1989 American by Cobra

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Feb 18, 2007
One is available near me. Ford 460, 27' and the mileage is low(under 45,000), which concerns me as to how much it has been active.  I'm told it was used for tailgating.  I have a RV shop close by that can look at it and a mechanic as well.  This was the last year of production so not sure what their reputation was and availibilty of parts.  If all checks out what type of resale value would this unit bring.  Txs


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Jan 22, 2006
They were manufactured between 89 and 92.  All appliances will be the same on all Cs.  As will the Ford Chassis.  Everything else is interchangelbe via the Salvage yards listed in the Library. NADA lists the value between 4500 and 5400.  My thinking is more near 35 IF the tires were manufactured withing the plast 4 years, Otherwise deduct the cost of them too.  Check and make sure everything works and no leaks in the windows above the cab or in the overhang under the mattress (Well known for leaks in C's) or anwhere else.  JMHO
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