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    Idling a little warm, I think.

    The '93 Southwind spent the last 16 months doing nothing, which isn't how I like it, but it's how it is. Was. Yesterday I finally had an opportunity to take it out, and the first (only) thing odd I noticed is that sitting in traffic, it gets warmer than I think it should. Here's some data I...
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    Highway 152/156 WB in California

    I've driven this road dozens of times... but always in a fast car and IIRC it was under construction last time I went through. Anyone know how it is these days headed west between I5 and Highway 101?
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    Lance Camper?

    A friend is looking to pick up a pickup to use with a camper, and this randomly popped up on CL today: Does anyone have any opinions on Lance as a brand, or this specific camper based on the...
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    Overnight stop in Oregon off I5? Plus, driving conditions? Plus Highway 97?

    Hi ya'll: I am going to be making a quick trip from Sacramento, CA to McMinnville, OR and timing is a bit... tight. I'll be leaving Sacramento at 4pm and need to be in McMinnville at about 10am. Somewhere in the middle, I'll need to stop to sleep. My original plan was to stop around Grants...
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    My hitch receiver situation

    I've read a lot of threads over the years about towing with a motorhome and I think I've got a good handle on it, but at the same time I never anticipated needing or wanting to tow with mine ... but a reason may have just come up. Here's what I've got...
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    If you were a windshield washer bottle in a 1993 P30, what would you look like?

    Previous owner did some cheap workarounds for various things which I've been addressing, and one of those things is removing the windshield washer bottle and pump for who knows what reason... I can see where it went, but I don't know what it looked like or where to find a replacement. I'm...
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    BrakeMate ST (and other brake controllers)

    There's one of these brake controllers in the Southwind, but wiring is... unhappy... so I've no idea if it works or not. Truthfully, I have no expectation I'll ever tow anything with the RV anyway... but I like options. :) I was curious if anyone happens to have a recollection of this vintage...
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    Magnetek (?) RV Electrical Control Center Model 80

    I don't have access to the motorhome at the moment, but I'm betting someone knows the answer here... :) Under the fridge is the RV Electrical Control Center Model 80 and auto switch. Behind this fuse/breaker panel is a junction which connects the output of the motorhome's converter/charger to...
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    c1993 Onan 4000 Starter Wiring

    The '93 Southwind has developed an odd problem that I'm troubleshooting, but thought someone here might be a shortcut. :) The symptom: Generator *starter* just stutters and clicks unless I hold down the "aux start" button the dashboard, bridging the chassis and coach batteries. Then it readily...
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    Difficulty starting generator... batteries? Converter?

    Ye olde 1993 Southwind demonstrated an odd problem last week - the generator would not start, just a stuttering from the starter solenoid. I found that (oddly) starting the engine allowed the generator to start readily... I'm assuming with the engine running current from the alternator was...
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    Hydraulic Levelers Lose Pressure?

    With ye olde '93 Southwind doing everything I need it to really well, my next project is helping it do things I want to do! When I first purchased it I was happy it had hydraulic leveling, but upon first use I found out the system wasn't in good shape. The controls work reasonably well, but...
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    Roof Vent Replacement

    Hi folks! I've still got Ye Olde '93 Southwind and it's doing absolutely great. I'm actually stunned at how wonderful it's been. Buuuuuut?. last weekend while driving down a bumpy road the cover for the bedroom roof vent shattered into a million pieces. The vent is a standard 14x14 size, the...
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    Help in Reno needed... ASAP

    Howdy all - I have a friend with a Bounder on an F53 who is stuck in Reno of all places. He called yesterday from the side of the road and after some diagnosis we're pretty sure it's the fuel pump - jumping the relay gets voltage to the fuse, but no pressure in the rail. To make matters worse...
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    P30 Autopark (SO. MUCH. FUN.)

    Last year I posted about replacing my power steering pump and updating a power steering cooler installation. Things went really well on the maiden voyage up over the Sierras, but after a short while I developed a small power steering fluid leak. Happily, the problem was nothing I'd done... sadly...
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    '93 P30 + Hughes Aluminum Transmission Pan

    I had a shop replace the selector shaft seal on my 4L80E and ever since have "enjoyed" a slight ATF leak from the pan. They tried twice to reseal it - at no charge, with no luck. It took more time for me to get the beast over to them than for me to just fix it myself. Lame. After a few months...
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    Tank drain valve replacement

    One or both of my fresh water tank valves leaks very slowly - I think only under the pressure of the pump running and just a drip... but it annoys the crap out of me. While I have the tank drained this weekend I'd like to look into replacing the valves and I'm looking for any experiences or...
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    Onan 4000 won't "idle"

    I have an Onan 4BGEFA26100K and, I have to admit, I've been negligent in its maintenance. I just don't use it that often, which, I suppose, is part of the problem. :) After the smog shop crashed my motorhome into their garage, I was unable to start the generator to test the AC. I assumed it was...
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    Roof AC Shrouds

    An unfortunate event yesterday, the smog place drove my '93 Southwind through their shop and the roof AC shroud magically got hooked on the garage door opening. It was a complete freak event - the door being in a specific position and the motorhome not being 1' left or right of where it was. I...
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    Inexpensive Solar Panel Upgrade

    Probably only of interest to those of you with older rigs, but my '93 Southwind came with a small solar panel for keeping the battery topped off. It was "integrated" with the roof AC - the mount was designed specifically for the cover and the "charge indicator" integrated into the inside vent...
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    Propane Dectector Recommendations?

    My '93 came with a CCI "Pretell 2" detector with auto shutoff, but it's dead. I am not interested in another automatic valve (and I think CCI is no more) as they just suck power, so any recommendations on a replacement brand? Seems like there is a big variance in price ($40-$120) - is there a...
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    Fridge Cooling Coil Temperature

    Anyone care to take a stab at what the coil temps on the fridge might be like during optimal operation? Nothing specific, just a general number.
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    Floor Jacks (like, not the self-levelling ones :)

    I have been trying to avoid jacking up my '93 32' ("30E") Southwind but I think I'm going to have to do it. Anyone care to take a stab at what it weighs? I think the combined GVWR is like 16,000lbs or very close. The reason why this is important is I have a 2.5 ton jack and I *really* do not...
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    P30... 454... Power Steering Pump

    As some may recall, the only real struggle I've had with my '93 Southwind is a power steering whine that is barely audible when cold and very loud when hot. I've flushed and bled the system numerous times and the autopark works perfectly, so I'm left with either an out of adjustment park brake...
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    Friend looking for a Class A - four questions

    A friend of mine is looking to buy a '90s Class A motorhome and there is one he's reasonably serious about. I said I would run his questions by the brain trust here. :) 1. Rig is a '93ish Holiday Rambler 1000 on an F53. Any comments about this particular model? 2. Tires are straight 16" LR E...
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    Bought a lot of LEDs from ebay... :)

    Sold some car parts leftover an upgrade, which resulted in moolah in my paypal account. I decided to buy a bunch of LEDs off the ebay to replace all the incandescents in the Southwind - many styles and colors to see what I liked best. I have three basic types of bulbs in the RV - BA15s bulbs in...
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