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    Equalizer Hitch Trick

    When I did my walk thru on the TT the dealer showed me a trick on how to get the bars on the equalizer hitch without using the pry bar. The shoved so much at me that day and I forgot how to do it. Anyone out there know this trick I am at less than wanting to talk with my dealer terms right now...
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    Newcomers Adventure

    hello everyone, We had a great adventure the first time out in our new to us TT this weekend. When we got to the campground the slide would not work even with a fresh battery. After cranking on the manual nut for about an hour to get it out it decided to work. Next the air conditioner kept...
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    Travel Trailer Help

    Hello everyone we are looking at TT 's and I am still in a dilema.  We have been looking at 31 ft trailers which are no problem for the tow vehicle but I am concerned having never pulled something that large before. Are they fairly easy to maneuver in smaller spots ??? As I will have to back it...
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    Hello Everyone

    Hello everyone my name is Martin and I am new to the forum and have been out of camping since we sold our Class A a few years ago. My wife and I and our three kids have looked at every travel trailer in the southeast and have decided to make the final decision on Saturday. I like the Jayco she...
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