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    3 month trip out west in motor home.

    We are planning a trip from Hartland Michigan out west and will be starting about May 4th. We will drive 6 hours in one day but not back to back. I'm looking not to miss things that are worth seeing and any advice about our trip. There are some gaps between some places and would like to fill...
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    Waxing RV

    I have a Ryobi 6 Orbital buffer. What are the best pads to wax a RV with?
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    Turn Signal Switch

    I have a 2016 Thor Hurricane on a F53. The switch for the wipers is acting up. I was going to replace it with a Duralast Turn Signal Switch SW3407 from autozone. Is this a good switch?
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    Kwikee electric step problem

    I have a single step series 28 step. When it is extended it looks good. It is inline. The problem is when it retracts the block that goes in the yoke on the step is 1.5" to the right. It makes the motor work hard and the arm doesn't even hit the stop on the housing when retracted. I replaced the...
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    Good year tires not so good. Sorry it's so long but this is what it take to buy Goodyear tires

    We got 6 new G670 19.5" Good year tires on our 2016 31s Hurricane in 2020 in July. He had a hard time finding 6 tires. The first time we took it out the RV vibrated so bad we couldn't even drive 65. I called him and said that he doesn't balance the back tires. So he would move the tires around...
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    Leveling jacks did not retract. Well at least for a hour.

    We have a LCI (Lippert Components )automatic leveling system. When we leveled, one or two of the jacks maxed out. It did run for about 8 more seconds before stopping. When I pushed the retract button the motor would turn but nothing happened. We then tried a manual retract. Turned the 4 screws...
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    What type of adhesive?

    I have plastic molding around the front tire wheel well that is coming loose. What type of glue would be good for that?
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    Should a solonoid for house batterys be hot?
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    isol relay melting

    We have a Thor 2016 31s Hurricane. We are on the road 10 hours from home in Nashville. Where the house batteries are the isol relay melted. The relay is a intellitec potted B.I.R.D.gas 00-00956-000. It started to melt when we were plugged into 110. I shut off the 2 circuit breakers by the...
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    rv vibrating after new tires were put on.

    We have a 2016 31s Hurricane. The tires were 2015 tires and had 19000 miles on them. The tires had a 1/8 step on the outside dia. about a 1/2 in from the edge on both fronts. The teck told us that the belts were separating. So we put new tires on it. We put on good year G670 which is the same...
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    Generator shutting off

    I believe the problem is that it is getting to hot even wile driving down the road. Has anybody mounted a fan to help it cool? Should I run the generator with the cover off? Can I cut a hole in the door and mount a air scoop? Any thoughts? I have a Thor 31S 2016 Hurricane with a cummings RV...
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