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    New to Forum

    Thanks for the welcomes and tips. Now looking for obscure burner box (for fridge) cover that I can't seem to locate anywhere. Have tried Norcold Guy website, Amazon, and all sorts. Just want the thing complete, and not to have pilot go out or anything like that. Any tips on sites with older...
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    Older model Norcold 9162 Fridge

    Looking for a burner box cover that probably fell off, and I don't want my flame to go out. Simple little sheet metal cover, but cannot locate anywhere. I have tried Norcold, and Norcold Guy website, Amazon etc, but no luck. Would really appreciate any tips! Thanks
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    New to Forum

    Just joined today, and looking forward to good interactions and advice, after being away from RVing for several decades. We just got an older (98) Itasca Spirit class C, and are very happy with the layout and functionality. We live in N California, and have been on a few shorter trips around the...
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