12 year mark, time for things to go bad i guess

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Dec 30, 2018
East Texas
Not only do i need to replace the microwave but also this month the carbon monoxide and smoke detector both went bad.    So i have those two alarms ordered but the wave im gonna have to wait till next month.

Last several weeks there seems to have been a small  vibration in the rv so i checked the AC today and its ok, nothing loose but i did find where it looks like there is a bit of oily residue (light brown to clear color) laying on the roof and it looks like it may be coming from the coils.  Is there oil in the coils?

The unit still gets cold and works fine other than that.  Does this mean i need a new AC or could it be something else ?  Can it be fixed, what do i look for?

I have a Dometic BriskAIR model 57915.531  13,500 capacity

I'm sorry for your string of bad luck.  Yes, there is oil in the system, and it leaking is not a good sign.  If you are lucky, there is a fitting under the AC cover, but I thought most all RV AC units were sealed.  I certainly would get on top, take off the cover, or hire someone to look as soon as possible, it isn't going to get better, and if it keeps leaking, it definitely will quit.
When our original Sharp microwave died, I found a $70 Hamilton Beach replacement at Walmart that was a perfect fit for the opening. The only modifications I made was some minor rebending of the ventilated surround mounting straps and shimming the feet a little.
There is indeed an oil in the coils, but light-brown or clear sounds more like just stains in the condensate run-off. Decaying leaves, dirt, and rust can all discolor the water and leave stains on the roof as well.  Any loss of oil from the coils would quickly stop the cooling action, but you say yours is still chilling fine.
Yes chilling fine, this week or next week i have to go up there to wash the roof anyway, my annual event to get wet all day as i wash the RV and truck as well lol

Ill check it out then and see whats going on. 
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