1990 Blue Bird Wanderlodge 8v92 and Allison Transmission "don't shift light"

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New member
Jan 5, 2021
Hello, I have a 1990 Blue Bird Wanderlodge. Wont start. Has a flashing red light on the touch pad saying "don't shift".

The vehicle had the key in the on position and the touch pad was pushed into first gear. Thereafter I shifted it back to neutral on the touch pad but it won't start though it does say neutral. Is there a way to clear the condition? I tried disconnecting the battery but the condition did not disappear.

I am new to the Allison powered rig and do not know where to start.

Robert K

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Jan 30, 2011
Are the batteries fully charged. The Allison won't let the engine start if it doesn't know it is in neutral
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