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    fifth wheel with 2 bedroom area

    I am sure this has been covered, however wondering if any suggestions fro a 2 bedroom fifth wheel.  I am assuming that is the only thing a 2 bedroom would come in. c
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    slide adjustment

    All of a sudden our slide is leaving marks on the wood floor in the galley.  Seems to go in and out with no problems and really makes no noise other than normal.  Can anyone tell me what is involved in adjusting the slide (our slide is on the port side and the galley and sofa are on it).  Any...
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    San Augustine Texas

    If you ever find your way to San Augustine TX and need a nice place to stay look at this... San Augustine City owned and operated RV park.  32 paved full hookup sites in a nice piney wood setting.  We just spent a week there and even though 3 other rigs were in the park never saw anyone.  Rates...
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    dumping black water issues

    I know this has been covered before but this morning as we sat drinking our coffee we watched the guy next to us get ready to go.  1. did not put the dump hose on correctly and sewer dripping all over the ground 2. once finshed he tool the dump hose off and let the cap stay off while he started...
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    Health Care Coverage ?

    Any suggestions for a private health care company.  Looking for only major health coverage.  the one I have now (national health care) which I have had for some time and never had to use intill recently has gone up and up and up.  Had only small increase for couple of yrs but once used went up...
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    Best Cell Phone Service?

    We have been traveling in the West this year, last year was on the east coast and always had service.  We have Sprint.  We have found that in the west service is in and out.  Anyone have any suggestions as to which company has the best service.  We are in MT and have not service and from the...
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    Pets (dogs)

    I know that this will be the subject of many negative comments about pets but I just have to ask.  Not all but many pet (dog) owners that we have come across the past two years on the road and folks that feel that everyone shares the same feelings about his pet that he feels.  Don't get me wrong...
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    Rapid City SD

    Have any suggestions for a place to stay about 7 days near or around Rapid City, or near Mt Rushmore? Thanks Cheryl by the way looking for end of August (26th)
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    need new toad, any suggetions

    We are about to look for a new toad and wondered what has been a good one to have.  We currently have a saturn sedan but it is too low to the ground.  Want something on the lighter side, really don't want alot of weight to pull and something you don't have to crawl into.  Any suggestions would...
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    We made resv back in Nov for a two night stay at Calico Ghost Town.  When we arrived someone was in our spot assigned so we checked with the make believe ranger and were told to use another site no one was assigned it.  We did as advised and set up, let and went into town and out to Edwards. ...
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    digital camera question for camera buff's

    Thinking about upgrading diitial camera's.  Have a good Kodak Easy Shot which takes great photo's but need something better.  Thinking about digital slr.  Any suggestions from the camera buffs in the house.  So many to look at and thought input wouldn't hurt. Thanks Cheryl :)
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    We are looking to take the trip to Alaska this coming summer and thought we would ask what suggestions others might have for someone going for the first time.  We are currently in Alamo, TX for the winter.  Any suggestions, thoughts would be appreciated.  Anyone planning a trip this summer? ...
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    heater on coach not working

    Last yr we had our back ac replaced and have not used the back heater since, however it was working fine before ac replacement.  we now are getting to need the heater some.  We have checked all we can, at first it would blow the fuse when turned on.  Checked connections and all ok.  Checked...
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    new to forum

    Claude & Cheryl new to the forum, rving since last December and loving it.  Came from 44' trawler to 37' motorhome.  have enjoyed reading post and found very useful information.
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