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    swivel front seats in a class C

    Good point, Maybe there's just not enough room, dang. maybe that class A  will be happening sooner rather than later ;-)
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    swivel front seats in a class C

    Is it possible to put swivel seats in the front of the class C? Seems like it would work. Keith
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    Need to build a better battery tray

    Really no water and no venting required? would you feel comfortable having it sit under the couch in the open air? Or would you still put a vented box around it, just in case? right now it sits on the floor with a hacked up battery box over it ( thats how I bought it ) I have 1 big walmart 12v...
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    Need to build a better battery tray

    I have an older class C that has the battery under the couch. It's nearly inaccessible there and I want to fix that and add a second battery. I have 2 ideas; Idea 1. Keep them under the couch, but build a sliding platform so I can pull them out and check fluid etc. The platform would slide...
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    Super singles, tires that is

    A friend of mine drives the big rigs and is sold on the super singles, has anyone haerd anything about them for RV's? Lighter, better gas milage... Keith
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    Solar battery charger, where to buy

    I need a cheap solar battery charger, 5 - 10 watts. Anyone have any good places?? Keith
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    fuel stabilizer for winter

    open the main cap and Use a funnel?? there are usually free paper ones at the gas station. That seems to easy am I missing something?
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    fuel stabilizer for winter

    You should use stabil in any gas thats not going to be used within a month. Put some heat, or a gallon of e85 in the tank to adsorb any moisture. Running the engine once a month is just bad for it, there is no point on running it if you arn't going to get it good and hot. Put stabil in, and...
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    Where toget parts for a 1980 era Generac generator?

    I found parts here in minneapolis for my 1992 era Generac. Can't remember the name though. I just opened the yellow pages
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    Sleeping with generator running..........

    I'm confused, The only reason I would run the Gen at night would be to power the rooftop AC. Now a stack would put the exhaust right up by the AC unit. Doesn't that seem worse than having the exhaust down by the ground?? Unless I guess the stack was 3 or more feet ABOVE the roofline. Keith
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    Winter camping

    Anyone have any experience using an Rv in below freezing weather? I Imagine the plumbing would be off limits since the tanks are  exposed. Or is it just a bad idea?
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    holding tank gate valve hard to operate

    I read on one of the valve MFG'r websites that you are supposed to lube the valves by dumping 1/2 gallon of coconut oil into the empty holding tank once a year to lube them. Yes 1/2 gallon! I know this because I had to buy a new valve after mine broke, it was very stiff compared to the new...
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    Update on my RV, good results

    Yes I do all the work myself. However I have an impact wrench and a aceteylene torch  ;D I needed the torch for the bushings since some of the bolts were hoplessly rusted on. Could have used a hacksaw I suppose. But I did the bushings and front brakes in under 3 hours Front brakes are like a...
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    Update on my RV, good results

    I bought a 1992 Four Winds 22 foot class C last spring. It had bad brakes and a lot of sway. Kind of scary on the road. Well I redid the rear brakes, put in a new Hydroboost brake booster and things were better but still not acceptable. Well today I put new good pads in front and I put...
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    38mm (1.456 inches) Rear Sway Bar Bushes for F53

    Energy suspensions had poly bushings for my '92. I did have to call them though...
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    What RV maintenance/repairs are DIY friendly?

    rear brakes are amazingly hard, but doable. They are hard because of the size, weight and number of bolts that are torqued to a billion foot lbs... :o
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    Laptop for wireless internet

    I just bought a $500 laptop, it came with ethernet and wireless, it works great, I an very happy with wireless. keith
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    How do you keep your engine battery charged during storage?

    The Ultra Trik-L-Start looks like the ticket. I now have 3 vehicles that are only ocassionally used andhave learned to keep them on batter tenders otherwise they die from self discharge. The cool thing about the Ultra Trik-L-Start is that I have a transfer switch right by the chassis battery...
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    How do you keep your engine battery charged during storage?

    I keep my motorhome plugged in while it's in storage so the converter keeps the house battery charged nicely. The engine battery however doesn't get charged. So it was down to 11.9 volts when I checked it today! I have it on a charger now but what to do in the future? Thanks for any advice...
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    Stupid brakes

    Update... I got both rear brakes done, it feels much better not racecar brakes but no longer scary... Both inner seals were leaking getting oil on the pads. I cleaned and resurfaced the drums and replaced the pads. I still need to bleed them but I think they are as good as they will get...
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    Brake job on a 1 ton G30, anyone do it?

    Doh, I wasn't thinking, I ment Synthenetic dot 3/4 Valvoline make some good stuff. I don't like silicone much except in certian um, upgrade applications yea...thats it
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    Stupid brakes

    Oh don't worry, I'll be power bleeding a couple of quarts of Dot 5  through the system!
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    Stupid brakes

    Well I got the drums off. It looks like the seal(s) are bad as there is oil on the inside of the drum. So tomorrow I'll be buying new seals, new shoes and about 10 gallons of brake cleaner ;D
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    Stupid brakes

    Well the drums are those big truck drums not like car drums at all. You have to pull the axle out to get the drums off! Looks to be quite an interesting job. I actually bought an impact wrench to help do it  ;D The brake fluid looked like mud it was so dirty, I sucked out the resivour and...
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    Stupid brakes

    Yea I suppose I'll have to figure out how to pull the drums, big ol things :o Shayne, I don't understand, you say you have a Hydroboost but it sounds like you have a vacuum booster... The Hydorbooster is driven from the power steering pump, not engine vacuum, still I suppose the pump could be...
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