1975 RV with sagging frame.... got questions!

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Apr 14, 2005
Hello, I have a 25 foot 1975 El Dorado on a Dodge chassis. The bathroom and generator are in the rear and the last 6-7 foot starts to sag. Fortunately, the door is 8 foot in so it still shuts.

I have a 16 foot trailer and a manx buggy that I want to pull with it but I have asked a few people and I get mixed answers. SOme say that the sagging is done and go for it, some say it will get worse. ANy one run into this problem or know alot about frames/chassis?

Thanks for your help in advance!

I am looking for  a photo of my RV but I can only find a photo of my Manx (Manx looks much nicer!)



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John From Detroit

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Apr 12, 2005
Davison Michigan
I would be wanting to know why it's sagging in the rear... There are basically 2 or 3 causes

1: Rear springs are getting old and weak, (Note, this is more annoyance and easily fixed)

2: Frame is slowly bending

3: Othrer (Can't think of any other just now but never rule out "other")

If the rear springs are sagging, then you will notice the floor is still "Straight" just no longer level, I would replace the springs and shocks, this is a safety (Control when driving) issue more than anything else.

If the frame is starting to give way I'd not tow anything behind the motor home

If the floor is sagging, but the frame is solid, I would fix the floor, but towing is ok since the hitch hooks to the frame

But on a 1975... I'm going to guess rear springs without looking at it,  Frame rot is #2 on the list

If it is Frame Rot I have a few suggestions  www.generalrv.com  www.rvenvy.com  www.[dealer of your choce].com
(The two URLs I gave are near me, the first is where I went and I'm just waiting for the phone call

While waiting I am considering getting a new e-dress... somethng like chomping @ the.bit.com should work (Note, tht is NOT my address


Apr 14, 2005
It looks like the actual frame is bending slightly... 4-5 degrees. Springs could be replaced but the problem is with the sagging frame. I havent towed anything because I wouldnt want to lose my manx style buggy... I like it too much!

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