17" wheels on 1-ton Chevy duallie????

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Billy Boots

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Apr 14, 2006
First time to board-excuse any repetition from anyone's earlier post on this board.

I've been in the RV fun for a number of years, first with a couple of bumper pulls then a new ('02)38' HR Endeavor then HR 34 RLT '04 5th wheel towed by '04 M-2 Freightliner.  I have recently sold the FL and purchased a 2006 Chevy 3500 4 x 4 1-ton to tow the above 5th wheel  (travel now limited to spouse's health, economy, etc). 

My question is on wheels/tires.  As nice as a GM 1-ton trucks are, their wheel & tire choice is pretty bad and lacks classy looks (IMO).  Anyway, I would like to replace 16"wheels with 17" wheels.  i will also upgrade from 215 tires to 235 tires.  Has anyone here done this, if so since Chevy does not make a 17" for duallie, did you just purchase aftermarket wheels for rear outside (and front) then use a Dodge OEM steel wheel (17x6) for the inside duallie.  I have heard of using a 16x6 wheel inside and 235/16 tire, and although two tires will have within a 0.1 of same diameter, I just do not like the idea (for one reason, rotation would be limited in productivity).  What you think?  Will the offset of the Dodge wheel work on the inside of Chevy.

I know, your thinking ask your local wheel/tire dealer....well, I live in rural NE Texas and although many think this or that will work, I am not finding actual experience.  I do not want to buy wheels to find they were all wrong...although I might just be out freight to get and to return.

Any help?????    Thanks in advance.


Gary RV_Wizard

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Feb 2, 2005
West Palm Beach, FL
Remember that changing tires size also changes the final drive ratio and the speedometer reading.  You might be able to find tires for the 17 inch wheels that are close in rolling circumference to your factory wheels/tires, but it's not a "gimme". You need to finfd out what you have and hunt for a tire that net out to the same circumference.  Or plan on gear or performance changes.  You can probably get the speedo retuned, tho.  It's usually an electronic change these days, re-programming it.


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Nov 21, 2005
Changing wheels ?

NE Texas ? Check these guys out


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