow. We left southeast Oregon 2 days after Christmas. Roads were open, and only spots of ice now and then on US 140. Dougherty Slide, east of Adel: 8% Steep, with a corner at the bottom, so You cannot make a decent run at it. I-80 at Winemuca was open, all the way to Salt Lake, with a strong...
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    I need a new rock guard for the front window of my Avion, 1984, 29 ft. It is the large black plastic rock guard, and due to age and cold, it failed in a couple of spots, and tore a loarge chunk off of it on the road. I am currently in Des Moines IO, but am willing to mailorder, if I can find the...
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    work in park

    Are there still spaces available in your park for a month long stay?
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    Bound for the Northwest (What am I thinking)

    You are going into an area that still has lots of power outages, but they are working on that. Yo might consider flying in, and renting a rig (if being in a MH is better for you to do your work). the roads are the big problem, especially getting over passes. According to info that I have been...
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    Gulf coast fishing in Alabama

    We are going to spend some time in Alabama, up in Birmingham. Instead of going to Padre Island like we usually do, we want to do some fishing on the gulf coast of Alabama. Need leads on great surf fishing spots, good RV parks, and where to avoid overcrowded, expensive parks. I'll check out...
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    about the missing guy in oregon

    Appreciate the comment Wendy. I strongly suggest learning from this man's actions. I worked SAR for years, and pulled people out of the most idiotic situations, imaginable. in fact, we constantly ran into situations we NEVER imagined. When not RVing, I spend most of my time in the woods, winter...
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    about the missing guy in oregon

    The area in question is not that isolated in the summer. In winter there is no snow removal. There is a sign posted that says :No snow removal beyond this point. Mr Kim made several mistakes that pretty wll set him up for failure. 1. Left his planned route and did not notify anyone. That alone...
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    "Wide World" trailer (not 5th wheel)

    I have to second the above response. We have an 84 Avion, a real beauty. We've had it 5 years, and lived in it for 6 months straight when we sold our house, waiting to close on the new one. We also use it for the winter to travel in every year, and for a month in September during Elk season...
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    "So....using one of my PAINTED RED LIMITED USE double male adapters, we back fed one of the trailer exterior outlets.?" Does this present a problem for the on-board electronics, such as the converter?
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    Key West

    Just got off the phone with them. There is a dry camp overflow area. If a person has stayed two weeks, and anyone is in overflow on the waiting list, they go out, and the waiter goes in. Some people switch back and forth all winter. If there is no one in rotation, then one can stay in place for...
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    RV challenge on a San Francisco street

    Same Lombard street. I am sorry for the confusion. I did some research. The street was indeed closed for a period, but the City or the residents there formed a group, that determined that they could not close the street permanently, so it was re-opened to one way traffic. I used the street as...
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    Key West

    I'll do that. According to the info on the site mentioned above, it is a first come first serve, two week limit type park. We have friends stationed there, so wanted to spend two weeks at the military park. the park is limited to retirees, and active duty. A call seems like the best idea.
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    introducing ourselves and asking for winter advice

    Big Bend is exceptioal. Try to fit in: Marfa and marfa Lights, the artists colony at Marathon, the Gage Hotel (evenif you fdon't stay) Chinati Hot Springs (in the toad), and Balmorhea State Park and pool. If sh isn't dead yet, look for the old lady with the burro in Van Horn. In the deserts...
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    RV challenge on a San Francisco street

    Seems like it 's been years. I used to ride my bike on it back when I was in the Army reserve, and it was closed then. Only the local who had a garge door opening on the street could drive on it. They put up barriers on at both ends. Check with AAA. I can't imagine them re-opening it.
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    Looking at travel trailers

    You haven't mentioned how you are going to use the rig. If you are weekending it, and taking short trips, an 18 footer may be just fine. the kid is still small. When another comes along you can either expand or tough it out for a while. If you are full timing it, don't skimp on room or quality...
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    Any ideas on how to increase your fresh water?

    Dear Wendy: Do NOT use old bleach bottles or Antifreeze bottles for DRINKING water. Drinking water should be carried in food grade plastics, that have never had anything else in them. Food Storage forums have information regarding this issue, and the basic standard of storage for 72 hour kits...
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